Welcome to Cravings of a Lunatic! I’m Kim, the writer, recipe developer and photographer behind the blog. I’m snarky, sassy and slightly obsessed with all things pistachio and turtles candies. I hope to entertain you while I teach you how to cook. My philosophy in life is to enjoy every second of it. 

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Cravings of a Lunatic is a recipe website that chronicles my cooking adventures. My passion is easy, family friendly fare that is as fun to make as it is to eat. The website offers a wide variety of recipes from crazy ice creams, to spectacular meals for the busy mom, to indulgent desserts for the brave and wide bottomed. I like to push the boundaries when it comes to desserts and can often be found barefoot in the kitchen, singing and making a complete mess. I will then pretend to be needed for some important project when it’s time to do the dishes. This is often when I sneak in time to play on pinterest with my finger at the ready to shift to another tab should the dish soap dripping hubs wander in to ask a question he should probably already know the answer to. I also love to use run on sentences almost as much as I loves to turn any recipe into a turtle treat. It’s a gift not many possess.

Cravings of a Lunatic was started in 2011 when a beloved friend suggested I start a blog. I was so naive and had no idea the blog would turn into such an obsessive rewarding career. As a stay at home mom for 24 years I made the transition from mom to Ma’am in a seamless fashion, just don’t look too closely at my laundry room or in my closets and that fantasy will remain intact. My goal is to teach readers that they can cook for their family easily, quickly and have a great time doing it. The key is to lighten up and not take the kitchen so seriously. Or life for that matter.

I am a Canuck through and through. I’m am very proud of my Canadian status, even if it means some products are not available where I live. You can find me complaining about that from time to time. I am determined to bring unusual and hard to find ingredients to my neck of the woods. When I can’t I heads state-side to procure things like fun cereal and cherry candy. Do not mock me, these culinary treasures are weirdly important to me. I will not be happy until Trix cereal becomes a Canadian staple. If you would like to help me in this endeavour please feel free to write to Trix on my behalf. One letter at a time we will change the world.

I strive to keep you entertained while waddling through life with a full belly. I continue to improve my photography skills while struggling with grammar. I swear when my kids hit University the part of my brain that controls my grammar stopped working. My son, B-Dude, is convinced I do it to rile him up since he’s an English Literature Major. My daughter, who I call mini-me just thinks I like to stir up trouble. They are both not wrong. My husband is too busy doing dishes to offer any insight at all.

If you would like to work with me on a project you can locate my information on my contact page. You can also meander over to my media page to find out more about my work.

Cravings of a Lunatic Blog

For anyone craving more about their favourite Lunatic read on if you must!

25 Random Things You Should Know About Your Lunatic:

1. I prefer to bake but am probably a better cook than baker.

2. I am an extremely picky eater and have an extensive list of foods I dislike.

3. I do not like things to touch on my plate. If something wet meets something that isn’t supposed to be I will not eat it.

4. I do not like seafood, and am allergic to shellfish. My Dad loved it and brought home lobsters from time to time. He would put them in the bathtub to keep them fresh. My friend, Tracy named some. Needless to say I could not fathom eating Henry and Henrietta.

5. I do not believe in the 5 second rule. If it hits the ground it’s outta here.

6. I loves pistachios. Way too much. It’s like a sickness. Quite frankly I need an intervention.

7. I abhor pickles. They creep me out. I think they are shriveled up cucumbers who never reached their full potential. Plus I think they smell gross.

8. I recently become a fan of the food network. I had never watched a cooking show until 2011. My goal in life is to eat Paula’s pre-diabetes recipes but look like Giada. Also Alton freaks me out. He’s too smart and I think he might be a robot.

9. I tend to wander around the house and yard barefoot no matter what the weather. I love socks and adore shoes but detest wearing either. I wish the world was shoeless and it was socially acceptable to go to the grocery store in my jammies with no socks or shoes.

10. I do not like to have my picture taken. Not sure if it’s due to the fact that my Dad took pics of us kids ad nauseam or if it’s because I’m not a size 4/6 any more. There are very few pics of me out there. I destroy them all whenever possible.

