Blackberry n Vanilla Ice Cream #icecreamsundays

Blackberry and Vanilla Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic

Hi folks. I realized I had a precious few blackberries left as the season winds down. So I just HAD to use them. I had something fun and quirky on my mind but I’ve shelved that for a future post. These little blackberries needed to be used. They were calling out for attention. Begging to be used in a fun dish. So when you’re me and you love ice cream, well, you make ice cream. So for this week’s instalment of Ice Cream Sundays I give you Blackberry Ice Cream. So super yummy and fresh tasting. This one is so good. It’s like the last of summer in a bowl. Hope you enjoy it. I know I sure did.

Okay so I have some breaking news. Those who are regulars might have marked their calendars today for the end of Ice Cream Sundays. Yes the end of Ice Cream Sundays. So sad. So depressing. So… So….So…. NOT happening. Yup, you read that right. Ice Cream Sundays is not coming to an end. I was going to call it quits until next spring. A surprising thing happened though. I started to get emails and pms from friends and fans who did not want me to stop. I was kind of surprised by the response. So after much reflection, I decided to keep going with it year round. Here’s my thinking, different parts of the world have their summer season the opposite of us. Since food blogging brings fans and bloggers from all over the world then it stands to reason there will still be people wanting ice cream recipes all year-long. My summer is their winter and my winter is their summer. So dear ones, Ice Cream Sundays will remain a year-long weekly feature. Hope that makes you happy. I’m sure I can continue to come up with exciting and fun recipes for everyone. So a big thanks to those who encouraged me to stick with this one. I appreciate your love and support.

So what does that mean for the promise of Slow Cooker Sundays? Well, that’s a simple one. I’ll just move it to Saturday. Easy, peasy fix to that one. So you can look forward to that next week. I may post occasional extras using the crock pot during the week as well. I use mine quite often during the school year. I find trying to balance school and riding difficult if I have to cook. My solution is to stick most things in the crock pot then when we’re home from the barn if it’s something I like browned I just pop it in the oven for a bit. For me the use of a crock pot during the busy school year is sometimes the only reason we get to eat dinner. It’s a life saver at the Bee household. I actually have 3. I know that’s really sad but it’s so true. To be honest I think I might actually have a 4th hidden away in the cellar. I had bought myself a white one right before Xmas one year then my mother in law bought me a green one for xmas. So I ended up with 2. Then when we moved into this house we made the switch to all stainless steel appliances so I bought a new stainless one. Then I realized how often I do two batches of things, one mellow for me and one spicy for the guys. I don’t do tomatoes so using two means the guys can get things I don’t eat. So I picked up a small stainless one for my more mellow food. So yah, that’s a ton of slow cookers. So I hope you like slow cooker recipes. I sure do have quite a few of them. I also hope you are looking forward to the beginning of a new weekly series here at Cravings of a Lunatic. So next week we begin “Slow Cooker Saturdays”. Hope you join me.

I have other news for you but going to wait until tomorrow to fill you in. It’s getting pretty late here in Canuck Land. I need my beauty sleep. Or sleep. Or let’s be honest, I just have to sleep while puppy sleeps. It’s like having a wee baby in the house. She has been a bundle of energy today so I am worn right out. So remember there is some other fun things going on I will fill you all in on tomorrow.

So on to the recipe. This is just a simple ice cream recipe. Mine so far have been sans egg and will stay that way for a few more weeks I think. I have a base recipe from the Cuisinart Booklet that came with the ice cream maker that I just have tweaked and changed a bit week to week depending on what I want to make. I think we all pretty much use the same few ingredients. Ice cream sure is simple ingredient wise. I love that though. Simple, pure ingredients, how can you wrong? You just can’t. And let me tell you no chemicals is a good thing. Love that. So here ya go, hope you like this one.

Blackberry n Vanilla Ice Cream:


1 1/2 cups fresh blackberries
3/4 cup whole milk
2/3 cup vanilla sugar 
Pinch of vanilla salt
1 1/2 cups heavy cream (this is whipping cream if shopping in Canada)
1 teaspoon vanilla


In your mixer combine the whole milk, vanilla sugar and vanilla salt. Mix on medium until sugar is dissolved.

Now add the heavy cream, vanilla and blackberries. Mix again for a few minutes. 

Cover the bowl and stick in the fridge for 1 to 2 hours.

Now remove bowl from fridge and transfer the liquid to your ice cream maker freezer bowl (MUST be frozen), place bowl on machine and turn on for 15 to 20 minutes.

You can eat immediately or stick in the freezer for later. If putting in freezer make sure you remove it about 10 minutes before you serve it.

*Yields 5 cups*

Blackberry and Vanilla Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic



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Okay so that’s it for this week folks. Hope everyone had an incredible weekend.

Toodles and smoochies.xx

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  1. Ann says

    Congratulations on continuing your ice-cream Sundae! I like the idea of a crock-pot Saturday and I'm glad you're doing both! I have to say – I have FOUR crock pots! I want another one….I don't have one that you can cook on the stove and then put it in the element.

    The ice-cream looks delicious!

  2. ping says

    Yay! Ice Cream stays! It's summer all year long over here and we eat it all year long! I'm having some ideas using our local fruits in season soon. This blackberry and vanilla ice cream looks super!
    Oooh, I love love love my slow cooker. I agree it's definitely a life saver. I recently discovered a small tiny crack in mine on the base…. *BAWL*!!! Sniff. Have to look for one quick! I'm so lost without it during the weekdays.

