Red, White & Blueberry Parfaits #HolidayFoodParty

Red White and Blueberry Parfaits by Cravings of a Lunatic

I just love strawberry season. There’s an just something about the smell of fresh berries. It reminds me of my childhood. You know, back when I was a young hooligan and used to steal strawberries out of my dad’s strawberry patch. My brothers and me would swim all day, then wander into the strawberry patch whenever the mood struck us. We would eat them hot, right off the vine. Then we’d all feign innocence when Dad came home after work and complained how useless his efforts to make a strawberry batch were. We’d all hide our red stained fingers and blame the extreme heat, or squirrels. We had no idea if squirrels actually ate berries at the time, we just wanted to shift the focus off ourselves. Just in case Dad was getting suspicious.

Blueberries we used to pick wild when we got the chance during our month long vacations. We always took really long vacations growing up. I think one year we were gone for 6 weeks. We’d find places to camp and if we were lucky there would be blueberries nearby. Honestly there are times I think back and wonder if our parents ever fed us since we were such little scavengers. But once you taste berries in the hot sun there’s no turning back. It just amps up the flavour and adds a level of naughtiness to eating them. Which you all know I’m all about indulgence and silly schemes. I think that’s why I look back so fondly on those childhood memories. All of my favourite emotions tied up in a tasty treat. Sheer perfection.

When I signed up to participate in the 4th of July Holiday Food Party I just knew I had to make something with strawberries and blueberries. Red berries and blue berries. It has perfection written all over it. I’m not American, I’m actually a Canuck. But we live so close to the border that I sort of consider myself an honorary American most days. We are very Americanized in our area. Likely from being so close to the border. I think it’s about 20 minutes to the Ambassador Bridge from our house. So it’s a hop, skip and jump to go shopping state-side. Although I don’t go as often as I’d like. The line-ups can be a bit overwhelming and I am not a patient kind of gal.

I decided to go simple with the strawberries. They are just macerated with some sugar and orange juice. It’s super easy to do and takes the sweetness over the top. The strawberries soften up and become the perfect treat.

The blueberries I decided to make into a sauce. I love blueberries but sometimes they can be slightly bitter. I figured making a sauce would a fun experiment. For visual appeal you could just macerate your blueberries and skip the sauce step. That way no stove has to be turned on and this would become the perfect no bake parfait. So don’t feel like you have to be overzealous like yours truly. If you want to leave the blueberries whole just macerate them the same way you do the strawberries. Easy peasy, and orange juice squeezy.

Some people macerate berries in alcohol. Due to a tummy condition I’m not allowed to have alcohol so you won’t see me use it too often. Occasionally I’ll cook with it in but not that often. Straight up alcohol is hard on me so I just avoid using it for things like this. I opt to use orange juice. If you’re thinking “well Lunie, that won’t work”, well, you’d be so wickedly wrong it’s not even funny. I know for a fact it’s legit. Want to know how?

Last year I was making a recipe that called for me to macerate berries in alcohol. I do not really keep alcohol in the house, and my car was in for service. So running out to grab some was not an option. I did what any self-respecting cook would do. I tweeted Mr. Mario Batali to ask him if there was a substitute. And to my wonderment the lovely Mr. Mario Batali tweeted me back. So there you have it folks. If you don’t trust me then trust Mario. The man is a god. If he says orange juice works, well then it freaking works people. It macerates LIKE A BOSS. < I have no idea what this means but it sounds hip right!

Okay so whip these American bad boys up and serve them for your special party. You can even put a nice sign on them that says “Mario Approved These Berries”. Your guests will be super impressed.

