Lunatic Loves | November Edition

November Recap from Cravings of a Lunatic

November was fabulous. Looking forward to a fun-filled December! November comes to a close, and December looms. I am not a big fan of the cold weather that comes with December. I love being a Canuck, but I need to be honest here, I hate winter. I feel like I was born in the wrong place. Somehow I think I was misplaced from Hawaii. Life man, it's just not fair some days. The one good thing about cold weather is cold weather food. I tend to do a ton of roasting and braising. I adore anything … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves May 1

Recipes by Cravings of a Lunatic

Happy May! Spring is in the air... hopefully that means no more snow.... but I'm in Canada so one never knows. It's that time of year where the furnace can be on at night, then the a/c on during the day. I think the hydro and gas companies are conspiring against us Canucks and bribing Mother Nature. What... it could happen.   So let me fill you in on what's been happening at the B household.... … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves | March 20 | Happy Birthday Mom

Cravings of a Lunatic Recipes

  Today I get to share recipes I've made over the last two weeks. A little recap of what's been happening here at the B household. I've been playing around with meyer lemons after hubs brought home a few bags. You would think three bags would be enough to make me happy. I only have 2 lemons left and asked hubs to hit the jackpot again on his way home from working out of town. This trip was a swing and a miss. Two stores, no meyers. I am seriously sad. Hopefully we can find some more … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves | March 6

Cravings of a Lunatic Recipes

  Keeping the update short and sweet today. Recovering from the flu is the pits. I did actually cook today. Like 8 things. But only ate 2. least I'm standing and eating again. Yah me! … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves Feb 20 Happy Birthday Bro!

Valentine's Day Recipe from Cravings of a Lunatic

The first thing I'd like to do today is wish my older Bro a very Happy Birthday! For one month each year we are the same age. To the day actually. Our family has a thing with the number 20. Actually all 20's. We've got three 20's, one 21, one 22, one 24, one 27 and one 29. Wild right. My dad was the only one not born with a twenty something number. Anyhow, Happy Birthday Mister Magoo! Hope you party hard and have an amazing day! … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves | February 6

Cravings of a Lunatic

Happy Wednesday! I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays is Supernatural day. It's Sam and Dean day. My favourite day of the week. Pretty boys. Then pretty food. Ah, life is good. I had all kinds of things planned for you this week. It was supposed to be my week to buckle down and get caught up on some things. Hubs was going to be home for almost 4 days straight which is rare. So I made all kinds of plans and then hubs came home from his job, out-of-town, wicked sick. I mean wicked, horrible, ugly … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves

Chili Teaser

One would think with the new year upon us I'd have lots of healthy food to share with you in this recap. Yet...not so much. I've been in birthday mode which tends to turn into a one or two week binge-fest. For some reason I go on these benders every year. My birthday turns into a free for all. I know I should feel bad but … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday B-Dude and Lunatic’s Top 10 Recipes Chicks Dig

Clearly you will understand why B-Dude is moving so far away after you read this post!

  Okay so I have a wicked twisted sense of humour, what can I say. First: Happy Birthday B-Dude! The big 2-4, there's got to be some huge significance to that one in Canuck culture I would think. Any Bob and Doug fans out there? Honestly the theme song is now stuck in my head. I love those hosers way too much. Take off eh! … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links

non alcohol drink

Hi folks. I thought an update on what's been happening around the blog and life in general is in order. I haven't posted a lunatic loves in 3 weeks so lots to tell you. Since you know Lunie loves her lists we'll do it that way. *grins* … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links: July 10

Cravings of a Lunatic Recipes

I normally don't yell in caps but today I'm making an exception! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND JEANINE! Hope you have an awesome day! You deserve it. So glad you challenged me to a hula hoop contest all those years ago. Almost forty years later and only one fight, I think we're doing pretty well. See, ladies of The Real Housewives of Everywhere, women can be friends and not rip each other to shreds every other other day. True story, put that one TV. Okay so no one would watch but still, … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links | June 26


Okay first some updates on things. 1- the photo restoration project known as "the google plus incident" is slow going. But I'm plugging along. I will not be defeated google plus, you hear me! *said in her best Liam Neeson voice with liquor bottles taped to her hands* 2- the print recipe project is going well. I'm now working on November and rounding my way to October. Only 8 more months to do. Pfft, piece of cake! Wait, did someone say cake... 3- kitty had a bladder meltdown of epic … [Read more...]

Happy Graduation to B-Dude and Lunatic Loves These Links June 19


So last week my son graduated from University. Again! *sorry B, had to do it!* The photo above is from his first 4 years. Last week he received his Masters in Creative Writing. He will be off to Calgary in September to work on PHD, also in Creative Writing. At this point I think his career is Professional Student. But it's all good because he's doing what he loves to do. I always told my kids to pick a career they love to bits. If you have to do something every day for the rest of your life you … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links- May 17


Hi folks. Okay so I'm doing a public service announcement first. To all you people who have home offices here's a cautionary tale. This could happen to you if you're not careful. … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links- April 19


Hi folks. So it's been forever and a day since I gave you a Lunatic Loves These Links. Thought I'd catch you up with one. Apparently I haven't done since February. So this could take a while. I'm going to start doing them every other Thursday. I'd like to alternate them with guest posts. They are just too much work to do every week. So this helps lighten the load a bit. … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links- Feb 8


Mini-me back in the saddle! Hi folks. Another week has passed, it seems to have just vanished. I feel like I was just posting last week's Lunatic Loves These Links. I have been busy this week so I am sure that is why it seems to have just flown by. It's been a good food week here. I've been doing quite an assortment of dishes. Some of have already posted on the blog, and some are being tweaked for future posts. Some just got scarfed without blogging about them. I have to admit we have a … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links- Feb 1


Hi folks. Hope you are enjoying your week. They seem to fly by these days. Always so much to do. Been a crazy week here so far. I love my life because it is never dull. I always tell people I'd rather be busy than bored. Good thing I actually mean it. On Monday I had to go for an allergy test. I have a pretty wicked case of IBS, the thought was maybe it was not actually IBS and was something called mast cell disorder. So after a gazillion picks in my arm, an ice pack on my other arm to inspire … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links


Hi folks. Welcome to this week's edition of Lunatic Loves These Links. This really is one of my fave things to do every week. It gives me so much joy to share things I love. There are a wide array of wonderful recipes and cooks out there on the web. I want to share as many as possible with you.Before I share this week's picks from the web I want to give you a recap of what has been going on around here at the asylum. So brace yourself for the madness. WHAT I'VE BEEN … [Read more...]

A Long Overdue Lunatic Loves These Links


Hi folks. I cannot believe it's been so long since I gave you a Lunatic Loves These Links post. My regular readers know there has been lots going on in the Lunatic world so hopefully you all forgive me. I love doing the Lunatic Loves These Links so much. It really is one of my fave things to share with you. Spreading the blogger love is just such a treat. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. So without further ado let's get started. I have SO much to share with you since the last one was … [Read more...]

Christmas Recap


Hi folks. Hope everyone is well and winding down from all the Christmas hoopla. It's such a busy time of the year. I'm sure many of you are feeling a bit burned out. I think it comes with the season. Too much to do, not enough sleep and eating like we should not for weeks on end. Tends to take a toll. Thank goodness it only comes once a year. … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links- Dec 14


Hi folks. It's that time of the week again. Time for some linky love. You know I adore all my fellow bloggers and feel the need to share you with the world. Hope you don't mind. But some things are too good to keep to yourself. Except pistachios. Those I don't share! … [Read more...]