Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

Hello my lovely readers.


Yah, you bet you are.

So am I.

Been a bit since my last post, so I just have to say

“Long time…no post!”

Bah ha ha, had to do it.

Life has been hectic here.

I’ve been a busy gal.

I did a little of this:

Having fun with the Ben & Jerry’s crew!

Then I spent a little time watching these guys:

Front row for Emerson Drive!

Then I got to see this dude:

Front row for Brantley Gilbert!

Then just to make sure I was fully living in the moment I got to see the Big Dog Daddy:

Front row for Toby Keith!

Yup, I’ve been a busy gal alright! You’ll get to read more about my trip to Bayfest to visit Ben & Jerry’s soon. I took oodles of pics of the show we got to see courtesy of them as well. So stay tuned this week for more about that.

But for now I have a recipe for you that I adore. This is part of Sunday Supper’s Beat the Heat event. Sunday Supper is a movement run by Isabel Foodie of Family Foodie. She is trying to get people back to the table to eat together as a family. This is an idea I fully support so I decided to join the group even though I already do Ice Cream Sundays. But I figure what the heck, you only live once. May as well have fun doing it and go all in. This week we were challenged to make something to “beat the heat”. With summer knocking us all on our butts and zapping our energy this was just what we needed right now. This week’s event was hosted by Jen of Juanita’s Cocina. If you don’t know Jen you are missing out. She is such a lovely lady, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her. If you are a blogger you should consider joining the group. If you’re not a blogger you can still join in the fun. You could post pics on facebook or tweet your pics so we can see. It’s a wonderful movement and I hope you all get in touch with Isabel to join us.

When they announced the topic for this week’s event I knew immediately what I wanted to make. I had seen Shirley Temples on Coupon Clipping Cook awhile back and had bookmarked them to make. I haven’t made Shirley Temples in eons. So I used her recipe as my guide to refresh my memory on how to make them. I forgot how much I loved them as a kid. I used to always order them in a restaurant. This was so much fun to make. I had the added pleasure of getting some help from my nephew, who we will nickname Dally-man. Dally-man is a great guy, one of those genuine kids who takes an interest in things others do. We wanted to make lasagna together but it was too darn hot. So we bbq’d and made Shirley Temples instead. He’ll come by on a cool day so I can teach him how I make my lasagna. For now we decided to beat the heat and make our version of Shirley Temples. I sure hope you all try making them yourselves. Full credit for the recipe goes to the lovely and talented  Nancy from Coupon Clipping Book. You should stop by her site, she has way better pics of them than I do. Plus step by step which is always cool to see when learning how to make something you’ve never made before. Enjoy! And thanks to Nancy for reminded me how much I love these adorable little drinks.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

Yield: One 8 ounce glass

Serving Size: 1 glass

Shirley Temple

A wonderful recipe for Shirley Temple Drinks. Easy and quick plus super refreshing!


  • 10 maraschino cherries, divided
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges, divided
  • Ice cubes, to taste, I filled ¾ of the glass with them
  • Lemon Lime Soda, fill almost to the top, leaving some space
  • 2 teaspoons of maraschino cherry juice
  • 3 teaspoons grenadine syrup


  • In your glass or jar, place in about 6 cherries.
  • Now fill about ¾ of the way with ice cubes.
  • Slip lime wedges into the spaces between the ice.
  • Add about 3 more cherries where there is room.
  • Add your lemon lime juice till you have a little gap at the top.
  • Add your maraschino cherry juice.
  • Add your grenadine.
  • Stir.
  • Add more ice if needed.
  • Add more soda if needed.
  • Garnish with cherries and lime.
  • Serve with a big old good ship lollipop smile!


Recipe Source: Coupon Clipping Cook

Have your glasses or jars ready. Ingredients list needs to be multiplied by however many you are serving. It is listed for 1 glass. I made 6 so I bought a full 2 L bottle of pop and a full bottle of grenadine, plus a jar of cherries.