  3. Dzoli says

    Yipyyy.The icecream Sundays are staying:( Great:)) Blackberries especially the ones in your todays icecream are so so big!;)

  4. Nava.K says

    Its simply delicious, love the blackberries but over here we can't afford it so often, pricey and not that sweet ones.

  5. The Mom Chef says

    It's nice when two days of the week start with "S," huh. I'm thrilled because I was very much looking forward to the slow cooker stuff.

    I love any kind of berry in ice cream so this is worth it in my book. I also have a bunch of whipping cream to use up (funny how Cooking Light doesn't call for it very much) so I may just have to give your recipe a go. It looks fantastic.

  6. Becka (The Elegant Eggplant) says

    OMG all of this ice cream is making me develop a huge craving!!! I have actually never made my own ice cream but have always wanted to.

  7. Tina says

    I am about ready for a sampling party of all of these. Berries and cream does sound divine-I would have to try that one first. Yum!

  8. Walking on Sunshine... says

    The ice cream torte looks amazing!!! Looking forward to your crock pot Saturday posts! Love my crock pot as well!

  9. Kimberly says

    My husband LOVES ice cream! If he ever saw this page that would be the end:)…That being said, I might have to copy your Ice Cream Sunday idea since we rarely have dessert. He'd LOVE this. Thanks for the inspiration!

    By the way, I just took my crock pot out of hiding for the start of the fall and winter seasons. Happy, yet sad.

  10. Sandra says

    Got to tell you soo soorry for not visiting your blog in a while..but here I am and hearing great sweet of you that you will cont. with your ice-cream posts for people who will have summer soon:)) This one look and sound amazing as know what I wouldn't be surprised to hear that you opened up your ice-cream shop:)))

  11. Anne@frommysweetheart says

    Kim….all of the ice cream looks so good! But I am partial to the blackberry and vanilla. And so great that you got to use the vanilla sugar and the vanilla salt that you made!

  12. Jennifer says

    Yum. I made this one. Used frozen mixed berries though because fresh aren't in season for another 3 months. My ice cream is PINK though!!! Still tastes good. :)

  13. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    I'm glad you are going to keep the ice cream going!! I actually like it year 'round and think of all the seasonal flavors you can make! I am also looking forward to your slow cooker recipes! I need more in my repertoire!

  14. Jill Colonna says

    Wow. What a roundup of fabulous photos and some of the one-liners are a hoot. Also love the ones where the ice cream is starting to dribble down the side – and that multicoloured one which is overflowing. Overflowing with wonderful ideas and so pleased to hear we're going to have more of this – AND slow cooker Saturdays! Brilliant.

  15. Lizzy says

    GOOD news!!! This is one spectacular recipe…what a great idea for the last of the yummy blackberries! And congrats on the Top 9…hooray!!!! xo

  16. The Queen of Tarts says

    Great to hear that you will be continuing to eat and share ice cream ideas all year! In a pinch, you can try canned berries and cherries to top your ice cream. They are available in the grocery store and are delicious!

  17. Kim Bee says

    @Ann- Thanks so much. I love doing my ice cream posts. I look forward to the slow cooker ones. You must get the one you can stick right in oven. 2 of mine do that, although I find for browning I like shallow casseroles anyway. Lol!

    @the food dude- Thank you so much.

    @Ping- Thank you. Aren't slow cookers the bomb. I love mine.

    @Dzoli- Thanks so much, they are huge right.

    @Nava- Thanks. That sucks your prices are so high.

    @The Mom Chef- Lol at that first comment. I can't wait to start using the slow cooker. I would guess cooking light would have no whipped cream recipes. Lol!

    @Ruth- Thanks so much.

    @Becka- Thank you. You must get one.

    @Tina- That would be so much fun. Thanks so much.

    @Walking on Sunshine- Thanks so much.

    @Kimberly- Thanks. He should see this then. We don't eat dessert too often. We tend to eat desserts as snacks. Odd but true. Lol!

    @Sandra- Thanks dear. Lol, I would love to do something with ice cream, gotta think about this.

    @Carolyn- Lol and thanks.

    @Buttercream Blondie- Thanks so much!

    @Anne- Thanks. I love my vanilla stuff. I have to make more cuz I use it too much. Lol!

    @Jennifer- Lol, probably too much liquid which turned it a lighter colour. But if it tastes good then who cares right. Woot for pink.

    @Stephanie- Thanks. I am looking forward to the slow cooker stuff too. Love using mine.

    @Jill- Thanks so much. I am so pleased you stopped by. Nice having you.

    @Lizzy- Thanks so much!

    @Julia- Thanks. Hope you try them.

    @Claudia- Thanks dear. xx

    @everything tasty- Thanks, please let me know if you try it. Love getting feedback.

    @Sandra- Thanks so much my dear.

    @Queen of Tarts- Thanks. I love canned stuff on top. Jam is always fun too. That was my dad's fave.

    @Alyce- Thanks.

    @Christine- Thank you so much!

  18. says

    At first I was going to comment on the gorgeous blackberry ice cream. I love blackberries! Then, I saw pics of each and every one of your delicious creations. Now I am craving ice cream! Wonderful post. 😀


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