Easiest Sandwich Ever! Ham and Smoked Mozzarella!

Easy Ham and Cheese Sandwich | Cravings of a Lunatic | Easy to make, silly to read, pup Malia makes an appearance in this one!

Hi folks. Yah, yah, I know everyone uses swiss with ham but I love mozzarella so I used it. So sue me. Or the mozzarella company who got me addicted to their cheese. It’s not my fault. I have no control over it. I am a mozzarella junkie and I do not care who knows it. You can try to change me but your efforts will be futile. Many have tried before you and failed. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m slapping mozzarella on a taco or anything. That would go against the laws of nature. I am not THAT bad. Yet when I make sandwiches I have a tendency to go right for mozzarella. Now I amped that up a bit this time by using smoked mozzarella. I figure a Honey Bee Ham deserves a sophisticated slice of mozzarella. Can we just say yummilicious? Can you say yumtastic? Can you say yumarific? They all apply here. This is a smoking sandwich. Quite literally.


You’re welcome!


Ham and Smoked Mozzarella
Recipe type: Sandwich, Pork
  • Ham
  • Smoked Mozzarella
  • Bread
  1. Heat up a foreman grill.
  2. Slap the bread on there all fancy like.
  3. Slap the ham on there all fancy like.
  4. Slap some cheese on there all fancy like.
  5. Slap more ham on there all fancy like.
  6. Slap another slice of bread on there all fancy like.

If you want it fancy shmancy then add onions, or shallots, or lettuce, or tomatoes, or mustard! I am only fancy, not fancy shmancy so I did none of that.

Now if you want to be super fancy shmancy then you could add super fancy shmancy mustard, sfs herbs, sfs sauces, sfs nutmeg or cinnamon. I am not super fancy shmancy so I did none of that.

Now if you want to be uber super fancy shmancy you could go all crazy and take really good quality pictures. I am not uber super fancy shmancy and took pics as I was eating it and playing on the computer. I used a flash, in a room with craptastic lighting and a dog begging for a bite, all while mini-me kept repeating words like “gross”, “ew”, “yuck”, “how can you eat that”, “look at that, it’s so gross with the cheese”. Yup, no uber fancy shmancy shenanigans happening here. Don’t ya just love my craptastic, I’m starving and I don’t feel like cleaning the Christmas boxes of my photo area pictures. Don’t I rock? Aren’t you uber impressed? Maybe even uber super impressed? Yup, life of a rock star.

Ham Sandwich and Malia

This post took 8.5 minutes to make, photograph, write and eat! Can you tell? Lol!

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. Kim Bee says

    @Anonymous- That is so sweet. Wish I knew who you were so I could thank you with a name.

    @Amy- Love mozzarella to bits. Have you tried the new pizza version? Omg, I use it on pizza and on lasagna. It melts so nicely. I like ooey almost stringy cheese on my pizza and lasagna. Lol! I am trying to find the stuff to make mine from scratch.

  2. Anne@frommysweetheart says

    Kim…I would put mozzarella on everything….even tacos! And actually, I bet the smoked mozzarella was perfect with the ham. We had ham on Christmas and I have plenty leftover. So this looks perfect…with just a dab of ….dare I say….sfs mustard! I can't help it…if it's not French's yellow…than it has to be sfs! Hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. Kristen says

    Because I think I actually may have cheese and butter flowing in my veins, I don't care what kind of cheese you put on that sandwich. It's all good. I just wish I had someone who'd actually make it for me.

  4. Lizzy Do says

    I love your craptastic photos and your cutie-patooty begging puppy! Oh, yeah, and your sandwich looks darn tasty!!!

  5. Ann says

    You ARE a Rock Star! That post was more fun to read that the pictures weren't necessary! …and the sandwich sounds delish!

  6. Christine's Pantry says

    Your puppy is so cute. I'm a ham and cheese fan, so I really like your sandwich. Thanks for sharing another great post and recipe.

  7. My Little Space says

    Merry Christmas to you too, Kim Bee. I bet you had a great time back then. Btw, I a big fan of M cheese. The more the merrier! hehe… However, would like to wish you a very Happy 2012. May all the good things coming your way.

  8. Curry and Comfort says

    Hey.. it maybe easy.. but it sure looks yummy! :) I love your dog. What a cutie. :) Wishing you the best for 2012… may all your dreams come true!! ~ Ramona

  9. Tina says

    Smoked cheese and ham does sound tasty and it is not even 7am here! Your dog is adorable even in craptastic lighting. Enjoy the holidays my friend!

  10. The Mom Chef says

    I love toasted sandwiches with meat in them. I don't care what cheese is used. That ham looks amazing. We're heading back towards home today, so when we get in tomorrow afternoon, I may just have to pull one of these together!

  11. Grubarazzi says

    OH yesssss. This is what I'm making for the hoards of people at our house this week. Perfect use for the leftovers. Thanks :)

  12. Kim Bee says

    @Kristen- I think I may have pistachios and cherries running through mine so it's all good.

    @Lizzy- Lol, this post was fun to do. Glad everyone enjoys my weird sense of humour!

    @Ann- Lol, I did have a blast doing it. I was starving like marvin. Thanks my dear.

    @Christine- Aw, thanks so much.

    @Jen- Lol, mozzarella rules.

    Loveforfood- Thanks so much!

    @MLS/Kristy- Thanks so much. I hope you enjoyed your holiday season as well.

    @Kiri- Thanks. That moochie pooch gets enticed by lint, total food monger.

    @C+C/Ramona- Thanks so much, you are so sweet. I hope all your wishes and dreams for 2012 and beyond come true!

    @Tina- Lol, she is one shaggy mess most days. Puppy hair is crazy, I call her Miss Bedhead cuz she always looks like she just woke up.

    @The Mom Chef- Thanks, you will not be disappointed. Simple=good in my book.

    @Dara- We just discovered the smoked moz, I am really enjoying it. Thanks, she's cute but a total handful.

    @Giulietta- Right! I know, simplistic beauty of a sandwich. lol

    @Grubarazzi- I swear I just order honey ham on holidays so I can make sandwiches after. My soul purpose in life is to eat as much of this ham as possible.

    @Cucnina- Yeppers, so good right! My dog ended up with a belly ache as I gave in and she got about 1/4 of my beloved sandwich. Little hooligan that one.

  13. Magic of Spice says

    Your pup is so cute!
    This sandwich looks like it is the perfect size for my boys :)
    Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

  14. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    Ohhh, nom nom nom! I love the big slices of ham and I also prefer mozarella to swiss. This is a great way to use up leftover Honey Baked Ham!


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