Italian Cherry Cream Sodas: Guest Post for Hungry Couple

These Italian Cherry Cream Sodas are perfect for entertaining. It’s alcohol free so it’s a nice beverage to have on hand for the non drinking crew at any party. The taste is sheer perfection!

Italian Cherry Cream Sodas | Cravings of a Lunatic | #drink #beverage #cherry

This sweet drink will put a smile on your face. It’s the perfect sipper for a lazy day relaxing by the pool. If you have a pool. If you don’t you can just daydream about having a pool while you sip this sweet cherry drink. My pool daydream includes a pool boy named Timothy Olyphant but that’s just between you and me m’kay.

I saw these Homemade Italian Cream Sodas on pinterest and just had to try them. I followed the link over to the website Butter with a Side of Bread and was pleased to learn these drinks are alcohol free. Perfect for a gal like me who cannot drink any alcohol.

Mine did not get the cute pattern on the glasses like the original. I tried twice to no avail. Maybe it was so my choice in pop, not sure. They were cute but they didn’t drip down the side as I’d hoped they would. I’m determined to try again. That’s purely for photography reasons as you swirl them up before you drink them anyway. You mix half and half in these and you stir it in before serving. So the dripping down the side appeal is completely a foodie thing. Us foodies and our endless quests for the perfect photo right.

Italian Cherry Cream Sodas | Cravings of a Lunatic | #drink #beverage #cherry

Speaking of perfect photos have you all seen the new Yumgoggle yet? It’s a great food porn site my friend Anita owns. It’s been revamped and is a lovely place to spend hours staring at food. You should totally check it out.

Anita is a dear foodie friend of mine. She blogs at Hungry Couple. She emailed me awhile back to ask if I’d like to guest post for her while she flitted off on vacation. After I was done being jealous and giving her a hard time, I happily agreed to guest post for her. She had guest posted for me last year while I drove my son out west for school. She and her pup, Hadley made the cutest dog biscuits for my pup, Malia. It is by far one of my favourite guest posts any one has done for me. It was completely personal and adorable. Anita went above and beyond. She is gem, and I love her for it.

I also had the pleasure of interviewing her for my Burning Down The Kitchen series. I got to drill her about her life and I made over one of her recipes. I turned one of her cocktails into a Virgin Cherry Daiquiri. It was so much fun. Any time I get to spend time with Anita is always a riot. She has such a great sense of humour, which you all know I dig in a big way.

Anita is known for her amazing recipes, as well as her cocktails. I am in awe of the drinks she makes. So when she asked me to guest post I knew I had to make a drink. The downside is I’m not allowed to have alcohol because I have I.B.S. and for me it’s a huge trigger. So I had to come up with a non alcoholic drink for this adventure. This was the perfect choice. It’s sweet so it makes my wicked sweet tooth happy. It’s creamy yet fizzy which is just good fun. And it’s tastes out of this world. You definitely need to make these.

I invite you all to head over to Hungry Couple to get the recipe for these little cutie-patootie drinks. Whip up a batch today! You will thank me! While you’re visiting Anita make sure you tool around a bit. Follow her on social media so you can keep up with her amazing recipes.

I’ll be sharing a second post today. We kick off #IceCreamWeek today. So there may be a couple of days this week where I double post. It’ll be worth it though. Wait till you see all the amazing things we have in store for you. It’s an ice cream extravaganza!

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Italian Cherry Cream Sodas | Cravings of a Lunatic | #drink #beverage #cherry

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Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. says

    These look terrific! Even though I do drink, loads of people don’t, so I’m always looking for tasty stuff for them. I”m on my way to check out your guest post! BTW, what sort of traffic are you getting from YumGoogle? I’ve never submitted to them, although lately I’ve been seeing various bloggers talk about that site a bit. Great pictures, BTW.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      So true John. I have the opposite problem, I can’t mix a drink to save my life. So you and Anita are my go to’s for help.

      Good traffic when I remember to submit. But honestly I stink at remembering to submit. I go in fits and starts. Once mini-me goes back to school I hope to get more organized.

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