Red White and Blueberry Parfaits by Cravings of a Lunatic

Red, White & Blueberry Parfaits #HolidayFoodParty
Prep time
Cook time
Layered parfait with sponge cake, juicy strawberries, whipped cream and blueberry sauce. Absolutely delicious and easy to make!
Serves: 6 parfaits
For the Base:
  • 6 mini sponge cakes (I used store bought, too hot to bake)
For the Strawberry Mixture:
  • 6 cups strawberries
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 2 oranges, juiced really well
For the Blueberry Mixture:
  • 4 cups of blueberries, remove any stems
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 2 oranges, juiced really well
  • 2 teaspoons of corn starch, less if you want it runny
For the Whipping Cream:
  • 3 cups heavy cream
  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
For the Base:
  1. Cut sponge cake into small pieces. Set aside for when you are ready to assemble.
For the Strawberry Mixture:
  1. Make sure you hull and wash your berries. Slice into pieces and put them in a container. Cover with sugar and orange juice. Mix really well. Cover and pop in the fridge for about 4 hours.
For the Blueberry Mixture:
  1. Combine the blueberries, sugar and orange juice. If you want the mixture smooth, give a whir in a blender or magic bullet right off the bat. Place the ingredients in a saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring often, for about 5 or so minutes. If it's a nice dark colour now you can add the corn starch. If not cook a few minutes longer. Then add your corn starch. Turn heat to low and let it simmer for about 3 to 5 minutes as it thickens. Here's a tip about corn starch, start small and work your way up. If you think 1 teaspoon is enough, use it, let it simmer and see how it looks. If you're happy with the consistency you're done. If you're not happy with the consistency you can add another ½ or full teaspoon and allow it to simmer again. Customize it to how thick, or thin, you like it.
  2. Now remove from heat and allow to cool. Pop it in the fridge while the strawberries set and both mixtures will be at the ideal temp at the same time.
For the Whipping Cream:
  1. Place your bowl and beaters in the fridge for 30 minutes, or the freezer for about 5 to 10 minutes prior. I usually pop my measuring cup and a spoon in their too.
  2. Set up your mixer.
  3. Combine the heavy cream and sugar in the bowl and turn on low until it mixes a bit. (if you start on warp speed you and your walls will be wearing whipped cream) Once it starts to thicken just a touch you can increase speed till you get all the way to warp speed. Beat it on high till it's fluffy.
  4. You can either do this right as you assemble or cover this and pop it in the fridge till everything else is ready.
Putting it all together:
  1. Divide your sponge cake into 12 piles.
  2. Pop 6 piles into the bottom of the parfait glasses.
  3. Now spoon the strawberry mixture over the sponge cake. It's cool if it's got liquid, that is going to make your sponge cake taste like strawberry heaven. Spoon evenly and then tamp it down a bit with the dull side of knife, or a honey dripper. (honey drippers are perfect tools for SO many things)
  4. Now add a layer of whipping cream. Tamp this down and smooth it out.
  5. Add a layer of sponge cake again.
  6. Now you add a layer of the blueberry mixture. It's okay if it's a bit runny. It will soak into the sponge cake and make it taste like blueberry heaven.
  7. Now top off with a hit of whipping cream and some full berries.
  8. Chill for about 30 to 60 minutes.
  9. Serve with a big old American (but slightly Canuck) smile!
4 hours of prep time is INACTIVE time. It is the time the berries need to soften. So it's considered inactive time but I want to make sure you account for it. To actually "make" the dish you're looking at 30 minutes. But there's a lot of letting it set time you need to prepare for.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 parfait

Red White and Blueberry Parfaits by Cravings of a Lunatic

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Happy 4th of July Weekend everyone. And Happy Canada Weekend to all my fellow Canucks. Hope you are enjoying a cold one, or ten this weekend.

Red White and Blueberry Parfaits by Cravings of a Lunatic

Hope you have an amazing holiday. Eat like there’s no tomorrow, drink there’s no bottom, and laugh like there’s no one judging. We totally are, but this will make for awesome blooper videos after the holidays are over.

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. says

    You are the parfait QUEEN! These are gorgeous…and I could never resist a dessert chock full of berries and cream! YUM!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Exactly. I love them together, or separately. Just such a big berry fan.

      Ha, my dad was loopy. He loved our long vacations but us kids hated them. We just wanted to be at home with our friends. Trust me, a month long vacation in a car packed full of people is seriously over-rated.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Ha, mine too. Maybe just make them in a bucket next time. Goodness help our waistlines if we ever lived close to each other.