Shirley Temple

Cute drink right! We had them with dinner. Me and Dally-man made tenderloin steaks, baked potatoes, roasted garlic, grilled peppers, grilled corn and baguettes. Was a great last dinner together before my brother flies back home. He’s leaving tomorrow. I feel bad I was so busy for this visit. Usually I am free as a bird when people visit. Now that I’m working it’s harder to always work it out. My bro was great about me having to go up to Sarnia for the meeting though. He’s super supportive of my dreams which I really appreciate. Having family that supports you and is genuinely interested in what you do is so nice. Makes it all seem worth some of the weird sacrifices us food bloggers make. So thanks old dude bro, I appreciate you not making me feel bad for being busy this time around. It means a lot to your little sis. I’d serve you a Shirley Temple but you don’t like them.

Shirley Temple

The rest of us enjoyed having your share. I may not sleep tonight cuz I’m all hopped up on cherry juice. But it’s totally worth it. Gives me more time to play with the new toy I got this week.

Shirley Temple

I finally took it out of the box. I finally charged it. I finally turned it on. I finally took some photos with it. But I still haven’t read the manual. Meh, what can you do. I’ll get to it. In the mean time look what I’ve managed to shoot while winging it:

Castiel- this is mini-me’s kitty!

Also Castiel!

Malia! Otherwise known as Demon Spawn of Satan!

I know, you’re thinking but she’s SO cute and sweet looking right!

Yah, not so much. Told you! Demon Spawn of Satan all the way! She’s pulling Spark by the ear. This is the sick cat. Apparently she believes in picking off the weak ones first!

Okay so this is where the camera had to be put down so I could split up the puppypocalypse. She is a holy terror I kid you not. She sucks you in with those eyes then pounces on you like you’re her last dinner. Puppy boot camp is imminent. This dog needs training stat!

Okay so tune in for the next post which also revolves around my love of Shirley Temple. I grew up watching her movies and love her more than life itself. She was such a joy to watch on screen. I always loved The Little Princess. I watched the remake of it, then the original with mini-me tons when she was little. We used to rent all of Shirley’s movies and watch them. Mini-me has a great appreciation for old classic movies. I’ve taught her well. Curly Top and Poor Little Rich Girl were two of my faves as a kid. I just feel like a kid again when drinking a Shirley Temple or watching a Shirley Temple film. The good old days. When life was simple. And people sat around the table for dinner. I miss those days. I hope you do too and make an effort to try to bring your own family around the supper table more often.

For other wonderful “Beat the Heat” recipe ideas please visit the other #SundaySupper participants. This is such a great group of bloggers so I hope you take the time to visit some of them and get to know them.

See you soon with more Shirley Temple thoughts and also a post about my trip to meet up with Ben & Jerry’s soon. Till then stay cool and visit my pals.

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  1. 1

    We went to Ben and Jerry’s factory last summer..isn’t it col there? I love this recipe for Shirley Temple’s. It takes me back to my childhood but yours look a lot better then the ones I used to get at weddings as a treat!

    • 2
      Kim Bee says:

      I’ve never been to the factory but that would be cool to do sometime. I toured the truck at a concert. Was pretty neat. The crew is fantastic. Such a great bunch of people.

      Thanks. I love this drink. It’s just cute and fun.

  2. 3
    The Mom Chef says:

    I’ve. Missed seeing you around but am glad that you’ve been busy with the kind of busy you’ve been. :) I’ve also never had a Shirley Temple, if you can believe that. French family. I was drinking wine instead at a tender age.

    • 4
      Kim Bee says:

      Thanks so much my friend. I’ve had so much fun lately. Busy like crazy but it’s good busy.

      You must try them. So good. We did the wine thing on special occasions. My tummy has always rebelled against alcohol though. So I am always looking for virgin drinks to satisfy me.

  3. 5

    Poor kitty but that’s an adorable dog. :)

    I love a good Shirley Temple but I rarely make them. I’ve been on this water kick for so long I don’t think about making drinks. I must because this looks good.

    Happy that you are having such a good time!

    • 6
      Kim Bee says:

      Poor Spark, usually he’s the one terrorizing but since he got sick the puppy is taking full advantage. It’s awful.

