Cream Cheese Candies #SundaySupper

Cherry Cream Cheese Candies

I swear there are some recipes that are just so easy you just want to keep them to yourself…

but that would be wrong!

You might also want to hoard the fruits of your labour and not share your goodies with anyone else…

but that would be wrong!

You should share them with the world and your family…

but I totally didn’t share them with anyone…

well except you…

if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

*wipes cream cheese off her face and smiles*

I’d love to regale you with lots of jokes and goofball antics today but after a long day hanging with the family and my website server crashing, I’m sort of exhausted. So I’ll be making this post snappy so I can scoot off to la-la land. I’ll pop up more photos once I find out why they won’t load. For now its limited viewing. Sorry, computer issues are not fun for us tech challenged, tired folk. The ones pictured are banana. There’s also cherry and lemon.

These candies are something I grew up eating. A friend’s mom used to make them for us in various flavours. You can change them up and make the into mints or fruity candies. The possibilities are endless. I did not have a recipe for them so I googled them, and then it reminded my lovely friend Tori from The Shiksa had made Cream Cheese Candies. Hers are wicked adorable and you have to see how cute they are. I also found some at a site called Barbara Bakes. She made the cutest Cinnamon Swirl Cream Cheese Mints. I love Barbara’s site, she has such cool recipes. She named her source for the recipe as Erin’s Food Files, which was a new to me blog I thoroughly enjoyed perusing. Erin’s mom made her candies and the source was a magazine her mom could not remember the name of. This made me laugh hysterically, this is one of those recipes we all know, and love, yet where the heck did it originate from. If anyone knows I’d love to know. So I am giving full credit to all these lovely ladies, The Shiksa, Barbara Bakes, Erin’s Food Files, Erin’s mom, and an unknown magazine I’d love to track down. I took all their recipes and just tinkered till the consistency seemed right for mine. Thanks ladies, these candies are delish and I blame all of you for the ginormous tummy ache I have right now.

Cherry Cream Cheese Candies

Cream Cheese Candies #SundaySupper
Prep time
Total time
Easy recipe to make cream cheese candies/ mints in just minutes.
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, good quality, no cheap stuff
  • 4½ cups confectioners sugar
Flavourings for each batch:
  • ½ teaspoon banana extract
  • ½ teaspoon maraschino cherry syrup
  • ½ teaspoon meyer lemon juice
  • Food colouring
  1. In a stand mixer, or a bowl using a hand mixer, combine the softened cream cheese and sugar. Mix on low until they blend together and no powder remains. Then increase speed and mix until well combined. About 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. Divide into 3 portions, or more if you experiment with more flavours.
  3. In one bowl mix your banana extract into the mixture. Put into a piping bag. Pipe onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.
  4. In another bowl mix your maraschino cherry juice into the mixture. Put into a piping bag. Pipe onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.
  5. In another bowl mix your fresh meyer lemon juice into the mixture. Put into a piping bag. Pipe onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.
  6. Allow them all to stand for about an hour to stiffen up.
  7. Serve with a big old sugary smile.

Banana Cream Cheese Candies

You need to make these immediately. Like right now. Hurry up. Get in the that kitchen right now.

Meyer Lemon Cream Cheese Candies

Okay before you rush off make sure you visit all my lovely fellow Sunday Supper crew’s posts. They whipped up some lovely treats for you this week. Our host this week is the lovely Carla from Chocolate Moosey. Our fearless Sunday Supper leader is Isabel from Family Foodie. Thanks to both of these fabulous ladies for all their hard work.

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Toodles and smoochies! xx


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  1. says

    I imagine someone piped leftover frosting or something and got these. Aren´t word of mouth recipes the best? I love them, they are so real and good. Being these the easiest candies ever, I can understand the tummy ache Kim!

    • Kim Bee says

      I wonder if that’s the origin. It’s cool to think it was for that reason. I love these type of recipes. Family and friends are awesome for recommending recipes cuz they are so honest. lol

    • CICI says

      Hi I made these and for some ready they never set up and that’s been 3 day’s Can u tell me what I’m doing wrong?

      • Kim Beaulieu says

        Hi Cici. If they are too loose add some more confectioners sugar until it thickens enough to set up. Pop them in the fridge to help them along. Hope that helps. If you need more help you can try me here or email me at I can even hop on skype if you need me. I’ll try remaking them to make sure nothing got lost during the editing process.

  2. says

    Oh no, you have my complete sympathy with the server techie issues. Every morning when I get up I am afraid that my page might not be there anymore! O.O I hope it gets sorted out asap! Really sorry and if I can help somehow let me know Kim.

    Thank god that you never kept the candy recipe for yourself. We love easy sweets like that! =P

    • Kim Bee says

      Isn’t that an awful feeling? I am the same way. I thought someone hacked me, I had a total panic attack. Thanks for being sympathetic. It’s such a scary to thing.

