Manly Meaty Chili | Slow Cooker Saturdays

Manly Meaty Chili | Cravings of a Lunatic | #slowcooker #chili #gameday #footballfood #dinner

  This chili is not for sissies. Have your guests bring their appetites for this one. It's manly, meaty and chock full of veggies and beans. So many beans you may want to warn your family and friends when you eat this stuff. It's delicious but I'm telling you the next day you don't want anyone behind you. … [Read more...]

Lunatic’s Garlic Beef Stew or Why Vampires Won’t Attack You Tonight

slow cooker stew

Hi folks. I have to tell you a secret. But......... you have to promise not to tell anyone else! Okay? Pinky swear!! Okay, are you ready for it? I LOVE weekends. I's shocking right. I've revealed too much. Maybe I shouldn't have told you. I should have kept it to myself. But we're pals. We're buds. You're my homey. So I feel like I can tell you this kind of stuff. Just don't tell anyone else. It's our little secret. Mmkay? … [Read more...]

Taco Pasta

slow cooker taco pasta

Hi folks. I sure hope you all had a wonderful day. I am still basking in the birthday celebration. Did you all stop by yesterday's post to see my birthday cake? The wonderful and talented Chef Dennis baked me an amazing cake. If you have not seen it yet here's a peek: … [Read more...]

Po’ Lunatic Sandwich for Slow Cooker Saturday


Hi folks. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today. I've been incredibly lazy, no idea why. Just feel like chilling. Went to see the movie "We Bought A Zoo" with mini-me in the afternoon. Really good movie, very heart-warming. Then we went over to the book store like usual. They have an Indigo books right next to the movie theatre. I managed to score some Donna Hay cookbooks in the discount section. You know me and bargains. Even the movie was a bargain. We always go to the matinees as they … [Read more...]