Bubblicious Bubblegum Ice Cream #icecreamsundays

Bubble Gum Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic

Hey folks. I am so excited to be here with an ice cream post. Not just any ice cream post but an ICE CREAM SUNDAYS post. Not just any ICE CREAM SUNDAYS post but a BUBBLICIOUS ย ICE CREAM SUNDAYS post. Yes it’s BUBBLE GUM ICE CREAM folks. So tie your hair up and pop in some gum, and start crackalacking. Nothing like blowing bubbles and giving fall the proverbial finger. In my mind it’s still summer. Yes my toes are frozen solid today while I rebel and wear my sandals. Yes the town folk stare in bewilderment when I run errands in a t-shirt. This is how I roll folks. I choose to pretend I live in Hawaii and it’s summer all year. Only when frostbite threatens do I finally get the hint and pull out the sweaters. But I’ll be damned if I pulling out my coats. You gotta draw the line somewhere. I am not ready for winter, it’s still summer and I’m eating ice cream gosh darn it. I know right. What kind of a rebel says gosh darn it? The kind who doesn’t want to drop f-bombs in her post and would like people to think she doesn’t drop them in real life either. Ah, if only you knew the truth. You’d all run off in horror. Mouth like a trucker, cooks like an angel. Swears like a sailor, bakes like saint. Yah, whatever. Let’s get the F on with it now.

Bubble Gum Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic

So as you all know or maybe you don’t, which just tells me your not a regular and that just makes me angry. You won’t like me wh…. sorry, having an 80’s flashback day. Anyhow many of you know I’ve been sort of, kind of, well, out of the picture the last couple of weeks. I’ve had some “life stuff” going on. You know…life….that thing that goes on around us when we’re not stuck inside with our eyes glued to the computer. Yah, that’s right, you got it now….reality. Well, reality bites folks. I had been spending some time with a ailing family member. I’ve eased off the visits as they were consuming me a bit too much. I plan to still visit but more moderately now. If you know me then you know moderation is not my strong suit. I tend to overdo things. It’s just how I roll.

Bubble Gum Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic

I have not been too active the last couple of weeks so this ICE CREAM SUNDAYS post will be a little different. I won’t be featuring other blogger links in this one. Simply due to the fact that I haven’t been online enough to have stumbled across any ice cream posts recently. I shall try to get some organized for you for the next post this coming Sunday. Maybe you’ll be really lucky and I’ll actually post that one on time, you know, like on an actual Sunday. Or not. Who the F cares. *stifles a giggle*

Bubble Gum Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic

Okay, okay, I’ll behave now. Or try. Or not. Now on to the ice cream. Stand back people, get ready for it. Prepare to be dazzled. No swearing when you see it. Or eat it. Or when someone pops your bubble.

Bubble Gum Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic

Bubble Gum Ice Cream:


1 cup whole milk
3/4 cup granulated sugar
Pinch of vanilla salt
2 cups heavy cream
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
3-4 drops red food colouring
1 cup gumballs


In a bowl with a hand mixer, or in a stand mixer, combine whole milk, sugar and vanilla salt together. Whisk on low until sugar dissolves.

Now add the heavy cream, vanilla extract and food colouring and mix on medium until combined.

Cover the bowl and stick in fridge for about 1-2 hours.

Remove bowl and transfer the liquid to your frozen ice cream maker freezer bowl (it is of the utmost importance that the bowl be frozen). Place the freezer bowl on your ice cream maker and turn on. Mix for about 10 to 15 minutes.

During the last 2-ish minutes add your gumballs. If you add them any earlier the colour will bleed.

Serve immediately or pop in your freezer. If you put it in the freezer keep in mind you should take it out about 10 or so minutes before you want to serve it.

Serve with a gumbally smile!

