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How to grill a t-bone steak!
Servings: 1 Lunatic
Author: Cravings of a Lunatic


  • 1 monster size t-bone steak
  • Himalayan Salt to taste
  • BBQ sauce of choice to taste


  • Fire up your grill! Let it get wicked hot! It's like preheating an oven folks. It needs time to warm up.
  • While it's warming up let you t-bone set out on the counter. It cooks better when it's not freaking cold as ice.
  • Once the grill is wicked hot you want to turn it down just a hair. Not much, to about a medium-high heat.
  • Salt both sides of your steak.
  • Slap the mother on the grill.
  • Here's where I differ from others, slap your sauce on now. It'll cook into the meat a bit. Trust the lunatic.
  • Cook for about 5-6ish minutes on that side, then turn the mother over. It's going to be messy so wear something you don't care about, like one of your husband's ugly shirts.
  • Now slap some bbq sauce on the side that's facing you again. Trust me!
  • Cook for about 5-6ish minutes then turn the mother over again.
  • Cook for about a 1-2ish minutes to let the sauce char into the meat.
  • Take the mother off the grill.
  • Important step coming up people, snap outta it- let it rest for about 4 or 5 minutes before eating it. It's let's all that good stuff you did to it settle and get all yummy. Trust me.
  • Serve with a big old hungrier than a grizzly smile!