Fun with Jars Friday- Weevilgeddon Edition

Okay folks, so this edition is getting to you very late. It’s okay though as I have a really valid and horrendously gross excuse. I was attacked, I was blind-slided, I was assaulted….by weevils! Yup, I know right. Every cook/bakers worst nightmare. I had no idea what these little hooligans were.I’d seen them once before in dog food. I am usually so careful with storing things properly. I have a gazillion containers. I use those cereal containers for all my baking supplies. I made a rookie mistake though, which is weird as I am not a rookie cook/baker. I should know better. I must have been in a hurry, or just didn’t care as it was whole wheat(my kryptonite), but I had tossed a bag of flour in the cabinet without putting it in a container. I had sealed the top, but apparently that won’t stop these little weevildoers. So they started on the whole wheat and had migrated into other things. Luckily it was just my overflow baking pantry. I have 2 cupboards farther away from the stove with all my regular baking supplies. The pantry is for overflow, and also for things like cereal, snacks, spices, weevils. Oh wait, no that can’t be right. I was horrified enough to see the holes in the flour but they got into the containers that had other stuff. These are good containers so I am not sure how they managed but they did. Marshmallows, rice, more rice, cereal. You name it and these little weevillians made their way in.When I discovered them I was not quite sure what they were. So I did some digging, meaning I asked on Facebook. Isn’t that how all good research is done? No. Oh okay, so I verified the Facebook information on a trusty research site, you know it, it’s called Twitter. What, that’s not how you do research either? Seriously I got some great information on both. They don’t call this the information highway for nothing people. I then did some actual research and found out they are really common and that I should not be as horrified as I was. I mean what’s a girl to do when attacked so viciously by such little weeviliites. Well this girl fought back.
Here’s what I did:Threw out everything they came in contact with.

Threw out everything they were in proximity to.

Cried like a baby at all the money I’d just thrown out.

Emptied all the cupboards, yes they only attacked the pantry but I wasn’t playing.

Bug bombed the kitchen. And again. And again. And again. Better safe than sorry.

Wiped and disinfected the cupboards and the contents of my kitchen.

Bought new shnazzie fancie shmancie canning jars, about a gazillion of them.

Filled the jars with new food.

What I’ve learned:

I hate weevils.

I really hate weevils.

My son is handy to have around when crisis strikes. Only 6 sighs and 3 eye rolls over the weekend.

My son is also handy at running to get canning jars. Then running back for more. Gazillion was not enough.

You can get carpal tunnel from filling jars.

It’s handy to have a daughter who took up scrapbooking then quit. Leaves you with tons of letters.

Scrapbooking letters look really cute on jars. Thanks for the idea Ari!

I had way too much stuff.

I am bitter hubs still hasn’t built my spice rack in my pantry. Not related but I learned it.

I really need a spice rack built inside my pantry.

Hubs is really slow when asked to build a spice rack in the pantry.

Readers now think I am seriously mad at hubs.

Jars are fun on fridays but not when you end up doing it cuz you HAVE to, not cuz you WANT to.

I tend to ramble.

Okay so here is what I learned about weevils, also know as weevildoers:

They like flour.

They like old stanky flour that hangs around too long.

They are not picky and will eat anything. So basically they are like houseguests who never leave.

They really like flour.

And rice.

And marshmallows.

They are survivors, the eggs make it through the milling process. Who knew?

Warm and humid are their optimal conditions. Hm, something I have in common with them. Weird!

They can fly, mine didn’t so I don’t think they’d reached weevil pilot status yet.

You can freeze your flour which will kill them. ( I am already testing this theory.)

You can put packages in low heat oven to kill them. ( This seemed odd to me. I did not try this.)

Sealed glass jars are suppose to work wonders. (Testing that theory as well.)

Apparently they hate bay leaves. (Testing this theory too.)

They don’t like raid. Or as I now call it weevilaid.

Things I learned about myself:

I am an overachiever.

I am very tired.

I hate weevilbots.

Okay so how did I handle this situation. Here’s the massive destruction below:




My revenge below:



My ocd below:








Me winning the Weevilwar 2011 below:





Feel free to contact hubs on my behalf. Send him an email. Seriously. His email is “i’”, go light a fire under him. Okay kidding, but email him anyway. It’s just good fun.



Can’t you just see a beautiful wooden shelving system running all the way down? I can. I inherited some beautiful wood of my dad’s that is just begging to be customized in here. It’s a small pantry but I could easily fit about 30 to 50 jars on here.

Okay so now you see why I haven’t posted any recipes this weekend. I do have some for you from days past but I just need to get the posts edited and make sure my spelling is correct. I mean we can’t just be making up words and stuff. I would never do that.