Source: adapted from Cuisinart’s Simple Vanilla Ice Cream

Bubble Gum Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic
Bubble Gum Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic


So whatcha think? Want a bowl? If you are yelling “F yah”, well….watch your mouth, seriously, this is a public place people. *stifles another giggle*

Okay here ya go, just for you. Not you, the other you. No, no, the one over there. Geez! Okay everyone can share. Grab some spoons!

Bubble Gum Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic

Alrighty roo folks! Hope you have a perfect day. And eat lots of ice cream!

Toodles and smoochies. xx

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  1. Tina says

    Hmm this is an interesting combination-so can I still make bubbles with this or does the cream stifle it?! Bubble cream-yum!
    Glad you are getting back to the norm of things. Oh on the "f" word-for every one you say that is one less day you have the use of the ice cream machine–that should resolve it!

  2. Kim Bee says

    @Tina- It's still bubble mania. Cream be darned, doesn't interfere. Thanks and omg I lol'd at that last statement. I seriously cannot stop laughing.

  3. anne says

    Your post crack me up ๐Ÿ˜€ Me , I'm ready for the winter ( been ready since summer ๐Ÿ˜€ ) but that won't stop me from making another batch of ice cream hahahaha

  4. 95acresofsky says

    That is some seriously pink ice cream! Your pictures made me feel like I was in the middle of an 80's psychedelic flashback complete with Pineapple leotards, Kid's from Fame on the TV and Olivia Newton John getting Physical down at the aerobics studio.

    The 80's rock baby!

  5. Ann says

    …..and she's back!

    What a GREAT post! Lots of salty language, but salty goes with sweet very nicely! I've missed you and your crazy wonderful posts!

    The ice-cream is lovely and I bet the kids LOVE this one!

  6. Dzoli says

    Yes I want a bowl or too.Amazing colour:).
    As you maybe know I was born in Serbia and my mother after we moved to New Zealand kept maintaining Serbian language(she use to be lecturer in Serbian).Naturally I did not know any curse ..until I started chatting with Serbian people on Internet.Lucky I befriended some that after biiiiiiig hesitation I could ask to translate to me some not so bad curses.Not so bad?Omg if English speaking countries think their curses are bad ..they should know just a couple of Serbian ones.Finally somebody suggested to me to buy a book called Hazard vocabulary which is whole book of curses in Serbian/Wow! Don't worry would not mention any:)
    Of to have icecream now;)

  7. The Mom Chef says

    Cute! Hubby has one of those gumball machines in his office. I'm sure he'd rather have the ice cream though. F-bomb's not allowed in our house. Heck, with a 5 year-old, nothing is. We get called to the carpet for using the word fart. Ohhhh, is that what your f-word was?

  8. Corrine says

    lol, start crackalacking, I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€ My son would go nuts for this ice cream. Love your photos too, super cute!

  9. Nami | Just One Cookbook says

    Yum! I love your ice cream series. There are always surprises. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I need a big spoon for this!

  10. Curry and Comfort says

    What a fun, fun, fun ice cream! My kids would love this. They love bubble gum everything. They just went to the dentist the other day and got bubble gum fluoride put on their teeth. Mmmmm! Good to see you back and rocking these hit recipes. Congrats on Top 9 today for your Meatless Monday Pasta Bake!!

  11. Lizzy says

    Bubble gum ice cream was my absolute favorite growing up…I may have to take a trip down memory lane and make this :)

    PS…some other names for flank steak include:
    Bavette (French)
    Flank Steak Fillet
    Jiffy Steak
    London Broil

  12. healthyfoodietravels says

    Aww, looks like a great kid's treat! Not sure I'd personally go for it, but it's a really cute, fun idea and looks gorgeous!

  13. Emily Lynne {The Best of this Life} says

    Haha, this reminds me of being a kid! I used to LOVE bumble gum ice cream!!! MMmmmm.

  14. savoryandsavage says

    Ahh, one of those great posts that I love reading.

    The photo of the carton of 'machine sized gumballs' is priceless!

