Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Cookies & Swerve Giveaway #worlddiabetes

Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Cookies

Hi folks. Okay so some of you may be scratching your heads right now. For multiple reasons. First you are looking at this cookie and thinking there's no way its healthy. Well I am here to tell you as far as cookies go this is a healthy alternative in a big bad way. Plus it's delicious. In a big bad way. Secondly those who know me are now wondering if they have come to the right blog. I am usually Miss Sugar Pants. But today calls for Lunie to put away her sugar jar and help support World … [Read more...]

Toll House Cookie Pizza with Nutella Ganache and Skor Toppings for Burwell’s Vintage Recipe Swap


Yes indeedy, you did read that correctly! I made a toll house cookie pizza. I had a blast doing it too! I have never made a cookie pizza before so this was going out on a limb for me. I had no idea whether it would work out or be a big old floppy mess. I've also never tried nor cooked with nutella before so this was going out on a limb and hanging by one hand for me. … [Read more...]

Recipe 2 of 5 – Kimoreo Ice Creamy

Yes you heard that right, you too can make your own oreo ice cream. It's so easy anyone can do it. So get to the store, buy these ingredients and let the happy times roll on. Kimoreo Ice Creamy:Ingredients: 2 L container of vanilla ice cream (cheap is fine) 2 cups of whipped cream prepared (you can use dream whip, cool whip, make from scratch or out of a can) 24 oreos broken into bits 1 tsp vanilla Directions: 1. Let ice cream get soft. (but not dripping) 2. Whip up your … [Read more...]