Okay so thanks for attending the weevilunion. I really enjoyed the class of 2011, weevilwrongdoers must be stopped. Weevilrights do not apply. Weevilers must be stopped. We must protect ourselves from weevilgeddon. Weevils wobble but the don’t fall down, except when sprayed with weevilaid. I hope you enjoyed this edition of cravings of a weevilunatic.

See no making up words here.

I shall be back tonight with SLOW COOKER SATURDAY, which you will love. I also have some granola  for SENSIBLE SNACK SATURDAY on Losing it Like a Lunatic. Then tomorrow morning I shall give you ICE CREAM SUNDAYS here and SMOOTHIE SUNDAYS on Losing it Like a Lunatic. Then tomorrow hopefully I can post my daring baker stuff, I just need to make it. Ack! Then I’ll inundate you some more tomorrow night with MEATLESS MONDAYS, both here and on Losing it Like a Lunatic. Then I’ll be all caught up so I can start Christmas stuff soon. Whew. Good thing I love to cook. I should be all back on track by tomorrow night if all goes well. Unless weevilpocolypse hits again. Somewhere in my cupboards way back deep in the dark lurks one lone Weevil Wallace just waiting to yell “THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM”.

Toodles and smoochies! xx

Unless you’re a weevil!

Just saying’!

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  1. Kristen says

    I have battled those weevils in many states. I have found that bay leaves IN the containers of grains work without adding flavor. I have never put them on the walls. One thing I learned, too, is to not use contact paper. They like to go under it and hide out until you think they have vacated the area. Then they pounce. I think it's their version of flanking the enemy. I love your jars. The labels are great! Thank goodness for unused scrap booking supplies.

  2. ping says

    ROFL!!! Sorry for laughing at your predicament … sniff, wipe tears, laugh somemore. I've had weevil invasion many times before. It's warm and humid here forever … groan. I still can't figure out how they get into sealed jars. And I'm so gonna try out that bay leaf method. Off to get tacks …. toodles.

  3. anne says

    Thank goodness ! If not for the weevilbots you won't clean/prettify your pantry hahahaha It's about time anyway 😀 Would like to have that jar of dried cherry , pleaseeee ;D

  4. says

    We had something like that happen to us when we were in florida. We woke up one morning and our kitchen was over run with maggots! And I keep a clean kitchen. I can understand what's so horrifying to find bugs like that where you make food. Anyway, the jars with the letters are really cute! It makes me want to go out and buy a bunch of jars to put stuff in, even though I don't have weevils :)

  5. Jill Colonna says

    Oh, my! Poor you. That sounded a real marathon – but look at that cupboard and all these amazing jars. You are incredible. Now, I wonder if you could come and do my kitchen… ;-)) Well done!

  6. Kiri W. says

    Wow, that is one organized pantry!
    My parents had weevils in Germany, it took us years to get rid of them, because they also eat the glue behind wallpapers…

  7. Dara says

    Oh no! Weevils are the worst. I'm so sorry. You are so lucky to have wonderful helpers. The letters on the jars are adorable!!!

  8. The Mom Chef says

    I really am so sorry that you were infested with weevils. I don't know what I'd do if that happened to me, but I'm sure it would include a lot of crying as well.

    On another note, you're passed-along idea about using scrapbooking letters on jars is massively genius. I'm headed for my dust-covered stash right now!

  9. sevimel@IbreatheI'mhungry says

    This post was weevilriffic! Weeviltastic! Weevilarious! thanks for the laughs! I've had them and it is definitely NOT funny when you're doing it but at least your pantry is super clean now and you have adorable storage jars! :) Seriously though, you crack me up!

  10. Thippi says

    ROTFL…sorry, can't help it..BWAH-haha…ok, really're just so darn funny! Way too cute jars & super love the idea of using scrapbooking letters on them. I keep starring at your very organized & clean cupboards & wishing mine was that nice…ok time to move & get it so…one sugar jar at a time. Thanks for the inspiration. *giggles* you've put a permanent lunatic-like smile on my face today, thanks ;D

  11. Kim Bee says

    @Kristen- Thanks for the tip about the bay leaves. I shall add them in the jars of things I can. I thought slapping them by the nooks and crannies would keep them from trying to stage another weevilolution. Also good tip about the paper. I bought the thick stuff that you use in drawers so it doesn't stick. So we removed them all, disinfected and washed and put them back. But maybe I should just take them right out. I have SO much scrapbooking stuff. We all bought her TONS of it during her brief stint in the 4H scrapbooking club. Lol!

    @ping- Lol, I was laughing too. Through tears but still. Bay leaves right, who knew. I have tons on hand as they are my fave spice in the whole wide world. SO good.

    @anne- Lol, sadly I had just reorganized and bought new containers in the summer. So it felt a bit like omg more money spent. But now I'm glad I did it. I like the look of this way better. Aren't dried cherries the bomb. I should buy stock in the company.

