Chocolate Moose Cookies | Happy Birthday Chocolate Moosey!

Chocolate Cookies


Happy Birthday Carla!


Chocolate Moosey!

I was trying to find the perfect time to make these for you. I’ve had them on the brain since Christmas.

Hope you love them!

And you have the best birthday ever!

You totally deserve it!

I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful bloggy friend in you. You rock!

Okay readers, today we are celebrating Carla’s Birthday with a surprise bloggy party for her. Jen of Juanita’s Cocina thought it would be fun to put together a group of Carla’s buddies and surprise Carla on her special day. I had been really chomping at the bit to make these cookies I found in a Martha Stewart Magazine. I mean they’re Moose Cookies for pete’s sake. Chocolate Moose Cookies to boot. So they were perfect for Carla as her blog name is Chocolate Moosey. Talk about kismet. Until they flopped.

Dang that Martha Stewart!

I’m not even sharing the recipe.

So take that Martha.

Okay it’s likely not Martha’s fault.

Or is it….

Moving on.

Carla is such a sweet gal. I’ve come to know her through blogging and she’s just so real and honest. I love that about her. She embraces who she is and doesn’t try to be anything but Carla, and that is just one of the many things I adore about her. She has a great sense of humour and fun, which I also dig about her. Add to that she’s a talented cook and amazing photographer. I’m lucky to count her among my friends and am ever grateful we found each other.

Please make sure you take a minute to leave a comment to say Happy Birthday to Carla. I’ll just let you know I am literally hurtling toward Florida in our car right now so it may take till late evening for me to approve comments. Birthday wishes are always so much fun. You can also head over to Carla’s blog and say Happy Birthday to her there.



Okay here’s the lowdown. This is the second time I’ve tried to make these moose cookies by Martha and this is the second time they have flopped. I tried everything I could think of today to firm them up and not have them turn into blobs in the oven. Carla I love you and I tried.

This is the cookies prior to the oven:

Moose Blobs

Super cute right…everything looking good.

Then I put them in the oven and….well… yah….

Moose Blobs

Seriously man. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

So wrong!

This is the moose blobs after cooking:

Moose Blobs

Luckily I had enough sense to just make some by rolling them in a ball and plopping them on the cookie sheets. They tasted great so there’s that I suppose.

Chocolate Cookies

Don’t forget to visit all the other Chocolate Moosey friends who participated in today’s Surprise Birthday Party for Carla. You will love them all.

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. says

    Omg, best story I’ve read. Love it. I’m so sorry you had so many problems getting your moose cookies to come out. If it makes you feel any better, while staring at the moose cupcakes we made this morning, we realized we forgot his ears. LOL Good grief.
    Anyway, I kinda think the blobs look like teddy bears, so just call them “Chocolate Moosey Hug Cookies” :)

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Ha thank for that Nicole. Makes me feel so much better. I had so much fun doing this but man I just can’t get these cookies right.

  2. says

    Oh my goodness Kim and you even tried twice. At least that shows the length you will go to for celebrating a special person’s birthday.

  3. says

    Kim, these cookies are just another reason we love you! And how they taste is really all that matters, who cares about silly old Martha, she can’t even find a date without a computer these days, hehe.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Awe thanks so much Joan. I had so much fun trying to do this. I’ll have to attempt them again. With a different recipe.

  4. says

    You know, some recipes by big name authors just don’t work. I’m a little surprised by Martha Stewart because I was under the impression that she actually had someone testing her recipes, but I’ve been burned by more than one cookbook author that everyone knows who published recipes that are just wrong. Anyway, fun post. And given your digestive issues, better to be in a car hurtling towards Florida than hurling. (I actually misread it at first!). Happy Birthday to Carla!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      It’s odd some just don’t work. It amazes me they get by the testers. So weird.

      And lol, That cracked me up. Although it turns out there was some hurling on the trip, just not me. Ha.

  5. says

    What a sweet post! Happy Birthday Carla! I’ve seen her in facebook group, but haven’t had a chance to visit her blog, so this is a great chance. I’m going to check out her site after this. :) Thanks for introducing her to us, Kim!

  6. says

    Lmao, Kim, that’s hilarious! I haven’t laughed that hard all week until I saw the picture of your poor moose cookie in the oven. Thank you for brightening up my morning. I think Carla would appreciate the humour in that to no end. I totally blame Martha and her recipe. I hope you’re having a fabulous trip so far!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      You’re welcome. I can burn something tomorrow if it perks up your day a bit. Anything for a giggle. Ha.

      Had a great trip. So much fun.

  7. says

    this is such a sweet thing to do, Kim and I know Carla loves it! And personally, I think the blobby chocolate moose cookies are awesome!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Thanks Carolyn. I had so much fun playing around with this. I just need to perfect non melty cookies.

  8. says

    Kim, you make me smile all the time… truth be told, you make me spit my wine all over my screen because you kill me! Those are the cutest moose blobs I have ever scene!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Awe thanks Isabel. I’ve been known to make people spit out drinks before. I usually try to stand out of the way if it’s in person. Thanks for visiting. xx

  9. says

    I blame Martha!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ and that fat blob moose cookie is me after the food I ate on vacation ๐Ÿ˜‰ thank you so much for making me these cookies! I can’t wait to meet you in July! And have fun in Orlando.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Me too.

      I am so bummed I had to cancel my plans. I sure hope we get to meet up somewhere else.

      So glad you had a great birthday.

  10. says

    HA, I am seriously laughing right now. There are indeed no words for what happened in the oven. Dang that Martha. Good attempt, because these are clearly the perfect potential cookies for the occasion.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      I froze the bejesus out of them. Maybe too much. I have no idea where I went wrong. Such a bummer.

      I may try them again with sugar dough.

  11. says

    I bet they still tasted good, right? If it makes you feel better, my first cake for Carla deflated. Look at what we do for this girl. Carla are you listening? :-)

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Hey Lisa, there isn’t one. The cookies failed so I’m reworking Martha’s recipe. But I still wanted to share the post since it was for Carla’s b-day.

  12. says

    Happy Birthday Carla! I love your moosey blobs from the oven. I know I have know idea what happens to things in the oven. However your cookies look divine and my teenager who is looking over my shoulder is insisting I make these this weekend. so it has the teenager approval. Take Care, BAM

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Thanks so much. I laughed when I peeked in and saw them doing weird things. Tell your teenybopper thank you.

  13. says

    Gah! That shot of the moose in the oven!

    To be honest – and I say this as one of Martha’s biggest fans – I use her recipes for inspiration only. For ideas on packaging, presentation, or flavours. But I’ve been burned so many times by the actual recipes, that I rarely use them now. I blame her minions – I’m sure they’re the ones screwing up…

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      I know right. It’s like food porn on a whole other level.

      I blame her minions too. I would like to meet the one who approved this recipe. Arg.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Thanks so much Annamaria. I had a blast doing this. I will perfect these bad boys at some point.

  14. Candice says

    It’s a shame the cookies didn’t turn out, but it’s the thought that counts! They still looked delicious when you rolled them out as balls.

  15. says

    You know if the cookies had turned out perfectly, this post wouldn’t have been as cute as it is! Haha, I love this. So nice of you to celebrate! I love chocolate moosey!

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