Don’t ya just love when the big delivery truck shows up

So this is a quick post as I really need to hit the hay. So tired, been a long day. Here’s some highlights:Spiker Dude went to the vet. I was thinking maybe mites as his ears were inflamed but the vet thinks it’s allergies. So they gave him a cortisone injection and also an antibiotic injection. His ears look remarkably better. So hopefully this works and he returns to his grouchy old self again. I warned the vet how moody and miserable he is. Also said coupled with the pain I can’t guarantee he won’t bite. So yah, the Spikster lays down on the table and sucks up to the vet and the vet tech. At one point he was purring and rubbing up on them. Yah, what a little monster. Apparently he only hates his own family. This is how the trip there and back sounded.

Meow, meowwwwwwwwwwwww, meoooooooooowwwwwwwwww, meow, me-OWWWW, meowwww…well you get my drift.

Took mini-me for a student loan. Yah that’s not horrifying at all. Here let’s make your parents feel as bad as humanly possible they can’t afford to pay your tuition, how sad are they. Oh so much fun. There’s nothing I like more than being broke and reminded how broke we are. Luckily my daughter is awesome and understands our situation even if the bank lady gave me the sad I pity you eyes one too many times. Ah the joy of feeling horrible nice and early in the morning. Start the day off with a big helping of “you suck”. Fun!

Hit farm stands.

Hit Pat n Hanks for fish n chips that were not very good and I was so surprised as they usually are.

Home to take pics.

Mini-me to work.

Stopped to see my BFF’s new kitty. Way cute.

Home to order dinner for family and my goofy brother who has an awesome camera but leaves it home. Tool!

Made ice cream.

Tool said it looks like crap, tastes like crap and he’s telling you all I cannot cook. Or telling you I have costco cater my food and pretend it’s mine. I am pretty sure camera-less tool ate the whole bowl.

Laundry, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, all the fun stuff that I do day to day.

Yup, life of a rock star! I’d take pictures of it but older dude bro forgot his camera. Did I say he’s a tool?

Okay so the point of this post was not to irritate my older dude brother. It’s a nice bonus though. But I wanted to thank Jana of Cherry Tea Cakes for sending me my awesome prize.



I won her giveaway much to my delight. Three bottles of Newman’s Own Dressing and a flip camera. So cool. I have not had a new toy in a long, long time. So getting this was so sweet and made me incredibly happy. So thank you Jana. I appreciate it so much. I plan on having some fun with this video camera.

I also got a package from my sister. She sent some stuff for B’s bday and Mini-Me’s grad, and hubs bday next week. Plus some fun stuff for me as always. She always sends me foodie stuff. Which delights me so much as I am on such a limited budget that I don’t really explore stores too much. So I get the latest and greatest spices and herbs from Deb. So I got this:

She sent me a really cool recipe to try out. So I shall try it and post it sometime this week. I love getting packages from  my sis. Look at all this fun stuff. She is so good to me. I adore her. For so many reasons.

So she is quite a package sender. And wrapper. And packer. We have been sending care packages back and forth to each other for years and years. So you get good at it. You can barely open hers. They are packed that well. She also puts notes on everything. So it’s like she’s there with you when you open stuff. She gives you  the lowdown on what it is and why she bought it. So there are sticky notes on everything. So occasionally you get ones that have slipped off and stick to other things. It happens. Stuff get jostled around. But this made me howl with laughter. And she will want to sock me one for posting it but it’s just so darn funny. Here’s your daily giggle, courtesy of the lunatic and the lunatic’s sis.

Um, they don’t look like pretzels do they??? These are some cute little satin undies she sent. Do not mix up the two!

Yup, now those would be pretzels. Lol!

I laughed so hard at this one. I mean tears streaming down my face. So funny!

Photos missing due to a G+ incident. Will be restored soon!


Okay so with Scott and Donna here I am not my usual posting self. I still owe you some potatoes, some steak tips and lunatic loves. I promise they are coming. Eventually. If I wasn’t so distracted by the lack of having my bro’s camera maybe I could muster the energy to get it all done. But alas he is camera less and I am heartbroken. So please blame Scott okay. It’s all his fault. If you have anything you are behind on you can blame him as well. I’m okay with that.

So remember I am tied up until monday

See you soon folks. Enjoy your weekend!

*disclaimer*- I sure hope you all get the sarcasm behind this and don’t think I actually behave this way. I mean I do, but you’re not suppose to know that. Gotta love family, we bring out the silly in each other and behave like 8 year olds. I do really love old dude, even if he is a camera hog!!!

Toodles and smoochies. xx

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  1. Dzoli says

    Good that the ept si on the way of recovery:) Will not ask about the vet bill.Missed proffesion I think sometimes when I get those;0
    Isn't it great your sister is sending you all this yummy stuff:)

  2. Juanita says

    This care package reminded me of a crazy great aunt I have. For my 16th birthday, she sent me a gift in the post of:
    – a pair of undies for a 9 year old and
    – an old, used pillow cushion from her couch.

    It was her 70th birthday recently, and the whole extended family got together. When it got to opening her gifts, someone gave her a lamp shade. It was the first gift she opened, so she wore it on her head for the remainder of the afternoon as a hat.


  3. Amy says

    Spike sounds like Chloe at the vet. The first time Chloe went to her new vet, she tried to eat and maim the vet and the vet tech. And she howls any time she has to go in the car. Glad the Spikester is feeling better.

    Aw, you have to actually go to the bank for student loans up there? My parents and I did them online. I assume up in Canuck land there isn't FAFSA? Good luck! And you do NOT suck.

    HA! Your sister cracked me up too.

  4. The Culinary Lens says

    I always joke my family is much more Ozzie an Sharon than Ozzie and Harriet..I love getting fun packages too

  5. Sandra says

    :)) Got to love family..mine is much crazier but got to love them:)) I hope Spike is doing better..
    Great post Kim..

  6. Kim Bee says

    @Dzoli-Bill not too bad. Luckily the vet is my friend's hubby. So we didn't do too bad.

    @Juanita-Your story cracked me up.

    @Amy-Spike is a handful. But he's my fave. I adore the little hooligan. We are going through the bank for now but still might apply through osap. But there was a glitch in the form and I need to dig up paperwork. They need to know ALOT of info I don't know off the top of my head. But we figure if she sets up the line of credit she can always use it down the road when she wants to buy a car.

    @Mike- Mine too. I love that saying. Going to have to steal that one.

    @Sandra- Thanks doll. Love family, they keep life interesting.

    @Kristy- Too hilarious right.

    @Ann-We have so much fun sending them back and forth. When hubs was working mine rocked too. SO much fun. We pick up stuff everywhere for each other. It's a ton of fun. She makes sure I stay well stocked for spices during C's lay off. lol

  7. Lindsey@Lindselicious says

    Two great packages! How exciting I love getting mail! I cant wait to see what you do with the Newmans stuff!

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