    @torviewtoronto- Thank you so much. I might be coming to Toronto in the spring. We should have lunch if I do. Would be cool to meet up with a fellow blogger.

    @momdecuisine- Oh that's yucky too. My parents had them in the garage once when I was younger. I went to grab a mirror to redo for my bedroom and they were on it. I think I cried and washed my hands a gazillion times. And lol, you should. I love the way this looks. The downside is it can be a pain to get to stuff you use alot. I am now scoping out the huge 1.9L ones. I may have to special order some for things like cereal.

    @Jill- Thanks my dear. I love the way it turned out. So some good came out of it. Looks super cute. I shall book a flight and come organize yours next. Lol!

    @Kiri- I have serious ocd. My whole house usually looks like that. Except the garage and workroom, which hubs is in charge of. Lol!

    @Dara- I have very helpful hooligans. Pretty lucky duck. And thanks.

    @The Mom Chef- Thanks. It is such a cute idea. I saw it on the Diva Dish and just had to try it. I got kind of carried away. Lol!

    @Rachel- Thank you and I agree. Turned a negative to a positive. Gotta love life.

    @sevimel- Weevilonderul! I love making weevilappy. So glad you enjoyed this.

    @Thippi- Lol, it is funny. Wasn't the other day. Now it is. I have serious ocd, most of my place looks like that. Not my laundry though. For some reason I can ignore that.

    @Jen- Thanks. I'll add you to the list. Lol!

  12. Carolyn says

    You poor thing! I am terrible at properly storing my flours, though. I had them once in a bag of flour but I've never seen them since and I don't always put my things away in airtight containers. Perhaps I should take a page out of your book!

  13. Anne@frommysweetheart says

    Holy cow Kim! I'm glad you won the war of the weevils! (Hey..can you blame them? They know a good thing when they see it!) So you got your spring cleaning done early this year! It must feel good to be so organized again! Your jars are so cute! And I can just picture those spice jars in the rack now….(hope hubs is reading over your shoulder!) Would love to have you over to redo my pantry! : )

  14. Foodness Gracious says

    Wow that's a nice looking pantry after the weevil raid! Bummer about throwing so much out but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?
    Take care..

  15. kelli says

    Can we talk about how well the jars are working? We had weevils last year and again this year! Old house, bad seals around all of the windows and doors and a pantry that's too deep= weevils twice. We had jars of stuff that they got into. I got the fancy Oxo brand containers and they got into those as well. So. Your jars? Are they working? Thanks!!
    So sorry about your weevils. It's terrible and so gross and a ridiculous amount of work to clean up.
    You're amazing.

  16. Kim Bee says

    @Carolyn- Lol, I tend to be a bit ocd about things. Gets me in alot of trouble. I think I spent about 3 days reorganizing it all. Now set to do my blog room closet as we're installing shelving. I have serious problems really. Lol!

    @Anne- Lol, I am telling you this war just about did me in. All that lost money on groceries then more on jars. But the payoff is huge. It looks fantastic and no more bugs. Any time you need a pro organizer you let me know. I swear I should be doing it for a living. I was just hitting hubs up with another idea for spices, a sort of pie safe type of thing for the one wall instead. We're negotiating now. Lol!

    @Foodness Gracious- Thanks so much. I have serious problems being over-zealous. But I really like the way it turned out so not so bad after all.

    @Jen- I've heard that too. They sure love the stuff. I have talked to some friends who really do believe putting it in the freezer or fridge makes all the difference. Kills the eggs that get through the milling process.

    @kelli- So far so good. They have a rubber seal inside so they work great. I have no clue if it will work long term though. I think after much research the idea is to freeze it after buying it to ensure it kills the eggs that get through at the mill. Our house was built in the 70's and has some horrible windows bugs seem to love. So if they work here they should in theory work for you as well. I think you can also buy extra rubber seals to really make them stick. I'd try this and also stick your flour in the fridge or freezer for a couple of hours after bringing it home. Apparently tons of stores don't help the situation by leaving old flour around too long. And warehouses can be damp or humid which doesn't help either. Hope that helps. If you want any more advice or feedback hit me here or feel free to email. Always happy to pass on anything I learn.

  17. says

    Oh how horrible!!!!I'm cringing and laughing at the same time! I live in Calgary, Canada and we are piled under snow right now and will be until March, plus it's crazy dry here…a blessing in disguise maybe? I've never seen a weevil..knock on wood. By the way, I hope you are feeling better :)

  18. Lizzy says

    Ugh, this happened to use when we were newly married. Thank goodness, I only had a small kitchen at the time…but it sure gave me the heebie jeebies! I don't think I had quite the sense of humor about it as you did :)

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