11. I do not like gravy. Okay it’s out there. Kick me out of the foodie community immediately. It’s total blasphemy.

12. I prefers savoury recipes but make mostly sweet recipes. It’s a pickle. *ack*

13. I love, love, love Taco Bell. I realize this is not acceptable in the upper class culinary world. Yet I cannot help myself. I can be overheard multiple times per week saying “Can I get a combo #2, steak with no sauce and no tomatoes, nachos instead of fries with a pepsi?” Yup, total addict!!!

14. I do not like raw tomatoes. But I love ketchup. And spaghetti sauce. *scratches head on this one*

15. I do not like eggs. I mean I hate them. Yet for some weird reason about once a year I get a craving for a hard boiled egg with salt on it that cannot be controlled. I cannot stop myself, I just have to make them. I get really excited, love the smell, mash them all up with butter and salt. Then I take about 2 or 3 bites and realizes I hate eggs. Yet I will do it over and over every year. If anyone knows a good shrink for this send them to Canada asap!

16. I dislike most mac n cheese recipes. There’s so many bad ones out there it made me gun shy about eating mac n cheese. I’ve learned making your own is the way to go. The more cheese you pile on the better it is. And the more variety of cheeses you use the better it is. So move over blue boxed mac n cheese of yore, there’s a new mac n cheese player in town. This girl believes cheese is the spice of life. Well, and bacon too. Bacon on mac n cheese. Oh baby, it’s pure cheesy heaven.

17. I am not a social cook. I like people to leave me alone while I’m in the kitchen. I will take your head off if you offer to help. If I say no and you try to help anyway I will slap you. You’ve been warned. Back away! S l o w l y ! You can watch me cook, but from a distance.

18. I gets side tracked really easily. Case in point, I originally forgot 18 and had to come back to edit it.

19. I am lactose intolerant but eat cheese way too much. I’m a total rebel. I love cheese piled on pizza, lasagna, tacos, or hot sandwiches. However I’m not a “grab a slice of cheese and it solo” kind of a gal. On stuff=good, on its own=not my style. I realize this makes absolutely no sense. I think I just have a serious addiction to melting ooey, gooey cheese. Hot, melting cheese is a thing of beauty.

20. I love pork, I mean really, really, really love pork. But pork does not like me. Apparently most people with colon issues have this problem. It stays in your colon for something like 72 hours or so. Don’t quote me but it’s around that number. Isn’t that a lovely little tidbit of information. Aren’t you glad you’re reading right now?

21. As much as I love to eat and cook, I generally only eat once per day. And I eat really late. Part of this is due to my IBS. If I eat, I get sick. So I tend not to eat until I am home for the day. Sometimes I eat around 10 pm. I hate it but am trying hard to change this habit. It was something I did out of necessity to spend time with my kids and attend after school activities without problems. It’s a work in progress.

22. We do not really eat at the table on a regular basis. I grew up in a really regimented household where we ate at 4:30 every night. If it wasn’t on the table at that time or us kids were late all heck would break loose. Dinner time was unpleasant. So I rebelled against a set dinner time and sitting at the table. My own kids will grow up and want to eat at a set time at the table. Life’s a never-ending circle.

23. Until I blogged I never followed a recipe. I am one of those people we all hate who don’t write things down. I have been making lasagna since I was a teenager but if anyone asked me for the recipe I would be all “what recipe?”  I’m a fly by the seat of my pants, no plan, roll with the punches kind of gal. But only with cooking. With everything else in life I am Martha all the way.

24. I recently used my little blow torch tool for the first time. I’ve had it for 3 years. So here’s the lowdown. This is another weird, twitchy thing about me. I love getting new things for the kitchen but then I want them to stay new and shiny forever. So I won’t use them. When I got my new stove it took me months to turn it on for the first time. I didn’t want to ruin its prettiness. People would try to use the water dispenser on the new fridge and I would start to have convulsions. Don’t even ask about the meat thermometer that came with my stove. *it’s still in the package* ….*stove is 7 years old*….* I have problems*

25. I had only read one blog before deciding to start my own. I still struggle to understand the techie blogging world but I welcome it with open arms.

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