    And, yeah, everyone knows I am not a fan of the sweets but, dang, with a post that funny – I will be happy to peruse photos of sweet things just to read the words:-)

  15. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    I think my favorite thing about this ice cream is the color! But, I bet it also tastes really good too!! So glad the ice cream is back!

  16. Russell at Chasing Delicious says

    Oh my gosh this reminds me of being a kid! I loved gum and I loved bubblegum ice cream! Such a cute/fun color and presentation too.

  17. Tori @ The Shiksa in the Kitchen says

    My inner child squealed in delight when I read this post!! You are such a spaz, and I love love love it! Welcome back Kim. I'm off to buy some bubble gum now.

  18. movita beaucoup says

    Okay. So, I'm a new reader, and I'm very excited about Ice Cream Sundays! Mostly because I gave 2.0 an ice cream maker for his birthday last year. This here bubblegum ice cream looks to be the bomb. It is possible that your blog will change our lives. Or at least make us floofier.

    (Also, I'm sending best wishes to your ailing relative, and hope that things get better soon.)

  19. janet@cupcakestocaviar says

    Kim, I read your posts and giggle at the silliness and I am CONVINCED that we are twins separated at birth. Except that I'm the more charming, better looking, better cooking twin. Or something like that.

    As for the ice cream, my boys would be all over this. Then the gum would be all over my boys but that's a completely different story

  20. Kim Bee says

    @anne- Lol, I am more of a warm weather gal. But go figure I live in Canada. Lol.

    @95acresofsky- I loved the 80's. Of course you can rock the side pony. I dare you to go to the grocery store like that, but only if you wear the duds too.

    @Ann- Rofl. I am happy to be back. Yah, total potty mouth over here.

    @Dzoli- Lol I now want to know Serbian swear words so badly. I could curse in public and so few people would know. Great story. Love it.

    @The Mom Chef- Lol, I didn't get potty mouth till the kids got older. Well, I did but I refrained in front of the munchkins. Now, not so much. Lol.

    @Amy- Thanks!

    @the food dude- Thanks and it surely does.

    @Corrine- Aw, thanks so much. You must make this for him.

    @mjskit- Thanks. Oh now I want to make cake ice cream. Lol.

    @Nami- Thanks so much. I love making you happy.

    @Curry and Comfort- It's a kid friendly ice cream for sure. Post…not so much. Lol. Thanks so much. I was pretty happy about the pasta bake making it.

    @Tina- I love the pink. Pink rocks. I hope your girls like it if you try it out.

    @Lizzy- Kiana used to love it too. Thank you so much for the names. I can't wait to try it.

    @healthyfoodietravels- Thanks so much. I am not a huge bubble gum fan period. But it smells so good I can't resist.

    @Emily Lynne- It's just so fun. Love how food brings back memories.

    @savoryandsavage- I so love that you come see me given your preference. This was a riot. Thanks for the compliment.

    @Stephanie- Thanks. I love the pink. Pink is my fave. I am so happy it's back too.

    @Erin- Aw, thanks so much my dear. I appreciate it.

    @Russell- Thank you so much. This was so much fun to do.

    @Tori- I laughed so hard when you I read what you wrote. I mean laugh out laugh, fall on the floor, rolling around, laughing!

    @Movita- So glad you're here. Floofy people are happy people. Lol! And thank you. Means alot.

    @Parsley Sage- Lol, I love your response. made me giggle.

    @Elyse- Thank you so much!

    @Carolyn- I love Baskin Robbins. Thanks so much my dear.

    @Buttercream Blondie- Thanks so much. It makes me smile just to look at it.

    @Janet- Omg totally twins. Except you got us mixed up. Rofl. I could not stop laughing at your comment. Mini-me got bubble gum in her hair once. It was not fun.

  21. Anne@frommysweetheart says

    LOVE this ice cream! Totally brings back memories of the ice cream I used to get off of the ice cream truck! Oh to be a kid again. But wait…I can be a kid again…all I have to do is make this ice cream! How yummy and fun! : )


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