      They sure are tasty. Hadn’t had one in eons. I need to drink more water. It’s not a natural thing for me. I need to work harder at that.

      Had a blast visiting with my brother. Also had a blast visiting B&J and seeing the concert. It’s been a roller coaster of a week.

  4. 7

    This brings back such childhood memories for me! Thank you for participating in this week’s #sundaysupper!

    • 8
      Kim Bee says:

      It was my pleasure Jen. Thanks so much for hosting. You did a wonderful job. You should be really proud of yourself.

  5. 9

    I never made ST´s but they sound like so much fun, with those vibrant colors! And I have a bottle of grenadine in my pantry…have no idea why

    • 10
      Kim Bee says:

      Thanks so much. See, it’s like kismet. That grenadine was just waiting for you to crack it open.

  6. 11

    I’m saving this recipe to make for my niece and nephews. Perfect for kids (and big kids too).

    • 12
      Kim Bee says:

      I am so happy to hear that. It’s so good Renee, you will love it. They will too. I had my niece and nephew here and they both loved the drink. It’s just so tasty and I love that it’s pretty to boot.

  7. 13

    I am so glad to see you posting…and love that you’ve shared your pets with us…LOL. Despite her darling face, it sure looks like Malia is trouble ;) Congrats on the new camera, too.

    I’ve never seen a more vibrant and beautiful Shirley Temple…perfect to beat the heat. So fun to have you on board for #SundaySuppers!!!! xx

    • 14
      Kim Bee says:

      Thanks Liz. It’s been a wild week….month…year. Lol. My pets are nuts. It’s never dull around here.

      Thanks. Been a long time coming. I’ve been saving gift certificates for months, and months, and months.

      Thanks so much. It was so fun to make and drink. I am loving #SundaySupper. I was so nervous to join but am now so glad I did.

  8. 15

    That looks like the perfect drink to settle in with on this very hot afternoon! Love your pictures!

  9. 17

    What a fun post and a thirst-quenching drink. Perfect for this hot day & our #SundaySupper!

  10. 19

    How refreshing! This is much needed today!

  11. 21

    I love Shirley Temples… brings back memories of eating at Swiss Chalet as a kid :-D

  12. 23

    I cannot wait to hear more about the concert and Ben and Jerry’s. I loved Shirley Temple’s when I was little. The rule was only one per night because I could knock them back like the best of them. Love the lime, so pretty!

    • 24
      Kim Bee says:

      It was so much fun. I had a blast. Was much needed after the year we’ve had. Was nice for me and mini-me to let our hair down.

      Lol, I had the same rule.

  13. 25

    There will always be a soft spot in my heart for a Shirley Temple!!!

  14. 27

    My stepkids loved Shirley Temples before they were of legal drinking age. Now they have introduced ST goodness to my nephews as well. The circle continues.

  15. 29

    Great idea for my grandkids!

  16. 31

    Gotta love a classic Shirley Temple. I used to make them for my cousins all the time.

  17. 33

    I think I must be a lunatic too – I just posted about homemade grenadine and I mentioned the Shirley Temple! Great minds and all of that! Very good recipe – your version sounds excellent. Really fun post – thank you.

    • 34
      Kim Bee says:

      I still cannot believe our timing posting these things at the same time. I gotta try making these again with your homemade grenadine. I had no idea I could make my own. If we ever meet in person we’ll have to have a ST party with homemade grenadine.

      Thanks. I had a blast shooting with my new toy.

  18. 35

    I haven’t had a Shirley Temple in ages. Bookmarked! I’m going to make this and feel like a kid again. Yum!

  19. 37

    You have been having fun, fun, fun!! Love the Shirley Temple Drink and I love the photos of your cat and dog…. soooo cute!! We finally got our own puppy two months ago. He’s a little terror too. :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend. ! Ramona

    • 38
      Kim Bee says:

      I really have. Too much fun cuz now I’m tired, tired, tired. The joys of getting old. Thanks so much. Did you get a westie? They are pure evil.

  20. 39

    I am so jealous of your Ben & Jerry adventure! I haven’t had a Shirley Temple since I was a kid and now I am craving one.

