Farmers Market Pasta Salad #WeekdaySupper

This is a simple pasta salad you can whip up in a snap. It uses fresh seasonal produce that you can pick up at your local farmers market. Swap out the produce as the seasons change for variety!

Farmers Market Pasta Salad | Cravings of a Lunatic

This is a pasta salad I make often. I love it, and my family loves it. It’s perfect for summer. You can use local veggies from your farmers market and swap them out as the seasons change. What I love about this pasta salad is it’s good warm or cold. My hubs likes a cold pasta salad, while I like mine warm. I tend to nosh a ton of this stuff the first day I make it. Hubs prefers it the next day when all the flavours marry together.

We eat this for a light meal on a busy day. We try to eat meatless a couple of days a week. So this fits the bill on those days. It also makes a great side dish as well. It’s one of those “go to” recipes you can bring to a pot-luck or shower. If I’m feeling like I need to pump up the volume on this I’ll add some chicken to it. Super yummy!

Another thing I love about this one is it’s great when you have extra noodles hanging around. I made a huge batch of noodles the other day for a stir fry for Mini-Me so I had some left over. They worked perfectly for this. I like to use spaghetti noodles for this too, as well as farfalle. The mini ones are not only tasty but they look super cute in a pasta salad.

If you need to take these with you when you’re on the run use small mason jars. They work perfectly for packing up things like this. You can bring them to a picnic and everyone has their own little jar to nosh from. Totally cute. Hope you get a chance to try these.

Farmers Market Pasta Salad | Cravings of a Lunatic

Farmers Market Pasta Salad #WeekdaySupper

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Yield: Tons of pasta!

Serving Size: Depends how hungry you are!

Farmers Market Pasta Salad #WeekdaySupper

This is a simple pasta salad you can whip up in a snap. It uses fresh seasonal produce that you can pick up at your local farmers market. Swap out the produce as the seasons change for variety!


  • 4 cups cooked pasta
  • 3/4 to 1 cup of salad dressing (I used Roasted Red Pepper with Parmesan)
  • 1/3 cup yellow pepper, chopped
  • 1/4 cup red pepper, chopped
  • 1/4 cup shallot, chopped
  • 1/2 cup celery, diced
  • 1/2 cup carrot, shredded or diced
  • 3/4 cup chopped tomatoes
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Optional:
  • Parmesan Cheese


  • Cook your pasta ahead of time.
  • In a large bowl combine all of your ingredients. Mix well.
  • Add more salad dressing if you find it dry.
  • Mix again.
  • Pop in the fridge for about 4 to 8 hours.
  • Sprinkle some Parmesan over top if desired.
  • Serve with big old I love my Farmers Market smile!


I always eat this while it's hot as I add the noodles. I can't help myself. I'm a hot pasta kind of gal.

I have to do two batches since I can't eat raw tomatoes. So this is a dish you can either use them or not.

Farmers Market Pasta Salad | Cravings of a Lunatic

Absolutely delish! Try it today. Seriously!

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Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. 1

    Great recipe for those fresh farmers market veggies! It does look like something I could munch on for days too.

    • 2
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      Thanks so much Renee. I love this pasta salad so much. I make it with spaghetti noodles most often for some reason. But I was out of them, which never happens. Lol.

      We barely got to many farmers markets this year. The downside of IBS morning flare ups. Most markets are in the morning. Such a bummer.

  2. 3

    Yum! I love using all the veggies from the farmers market in a lovely dish like this! Great job :)

  3. 5

    I love pasta salads like this! Light and healthy, and as you point out, a great way to use seasonal produce. Those mason jars are cute!

  4. 7

    Looks absolutely gorgeous, Kim! Can’t wait to get to the farmer’s market this Sunday and give it a go. Deeeelicious!

  5. 9

    John’s not fond of pasta of any sort and I LOVE pasta of every variety. I can’t remember what attracted us but it wasn’t a love of pasta. :) I’m going to make this salad just for me!

  6. 11

    I don’t know why I don’t make pasta salad more often this looks great. Lots of veggies and no mayo.

  7. 13

    This looks like it would definitely be great hot or cold – love that you put it in jars!

  8. 15

    This is a wonderful, summery pasta salad – quick and easy. Roasted red pepper with Parmesan dressing sounds perfect!

    • 16
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      Thanks so much Alida. It’s amazing how many cool dressings are on the market these days. It’s almost overwhelming.

  9. 17

    I love pasta salad, especially in the summer time.. plus I love meatless dinners once in awhile. Perfect – thank you!

    • 18
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      Me too. We try to do meatless once or twice a week. We’re carnivores but I feel like maybe it helps if we don’t eat it every day. Plus I find it makes you get a bit creative. It’s fun to play with meatless dinner ideas.

  10. 19

    Love how you put these in the jars… this pasta salad is full of my favorite ingredients for summer. :)

  11. 21

    What a fun presentation and delicious recipe. The jars are perfect.

  12. 23

    Great recipe! Plus lovely presentation, ready to go picnic!

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