      I dig easy recipes. It’s funny now that that my kids are older I actually want to spend less time in the kitchen.

    • Kim Bee says

      Omg, it exploded? That’s terrible and sort of hilarious. Lol. I usually suck at piping. Not my forte. I’m determined to learn.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Barbara. I want to try your flavour out. I love the way your swirled them. And you’re totally welcome. Love your site!

    • Kim Bee says

      Oh peanut butter would be lovely. Absolutely would work with banana. I used extract but I’m tempted to try straight up banana puree.

  3. says

    Good stuff! I’ve had these, and they’re really good. My wife has been making something similar lately, and we’ve been pigging out. Sorry about the technical issues – those drive me nuts, too.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks John. Aren’t they super yummy. I just love them.

      Oh me too. I was down for hours. I thought I got hacked.

  4. Diana @GourmetDrizzles says

    These look amazing… just pinned it 😉 I’m especially excited to try them in cherry!! yum!

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Diana. I appreciate it. I should have time to pop up the other photos of the other flavours tomorrow.

  5. says

    I’m so glad your server is back up! Yikes. Perfect little nibbles of sweetness! I have a feeling if I started eating these confections, I wouldn’t be able to stop!

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Liz. I swear I was going to lose my mind last night.

      They are so easy and so yummy. I just love these little candies.

  6. says

    I am so glad you did not keep this one to your self :) These sounds fantastic – I wonder how they would turn out with Vegan Cream Cheese. I am sure my girlies would love them :)

    • Kim Bee says

      I am actually not sure which one it was, but likely my ateco 828. I’ll peek at the other sizes once the dishwasher is finished. I have three big ones so it was one of those, just not sure which one.

  7. Haley says

    These looked so good, so I pinned them. I just got to making these tonight. I tried with two other flavors. Blueberry preserves, for my son who loves blueberries, and I used lemon curd instead of the lemon juice. I used my Kitchen Aid mixer to mix each of the flavor to the cream cheese-sugar mix. The mixture came out to soft to pipe. Did I over mix? I have put the two separate mixtures in the fridge to harden, so I can pipe. Please let me know. Thank you so much!!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      It’s hard to say since you used different ingredients. My best guess it’s the consistency and acidity of the stuff you added. It should not be that soft. I would say add more confectioners/icing sugar, then try again. I made three batches the day I did mine and not one was runny. I’ve made them since too and they were great. It should pipe slightly soft then you can harden them in the fridge. But it should hold up while piping. The pic of the pinks ones was taken before hardening them so that’s how stiff they should pipe out if that helps. Shoot me an email if you have trouble with them tomorrow. Let me know how much of the preserves and curd you used and I should be able to trouble shoot this for you.

  8. Ria says

    I made half the batch today waiting 2hrs now slightly hard on the outside I taught it would be totally hard by now should I refrigerate it I am anxiously waiting

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      I’d suggest layering them in a container with parchment or waxed paper between the layers. That’s how I did mine last time. Store in the fridge since they have cream cheese in them.

  9. Michelle says

    My grandma taught me to make these. Except we pinch off a pieces, roll them in granulated sugar and then press into a rubber candy mold instead or piping them out.

  10. Judie W. says

    I made these yesterday and they will not harden up at all. I went exactly according to the recipe. I also thought putting them in the refrigerator would help but it didn’t. They are all soft just like a frosting. HELP!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Well that’s just odd. I made some too and mine are fine. I always make them at Easter. I would suggest adding more cream cheese if you have it, (use the good kind, the others stink), or add more confectioners/icing sugar to it to stiffen it up. You should be able to salvage them easily. It’s basically just like frosting, when it’s too thin add more confectioners sugar, when it’s too thick add more liquid.

      Let me know if you got this in time to fix them. I am so sorry they didn’t work out for you. That bums me out, hard. I know how expensive ingredients are so I try to take any issues seriously. Hit me back to let me know what happened.

  11. kathleen vogt says

    I just tried to make these and they did not turn out at all!!! Very soft and unworkable even after adding in more powdered sugar. I was looking for something different to do with my meyer lemons and found your recipe. Bought the ingredients fancy creme cheese included. I even added less lemon juice because the “dough” looked so runny before adding it…very dissappointed…

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      It’s just like frosting, you just add more dry ingredients until the consistency is right for you. It should not be runny at all, the cream cheese is creamy so it should be creamy. They are soft when formed, then harden as they dry. You can pop the ingredients in the fridge to help stiffen things up. I make them a few times a year. Sorry you had issues with them. I’m so curious how they became runny, such a strange thing to happen when there’s no liquid involved other than a couple drops of extract or juice. If you try them again I would definitely keep extra powdered sugar handy. Any recipe that’s essentially frosting should be really easy to adjust.

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