    • 40
      Kim Bee says:

      It was so fun. I wish I could have gone to see them every day they were there. But my brother was visiting so I had to limit it to once. It was so much fun.

      You gotta make your own Dara. You will love it.

  21. 41

    What beautiful pets – so fluffy and cute! I haven’t heard of a Shirley Temple for years. I came over all nostalgic.

    • 42
      Kim Bee says:

      Thank you. There’s actually 3 kitties but the other one was being difficult to shoot.

      They are all the rage here. You get them in restaurants as a fun drink for kids. They look like a cocktail but are kid friendly. They taste amazing.

  22. 43

    Love the lime green text… my favourite colour this month! Did you make up this recipe? It is nothing like the Shirley Temples i had when I was a kid. There was a spash of grenadine in the bottom of the glass, filled with ginger ale, a squirt of lime and one maraschino cherry on top. 10 cherries? You sure know how to pour a lotta love into a glass for your brother’s farewell dinner!
    It is finally raining today. 7 days of over 30 weather has had me beat!

    • 44
      Kim Bee says:

      Thanks. I was hesitant to use it but then decided it was just fun.

      Oh no, this is from a fellow blogger. I may have gotten carried away with the cherries. But so good. Lol. I tend to be a bit over the top. You should have seen all the food on the table for dinner. I even cut up a whole beef tenderloin to grill.

      You are in Alberta right? It’s scorching here in Ontario as well. We need some rain to break it up. We’re actually driving out to Calgary next month. My son is going to school out there. So we decided we’d drive him out so he can bring all his books. Should be a fun trip.

  23. 45

    I made this recipe for my family today and it was a huge hit. I’ve never made Shirley Temple’s with limes and lemon-lime soda – only ginger ale. These were bright, colorful, and loads of fun to drink. We all enjoyed picking out the bits of lime and cherry from the bottom of our glasses. Thanks for this variation on an old theme.

    • 46
      Kim Bee says:

      That is so cool. It is such a great drink. I am so happy you loved them. I am not a fan of ginger ale so this recipe was ideal for me. I am with you on the cherries and lime in it. I was stealing cherries from random glasses. Love cherries. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you made this and loved it. xx

      • 47

        Your blog is colorful and full of fun and great recipe ideas. As a writer and avid cook, I find myself pinning your photos and people gobbling them up. Keep up the fantastic work, Kim!

        • 48
          Kim Bee says:

          Mel you are so sweet. I tried to comment on your site but I think I need to log on or something. Your writing style is fantastic. I really enjoyed reading the most recent post. My son is an eng lit/creative writing student, just ready to go off to do his phd. I tend to write from a mainstream perspective but love reading blogs like yours. I can appreciate the work it takes to write well. You site is wonderful and I’m glad we found each other.

          • 49

            Thank you so much! I’m glad we found each other as well. If you go back and read my very first post, “Joy”, you will discover why I love “Cravings of a Lunatic” so much! Feel free to register at MIP. We’re always looking for new followers! You have made my day! Best of luck to your son. I have one daughter that just got her BA and another about to enter college. Kids are amazing these days. Can’t wait to make your Pink Popcorn!

  24. 50

    Summer is a vacation time indeed, glad you had a good time! :)

    • 51
      Kim Bee says:

      We had a total blast. I forgot how much fun concerts were. Our first together so this was great.

  25. 52

    I’ve never had a Shirley Temple, but I sure do have a craving for one now. Your’s looks divine.

  26. 54

    Shirley Temples were my drink of choice as a child. Whenever I went to a restaurant, my folks would order me one. How much fun to see it here and have all of those memories return.

    Looking forward to your Ben & Jerry report. Looks like you had a blast!

  27. 56

    Wow, I just love the lovely color of this drink!Beautiful and absolutely perfect to serve in this season :)Cannot wait to try!!!

  28. 58

    Looks like you had great time! Great post sweetie and amazing pics!
    Very refreshing drink…I am giving 5 starts :)

  29. 60

    Wow, you really have been a busy girl. Looks like fun though! What kind of camera did you get???? I’m not much for reading manuals either. I tend to just jump in and Google for stuff when I get stuck.