  2. says

    You are a master at layering in glasses. Strawberries and blueberries do go so well together. I want to try your macerating with orange juice – I’ve only done it with sugar.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Awe, thanks Renee. I really dig a good layer. Ohhh, you have to try it. I like satsuma oranges best for it but they are hard to find here. It just adds this whole different level of sweet. Honestly at this point they should just hook up a sugar iv to a vein. It’s be easier.

  3. says

    That OJ trick is really neat – I’ll have to remember that. I haven’t made parfaits in forever. These look terrific! And for those of us in the US, very July 4th! Recipe conventions are kinda weird when it comes to resting time – there’s no place to logically account for it. I’d be tempted to count the maceration time as cooking time, because that’s kinda sorta what you’re doing. But people would freak when they see a parfait takes hours to “cook!” It’s a puzzle, alas, without a good answer.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      It’s so easy and honestly it’s just delish. I really dig satsumas when I can get them. They are just a hint sweeter I think. My fave orange but they are not easy to come by.

      And I know right. Me and you should put our noggins together and invent a new one that accounts for inactive time.

  4. Christiane ~ Taking On Magazines says

    Color me all red, white and blue with happiness. This looks fantastic. And there’s no chocolate, even better.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Ha, I love it. I always forget you don’t like chocolate. So half my blog is useless to you. I swear I’m like a chocoholic or something.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Exactly, the dude knows his stuff right.

      Ha, I love the way your worded that lady. Made me grin from ear to ear.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Thanks so much Diane. I just love shoving any food possible into parfait glasses, jars or shot glasses. It’s like a sickness at this point. Luckily it means we always have fun desserts around the house. And me too, such a berry girl myself. Picked up two huge batches of strawberries today. Already demolished one batch.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Thanks so much Jen. I really love a good parfait. It’s a weakness for me. Thanks for hosting lady. You worked your butt off and we appreciate it. xx

  5. says

    I love that you made a sauce out of the blueberries, give it a nice change of texture. These are good looking parfaits Kim! I just want to dig right in.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      I really questioned my decision after I saw the photos. I kept thinking visually it would look better with the berries left alone. But I always think about my man, Mr Mario Batali’s advice to mix up textures in dishes. Parfaits are just way to much fun to make. I wish I could make lasagna in a parfait dish.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Awe, thanks lady. I had so much fun with this one. Then I panicked, I thought maybe fresh blueberries would have looked better. But then my lazy gene kicked in since I didn’t want to remake them. Ha.

      Again, you are too kind. I love parfaits. It’s an obsession. I have this layering ocd problem I think.

  6. says

    Parfaits remind me of my grandmother—she would always let us dream up our own combinations. These look delicious! Great 4th dessert!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      That’s so cool. I just love how food can bring back memories like that. Thanks so much for visiting Debra.

  7. says

    You make such pretty desserts! I remember walking the country roads near our farm while growing up and picking the blackberries which grew wild. The farmers cleared them all off the land because the sheep would get caught in them but along the roads, they were still intact. We went home with black faces, not red. LOL.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Awe, you are too sweet Suzanne. I really love making stuff like this. It’s so much fun to make things in cute glasses.

      Ha, that’s priceless. Don’t you wish we could be kids again for a day and eat wild berries in the sun. I miss those days.

  8. says

    I love all kinds of berries. Patriotic desserts are perfect with all red and blue berries in season and the more berries the more I can eat… it’s about getting all the vitamins from those berries. :) Yeah.. that’s my story. :) This parfait looks amazing. :)

    PS.. Mario Batali wrote you back.. VERY cool!! :)

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Me too. I think strawberries are my fave. I picked up two more baskets today. Made a nice salad with some. SO good.

      I like your story, you are sticking to it right. Lol.

      I know, I almost cried when he tweeted me. I about passed out. I’d love to meet him one day. He is the ultimate to me. He’s just so passionate about food, and life in general.

  9. says

    mhm American bad boys, that really sounds naughty. 😛
    Yeah I remember the berry picking times. It was always a rich bounty and we would still have jars full of preserved blueberries etc in December. Your blueberry parfait would be perfect now!

  10. says

    Isn’t it funny when a famous person tweets back? Glad he took the time! And I love how blue the blueberries turned out. Usually it’s more of a purple than a blue. I may steal your method next time I need something blue and not purple.

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