40 Cloves of Garlic Roast Chicken for The Shiksa’s Passover Potluck

Hi folks.

Today you can find me over at The Shiksa in the Kitchen. I am participating in her Passover Potluck so I would love you to  head on over to check out my 40 Clove Roast Chicken. Roast chicken is one of my fave things to make and eat. There is something so comforting about it. It brings back lots of memories of my father. Aside from my Lasagna I think Roast Chicken was his favourite thing for me to make. I did this one quite often. Sometimes I would switch it up and do it with sauce or do it on the BBQ. Whenever I make chicken I think of my Dad and smile. That’s the greatest thing about food, the sense memory it evokes.

I’d like to thank Tori for inviting me to join the Passover Potluck. It was an honour and privilege to participate. For me it was also a growth experience. I am not Jewish so it was great learning more about the customs and traditions. I wish my food had that much history and culture behind it. If you do not know The Shiksa (are you living under a rock people?) you should get to know her. She is a class act. She is a Culinary Anthropologist. She takes you on a journey into the history and people behind the food she cooks. Every visit to her blog is a chance to learn something new. I love that.

There are lots of other participants in the Passover Potluck so feel free to poke around and get to know them all. Lots of talented bloggers took part. I encourage you to browse through them all and show them some love.

Whether you celebrated Easter or Passover, I hope you were surrounded by those you love and food you enjoy. After all that’s what holidays are all about. Spending time with those you love and sharing your lives together. Those shared moments are what makes the life so special. Appreciate them and do not take anything for granted. Much love to everyone!

And we cannot end this post without inserting a little Lunatic humour. I was so happy to be asked by Tori to do this. Then the panic set in. As you all know my camera is beyond ridiculous. I have a very, very, very (I could go on all day, that’s how very it is!) old Kodak Easyshare. While I love Kodak this camera is a dinosaur. And not in a good vintagey (what? It’s a word!) kind of way. The settings are so limited it’s practically impossible to lose the graininess in the photos. Plus I have not mastered my ninja camera skills yet. I am trying and improving but it’s a process that is slow to say the least. So this post took 2 days of agonizing photography on my part. I tried everything to get the right shot. On the second day I finally had an epiphany about light and let’s just say the snapping got out of control. And the family was starving as no one was allowed to touch the bird until the photo was perfect. Let me just add that it also took 2 birds to get it right. I tried a lemon version too which I’ll blog about another time. Anyhoo (my sis’s fave word), I had to get creative to get the shots I wanted so I’m going to show you the blog room while taking a photo. I think I moved every piece of furniture in here and the stacking and leaning was incredible. One wrong move and it would have been like dominoes I’m telling you. So enjoy the photo of chaos at the Lunatic’s. This is to show those who don’t blog what some of us go through to get a decent food shot. Natural light, artificial light, light, light, light. It’s all about the light! And standing on chairs to get the right angle while trying not to fall off. Enjoy!

Toodles and smoochies! xx


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  1. says

    Oh girl I know what you are talking about with the stacking and leaning, I did buy those clips (white on rice mentioned at the festival) to hold the poster boards and it works great. If you lay the clips down flat then clip to the board at the bottom they will hold the board. Going over to check out your post, not sure I have been to th shiksa blog yet. BTW, I hope that you used already peeled garlic. LOL.

    • Kim Bee says

      I have to go buy those clips this week. I thought we had some but hubs looked around today and no luck. So off to home depot I go. I haven’t been in since he got laid off. On purpose. Home renos are my weakness. I’ll want to start redoing the whole house again.

      She rocks, you’ll love Tori. And oddly no I did not use peeled. I did them all myself. Crazy I know. But I am a lunatic after all.

  2. says

    Twin, this is one of my favorite ways to eat chicken. And the roasted veggies look fantastic too! As do your photos. You need to give yourself more credit :-)

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks twin. I love roast chicken. I do it in tinfoil a lot too. That way I can go to the barn and come home to a lovely dinner. I am really trying to tackle the photo issue. It’s a challenge but I am determined. Lol! And thank you for that, you made me smile.

    • Kim Bee says

      Omg the cats kill me. They always want to see what I’m doing and the hair is so annoying. I’ve taken to locking them out of the room 95% of the time. Thanks so much. I am so happy I am finally starting to get the light thing. Long way to go but getting there.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks so much, you’re so sweet. These photos are not typical for me. Usually they stink. My hubs made me low ego lights. I can try to find the link for you if you like. Pop me an email and I’ll search for it. Super easy and cheap.