    I have the fondest memories of Shirley Temples. On special occasions, my sis and I would get to order one when we went out to eat and it always made us feel so grown up.

    • 61
      Kim Bee says:

      I certainly have. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind.

      I got the t3i. Going to try to play with it tonight. It’s a cool camera.

      Me too. We would go to a restaurant called Swiss Chalet and I would always order one.

  30. 62

    Shirley Temples remind me of being a kid…and all of my kids adore them, too. I could use an ice cold glass right now!

  31. 64

    I rememeber always ordering Shirley Temple’s when we would dine out as a kid, I have never thought of making them at home. Too cute!

  32. 66

    Aww, I love shirley temples! Great recipe! :)

  33. 68

    Yummy! I pinned this.

  34. 70

    I love Shirley Temples!

    And the photos look great! The best way to learn is to just practice, practice, and practice some more!

    • 71
      Kim Bee says:

      Me too.

      I am finding it so hard to find time to play with the camera right now. I look forward to September when I have some free time again.

  35. 72

    So what was the verdict? What kind of camera did you end up with?

    • 73
      Kim Bee says:

      Hey Jen. I got a t3i. So happy with it. I got the 18-55 lens with it, the nifty fifty as well, and the 60 macro. I am so pleased, but am having such a hard time finding time to play around with it. How are you my friend? I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. We should catch up.

  36. 74

    OMG, I totally saw Toby Keith in concert years ago–I remember he gave a good show. And yes, a Shirley Temple was my drink of choice in restaurants as a kid.

    • 75
      Kim Bee says:

      The guys is a total rock star in a country star body. Loved him. He puts on a heck of a show.

      I think so many of us have fond memories of Shirley Temples. It’s so iconic.

  37. 76

    I’ve never actually had a Shirley Temple drink and I had no idea it was such a sugar rush. I have a toothache just thinking about it. :) Demon Spawn of Satan is certainly growing up fast. She’s such a cutie…well, except for that satanic, demonic thing… :)

    • 77
      Kim Bee says:

      Lol, I figure if the adults can have alcohol me and the kids can have sugar. I am always so jealous of how pretty grown up drinks are. Yet I can never have them. This is my way of being a grown up without actually being one. Lol.

      She is an interesting demon to say the least.

  38. 78

    I love Shirley temples. They were all I used to drink when I was a kid, I thought they were the best thing in the world!

  39. 80

    Busy, busy, busy!! But these – Iove shirly temples! Now I’m craving one, and it would be perfect for this hot day.

    • 81
      Kim Bee says:

      Always. But my motto is I’d rather be busy than bored. Thank goodness for that or I’d be curled up in a little ball. You must make these, so good. Brings back such great memories.

  40. 82

    What a great version of a my favorite childhood drink! I love your version, and I may need to make one now…..I have a slight addiction to maraschino cherries! Hugs, Terra

  41. 84

    As a kid, I remember a Shirley Temple being just a cherry 7-Up so I’m glad you’ve given it a much needed makeover here…

    • 85
      Kim Bee says:

      Lol, that is pretty much how I remember them. Funny I am not a fan of clear pop but I always loved Shirley Temples.

  42. 86

    Just saw this was drink of the day on foodista! Congrats girl

    • 87
      Kim Bee says:

      I was so stunned when I saw that on twitter. I was at a conference. Took me by surprise. Such a nice honour.

  43. 88

    You got a new camera? What did you end up getting? Do you like it? Your shirley temple shot looks so delicious! I’ve had this drink a couple of times – it’s a pretty drink. It seems like you had an awesome time at the concert too!

    • 89
      Kim Bee says:

      I did. I got the t3i with a 18-55 lens, also a nifty fifty lens and a 60 macro. Love it so much. Just wish I had more time to play around with it.

      Shirley Temples are a totally adorable drink. It’s so girlie.

      Had a blast at the concert. So much fun.

  44. 90

    ahhhhhhhh front row for brantley gilbert!!! jealous! Had one of these a few weeks ago with my niece and we both love them! Thanks for the fun recipe!


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