Rigatoni with Golden & Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Bella Mushrooms: Guest Post by Sandra’s Easy Cooking

Rigatoni with Golden Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Bella Mushrooms by Sandra's Easy Cooking

Hi folks. I have a very special treat for you today. The lovely and talented Sandra from Sandra’s Easy Cooking is guest posting today. If you have not read her blog I highly recommend you head over and do so. She is an amazing cook, recently she has taken on a more healthful approach to cooking. Sandra takes the most phenomenal photos, they are always so bright and gorgeous. Every single recipe makes me drool. Even the seafood recipes and I don’t even like seafood. You know she’s doing something right when she can get this gal craving some shellfish. There is a section on her blog called Kid’s Corner that has a few kid friendly recipes that are out of this world. She has made a lovely recipe to share with us today and I am ever grateful to her for agreeing to guest today.

Hello Everybody,

I am Sandra, author of Sandra‘s Easy Cooking food blog where you can find pretty easy and simple recipes. I started this blogging adventure in middle of 2010 and just fell in love not only with blogging itself but with kindness of people that are very supportive around our food web.
I see Kim as a kind, supportive, and funny person. Power of her posts would lift anybodies spirit and you leave her blog with huge smile on your face..am I right or what???

I really adore and respect her as a blogger and a friend! As soon as I see that cannoli in a foodbuzz inbox I have to check it out!:)) Now let me share a recipe with mushrooms..yes, Kim don’t like Mushrooms so here is one recipe that contain that exact ingredient..

Rigatoni with Golden & Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Bella Mushrooms:

Serves 4

  • 1 Box Rigatoni
  • 1 tbs Salt
  • 2 Tbs. Pure Olive Oil
  • 4 Scallions, chopped
  • 20 Golden Tomatoes, cut in half
  • 10 Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half
  • 1/2 pk Baby Bella Mushrooms, sliced
  • Salt (about 1/2 tsp.) and Pepper(about 1/2 tbs.) or to taste 
  1. Boil the water with a salt, place the rigatoni in and cook until tender.
  2. In a larger sauce pan pour oil and chopped scallions(green onions).
  3. Saute the onions for minute or two and add mushrooms in a hot pan.
  4. Turn few times mushrooms and let them cook through.
  5. Add both kind of sliced in half tomatoes, and stir.
  6. Let it cook for only few minutes.
  7. Once the pasta is done, drain and mix in with a tomatoes and mushrooms. 
Serve hot and preferably immediately!

Thank you Kim so very much for inviting me today, I enjoyed making this dish just for you at 9 am!

Wishing you all great day! 


Okay so maybe I need to rethink my stance on mushrooms! This looks so good. I love how colorful and inviting Sandra’s food is. She nails it every single time. I am so lucky to have met this beautiful soul through foodbuzz. She is always kind and warm, always a cheerful word for you. I consider her a friend and know one day we will meet in person and never stop gabbing. She is just the kind of gal you feel you’ve known forever. A true friend and an amazing cook.

While you are stopping by her blog, Sandra’s Easy Cooking make sure you check out her right sidebar. Sandra has her own cookbook for sale. Also make sure you follow her on TWITTER, and FACEBOOK. You will want to hug me for introducing you to her. Just remember, Lunie doesn’t do hugs. Germs remember. Ick! Thank me from a safe distance.

Toodles and smoochies. xx

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  1. Jill Colonna says

    Kim doesn't like mushrooms? Quoi? Well I'm sure she'll be bowled over by these ones. Bella-bella – and love the photos as ever, Sandra.

  2. Kristen says

    Sandra, such a beautiful dish! I am a humungous mushroom fan (sorry, Kim) so I could just eat the tomato/ mushroom mixture by itself!

  3. Tina says

    Nice to find two amazing bloggers in one place!
    This recipe makes me think of my frugal husband. When it comes to food, I do not price shop like he does. He loves cherry tomatoes but says they are too expensive. The fix for that is to buy them when he is not around! Your pasta dish does have some goodies in it-yum! Lightly seasoned is the only way to let the true freshness of those veggies take center stage. Great guest post!

  4. Sandra says

    So Kim does this mean we'll see a mushroom in a jar recipe? Just kidding!!! Thanks for inviting Sandra, she's very special.

  5. Lizzy says

    Oh, what fun to find Sandra here today! And with a lovely, shroom filled pasta…yum, yum. I always eat my hubby's share, and I'll eat yours, too, Kim :)

  6. Marina says

    Germs? What germs, Kim? Aren't we sterilized already?! :) This recipe (and post too) is great. I can see how I can mask more vegetables for my kids to eat in this dish. Thanks, Sandra. Heading over to your blog…

  7. Becky says

    I always love Sandra's straight forward and gorgeous recipes, and this one is no exception. So quick, easy and beautiful. Great guest post.

    Kim, Thank you for having one of my favorite bloggers here.

