Strawberry Tarts: Guest Posting for the lovely Katherine Martinelli today!

Hi folks.

Today I can be found guest posting at Katherine Martinelli. I got truly inspired by her cookbook, Puff Pastry at Brunch. So I thought I would try my hand at puff pastry in honour of her asking me to guest for her. Katherine is a remarkable blogger. Her food is fresh and beautiful. Every recipe is skillfully crafted then beautifully photographed. I envy her camera skills. I envy her cooking skills. I envy her baking skills. So basically I just love her and am so thrilled she asked me to do this guest post for her.

You can follow Katherine on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Stumble Upon.  I follow her everywhere. You should too. Trust me, you will thank me.

So make sure you set some time aside to check out my Strawberry Tart. It turned out quite well and I put a spin on the filling to make mini-me happy.

I also had to put an Easter twist on it since it’s Good Friday so you can also check out my Bunny Tarts while there. They were tons of fun to make.

One was done with all strawberries just to see if it would work. Then the other I used mini jawbreakers. Why? For no other reason than I had some and thought it was cute. That’s how I roll. I’m all about the sugar rush. I think I ate half a pack of red while making these. But that’s our little secret.

So rush on over to Katherine’s blog to get the recipe and read my article for her. Hopefully it makes you smile.

Hoppy Easter everyone!

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. 1

    Lovely guest post… I love the bunny cookies!! So darn cute! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter! ~ Ramona

  2. 2

    Looks delicious! And fun! Happy Easter!

  3. 3

    Wow, you had a lot of fun with that puff pastry–so many fun shapes! Those tarts look amazing, though–you got the crust perfectly brown and crispy.

  4. 4

    Your tarts are gorgeous with all of the pastry cream and puff pastry. Your little bunny tarts are adorable:) Have a great wekend!

  5. 5

    heh… love the bunny tarts, twin!

  6. 6

    So cute, Kim!!! You rocked the puff pastry…these look DELISH! Happy, happy Easter!

  7. 7

    Kim! Congratulations! I’m SO excited for you! I received my email from Katherine’s site saying Y.O.U. were her goest poster and I couldn’t get there fast enough! WooHoo!

  8. 8

    Hoe fun and cute tarts! Unbelievable :)

  9. 9

    I like that idea way more than overdosing on a 10 lb. bunny made of chocolate on Easter morning. I think… kidding!

  10. 10

    OOOh, look at you making cute puffy bunnies! What a great treat to take to Katherine’s. Love the strawberry whiskers!!

  11. 11

    This certainly already makes me smile, Kim. What a real Easter treat with the strawberries. Good for you for the puff pastry! Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter weekend with the family. xo

  12. 12

    perfect puff pastry! Love the bunny!

  13. 13

    I’ve already commented on Katherine’s blog, but super post. And super blog – glad I discovered you! I’ll be back.

  14. 14

    Hope you had a very Happy Easter — yummy & cute strawberry tarts :)

  15. 15

    You did such a cute post for Katherine’s blog! I’m loving your bunny tart. :-)

  16. 16

    My boyfriend freaked out when he saw this! Def. a must-make :)

  17. 17

    Amazing tarts!! And your photos are awesome, great work!

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