  3. says

    Ha, I’m all too familiar with the odd set up and machinations just to get a decent shot :) Not to mention that half my photos end up with a doggie nose in them :) And now I see what that crackled white surface is because I’ve seen it in your photos before and liked it. I think your pictures are great and the chicken looks terrific.

    • Kim Bee says

      I hear ya. Between the 3 cats and the puppy I’m either tripping over someone or giving a shoo to whoever needs it. Ah the dresser I did years ago. I need to redo it again but we threw it in the blog room cuz I keep all my little props in it. Works great. But usually it’s under the window running along it not sticking out like that. Lol. Thanks so much.

  4. says

    Kim, these are your best photos ever!!! Just perfectly styled…and crisp! You rock, girl friend. Can you tell what kind of clips are recommended??? Off to read your guest post….I can’t keep up with you 😉

    • Kim Bee says

      Aw thanks Mama Liz. I had so much fun. They are just those plastic hand grip things. I’m getting some Friday so I’ll send you the size and proper name and a photo after I pick them up. I can’t keep up with myself some days. Lol!

  5. says

    The pictures are beautiful! Well worth all the stacking of furniture… LOVE the recipe too! To be honest, when I saw the title I wasn’t sure if it was cloves of garlic or regular cloves (40 cloves sounds like a lot for one chicken!) and I am so glad it turned out to be cloves of garlic :) :)

    • Kim Bee says

      I never thought of that Marsha. I’ll have to edit it so people are not confused. I hate cloves so never any danger of too many cloves. Lol. My hubby gets nervous when I stack furni, I got caught on top of two precarious chairs last year. In front of a picture window. Could have ended badly. I need a step stool asap.

  6. Debra Kapellakis says

    Mouthwatering photo’s and I signed up for the emails from The Shiksa. It is a good thing that you are mixing and matching people and their cultures.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks so much. She is amazing. You will love her. I am her biggest fan, she is such a wonderful person.

    • Kim Bee says

      Rofl, I literally could not add another piece or it would have spilled out. It is so good. You are welcome any time.

    • Kim Bee says

      I know right, it’s a classic though. I just wish I had a clay pot to make it in. Garlic is so good. It hurts my tummy a bit but I muddle through.

  7. says

    Ah, the things that our families have to go through for the name of blogging, huh. It was well worth it though. Your photos, and chicken, are gorgeous. You want jealousy? I spent a day with Adam and Cheryl from Picture-Perfect Meals not too long ago. I learned a lot from watching the food styling and photography dance they do together as well as from my endless stream of questions to both. They’d be proud of the job you’ve done, my friend.

    • Kim Bee says

      I am so jealous, you have no idea. I adore those two. That was such a compliment, I am touched. I aim to keep getting better. It will take time and tons of practice but I have faith it’s possible.

    • Kim Bee says

      Aw thanks. I have a small extra bedroom we turned into my blog room so I can have a dedicated space. The downside is the light in here is not perfect so I may need to try other rooms in the house. But when using lights it’s a great setup. I keep all the props in here so everything is easy access. It still needs tweaking but I am determined to make it really functional. It’s a tiny room though. Barely room to move around.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks so much Jackie. I am reading it now. I don’t have much free time so I’ve been working on it since like December or something. I may crack down and try and finish it next week. She offers great advice. I love her site too.

  8. says

    What a fantastic recipe and post!! I love the 40 clove garlic chicken recipe… but I really enjoyed dissecting your photo set up. I am trying to figure out how to take my pictures and it’s so wonderful to see how everyone takes their pictures too. :) I hear about standing on chairs and stools… I do that too. :)

    • Kim Bee says

      I may do some posts about photography this summer. Just simple things like how to make your own lights and boards and reflectors. It’s nice to visually see how people do it instead of just reading about it. I pour over any I see online that actually show you that.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Stephanie. I am trying really hard to get a little better. It’s hard some days when I am hungry though. Lol!

  9. says

    This looks SO good Kim!! And yes, we food bloggers should have a second hobby being an acrobat! The positions I get into to get the “right” shot are hilarious! Congrats on this post getting on FG and TS! Yippee!

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks so much Katie. I was so pleased to get this accepted. I swear I am gonna hurt myself one day. I get myself into some scary spots trying to get the right angle. It is fun but I really should be more careful near glass windows. Lol.


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