  8. Maggie says

    I love the blogging community! This post is just oozing with good feelings (and of course good food). Two great bloggers in one place is a wonderful thing. Thanks ladies for a fun read and a great recipe.

  9. Lacy @ NYCityEats says

    Mmm this sounds like something that I could whip up afer work! Looks delicious, love the mushrooms! Definitely adds a little something extra. Yum!

  10. The Mom Chef says

    You definitely need to rethink your stance on mushrooms! Wow, that dish looks gorgeous. Sandra, thanks for choosing that one, which is definitely drool-worthy. Lunatic, thanks for introducing me to a new blogger.

  11. Anita at Hungry Couple says

    No hugs, Kim? Not even from hubs? :) I'm with you on the shrooms…yuck. Fortunately Brian loves them so he just eats any that accidentally got on my plate.

  12. Kim Bee says

    I swear I am like a 5 year old with food. So many things I do not like. I am getting better. *stifles a laugh* I love the look of mushrooms. So that's a start.

  13. Kim Bee says

    Lol it's okay. My dad was a huge mushrooms fan. He used to chop them up really fine and I'd sit for hours picking them out of my lasagna just to spite him. Lol!

  14. Kim Bee says

    Thanks Tina. I hate shopping with hubs. I took him to Walmart once and he went ballistic cuz I wanted to buy everyone those battery toothbrushes. They were on sale for $7 a piece. He was so floored I wanted to drop that on toothbrushes. I was like "but they're half price so it's a bargain". I got creative and picked them up for stocking stuffers. Lol!

  15. Kim Bee says

    Lol, I'll hand you the shrooms and the tomatoes. But that means if there's cupcakes for dessert I get half of yours. *smiles innocently*

  16. Kim Bee says

    You are welcome. I love the accessibility of her recipes too. Food does not always need to require 25 steps and two days of prep.

  17. Kim Bee says

    I tend to get sappy with my guests. Cannot help myself. If and when I get to meet people in person it's going to be embarrassing how wired I will be.

  18. Kim Bee says

    I know right. I think they are so pretty and love looking at them. But put one on my plate and I'm like a little kid. It's weird too cuz we have a mushroom factory near us. Most of my friends worked summers there. I was like um, no. I adore Sandra and am so glad she gave everyone a recipe with something I don't usually use. Great for all you shroom fans.

  19. Kim Bee says

    Boys….ew gross as "13 going on 30" movies says. Lol. Hubs does that with my tomatoes. He loves them. But I have to hand them over cuz if someone touches my plate they are getting a fork in their hand. Kim doesn't do germs or sharing food. I love that friends episode where "Joey doesn't share food". So funny.

  20. Dorothy's Kitchen says

    My mouth is totally watering looking at that delicious pasta. We eat pasta quite a bit, my husband usually cooks it for us, I'll have to show him this recipe!

  21. Quiche-ing Queen says

    This is a mouth watering dish. So delicious. Pasta is a family favorite and a healthy pasta dish sounds perfect for dinner. Yummy!

  22. Curry and Comfort says

    Great post Sandra and Kim. I would definitely dig into this pasta! I love that she added mushrooms… Kim she's gonna make you try them. :)

  23. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    I love Sandra (and you too, Kim)! This pasta looks delicious! I love the bright red tomatoes!

  24. Nami | Just One Cookbook says

    Hi Kim! I didn't know you don't like mushroom! Don't worry I'll eat your mushroom~~! 😉 Sandra you made such an easy and delicious meal and thanks for sharing it. I love how these ingredients are just ordinary ingredients that we normally have in the fridge! I will make it for lunch very soon. Have a wonderful weekend ladies!

  25. Kim Bee says

    I love pasta. I always have a hard time understanding people who don't eat it. My body craves it, especially when I work out.

  26. Kim Bee says

    Yup, I think I only had one mushroom recipe till now. I did stuffed portobella's once then we were all like wait, we don't like mushrooms. Funniest dinner ever. The guys were good sports and ate them.

  27. firefoodie says

    What a colourful, healthy and tasty dish. Thanks for sharing this one. (the half a cup of parmesan is ready and waiting 😉 A.

  28. The Harried Cook says

    Yummy! Love both your blogs and am glad to see you both together :) The dish looks SO good, Sandra! Colorful and so inviting… Great post! Thanks for sharing, Kim!

  29. Anne@FromMySweetHeart says

    What a great guest post ladies! The rigatoni looks delicious and I love every ingredient in it! Thanks for introducing me to Sandra and her awesome blog. And Sandra…you are right…Kim just makes me smile! : )

  30. Parsley Sage says

    Brilliant! It's great seeing Sandra over here. She's got some phenom recipes and this one is no exception. Loving the bella roma mushrooms. Rawr!

  31. Lindselicious says

    Great guest post, this pasta totally sounds great. I love using fresh tomatos in pasta like Sandra did. YUM!!

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