Trix Krispies

Super easy to make cereal treats made with Trix Cereal. Your family and friends will love these. Simple, quick and incredibly tasty. Not to mention they are just seriously eye catching!
Trix Krispies | Cravings of a Lunatic | #trix #krispies #cerealtreats #desserts #kidsfood #funfood


and moms…

and teenagers…

and hubbies…

and demon spawn puppies!


Change your motto Trix, it’s a new era.

Silly rabbit!

Trix Krispies | Cravings of a Lunatic | #trix #krispies #cerealtreats #desserts #kidsfood #funfood

So I picked up a couple of boxes of Trix when we drove to Florida. I’ll be honest, we picked up a ton of cereal while we there. The kids had a little tiff over this one. Mini-me had never had Trix. I bought two boxes partly due to her not having tried it and largely due to the fact that they had comic books inside she desperately wanted. So B-Dude finished off his box right quick. The guy eats like a sumo wrestler but weighs in at lightweight. Go figure. So Mini-me reminded him the other box was hers, she was not sharing it and he was not demolishing it before she got to try it. So she hoarded it a little bit. She may have even lorded it over him a little bit. Then she tried it. After all that she declared it’s a froot loop knockoff and was not all that impressed. So I took the box hostage with some plans of my own for it. And B-Dude ate one of the other gazillion cereals we had on hand during the incident. Yup, 18 and 23 and they still have feuds over cereal. Good thing they’re cute. And do dishes. And their mom is still smart enough to buy two boxes so they each get a comic book. Did I mention they are 18 and 23? Yah…

Trix Krispies | Cravings of a Lunatic | #trix #krispies #cerealtreats #desserts #kidsfood #funfood

Okay to those regular readers I promised you some news. I know there was some guessing going on. It is not:

a cookbook deal

a new camera

a lottery win

or a giveaway!

It is however kind of cool for the Bee Bunch. It was not originally planned to be included in a sugar crazed post but what can you do. I do not want to wait any longer to tell you all. So part of this won’t make sense with today’s post. Just warning you now.

Okay so the first bit of news is hubs got the job in Sarnia. He starts Monday. It’s amazing pay but it’s a 2 hour drive so we need to make some plans as to how to organize our lives during the 6 month contract. It’s going to be interesting. We have 4 adults and 2 cars. You do the math. However we are so happy as he’ll be working and it’s some stability for a while. It also counts towards his hours so he can move up in class. So after a long 3 years of losing one job, going back to school and almost losing our shirts we are finally feeling like this was worth all the sacrifice.

So having filled you in on that here’s the bigger news. Without delving too much into the hows and whys right now I need to make some adjustments to my diet (yah told you this was not the planned post for this news, lol) and for personal reasons I just want to get the weight off once and for all. I wanted more motivation to light a fire under me. I figure it will take at least a year to reach my goal, possibly even two years. It’s not just a number on the scale I’m shooting for but the ability to run again. I used to run 6 to 10 miles a day before I got sick with the IBS. So I had a convo with the hubster and we’ve decided that when I reach my goal we’re taking a trip, with the kids, to Hawaii. I know right. The only reason we could do it is due to the fact that it will take so long to reach my goal. We are in no position to flit off to Hawaii tomorrow with him just working again. But this gives me something to work for. It gives us all something to look forward to. It’s also a nice reward for all of us for all the sacrifices we’ve made during hubs transition back to school and back to work. The kids have made huge sacrifices and this is a nice way to say thanks to them for all they’ve given up over the years. For mini-me it’s huge and has special meaning. Her real name is Hawaiian as hubs and I went on our honeymoon there. So I promised her I’d take her there one day. I’m super excited and know this is the kick in the tush I needed to get myself moving. The biggest hurdle will be eating meals. I only eat once a day with the IBS, usually not till about 8 to 10 pm at night. So the challenge will be getting me to eat breakfast and lunch and not be bent over having tummy attacks. I have every faith I can learn to control the IBS once and for all and stop letting it control me. It will be difficult but worth it to have a normal life.

So you’re probably wondering what this means for the blog. I mean Cravings is a fairly indulgent over the top kind of blog. I have theme days and things happening on set days. You will see more healthy recipes here. But you will also get treats and sweets. After all I have a hubs and kids with superhero type metabolisms so I’ll still be baking and cooking for them. I however do not have a superhero metabolism so I’ll also post recipes that I eat for lunch and during the week. So basically it will just become a more balanced type of blog. I am not sure the direction it will take as I progress through this. But I like to eat and cook and I am not a tofu, salad eating kind of gal. So hopefully things will remain similar, maybe just a little less sugar and deep-frying.  Do you like your healthy sites separate from the indulgent ones? Or do you like a blog to have a bit of both? Feel free to offer up your advice and input. I love hearing from you all and value your opinions.

So with that, on to the sugar laden post that should not be accompanying this news. Gotta love the irony!

Trix Krispies | Cravings of a Lunatic | #trix #krispies #cerealtreats #desserts #kidsfood #funfood


Trix Krispies

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Trix Krispies

A fun twist on a classic!


  • • 1 x 400g bag of mini marshmallows
  • • 10 cups Trix cereal
  • • ¼ cup butter


  • 1. Place the butter and marshmallows in a glass bowl and pop in the microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes to melt.
  • 2. Stir well.
  • 3. Mix in your trix and stir.
  • 4. Pour into a large greased pan (9 x 13 or 11 x 11) and press down with a spoon.
  • 5. Cut into squares.
  • 6. Serve with a colorful smile!


If you spray your spoon with non stick spray before using it to press down the krispies it works really well. Feel free to use 2 bags of marshmallows. I like a more grown up krispie, but for kids you could use more if you like.


Trix Krispies | Cravings of a Lunatic | #trix #krispies #cerealtreats #desserts #kidsfood #funfood

Yup, great way to kick off the workouts. This just solidifies my twisted sense of humour. I did however make them before all this went down. So there’s that.

Just a little hint-a-roo for you all. There is a giveaway coming up soon. So make sure you check back in about a week to see what I’ve got in store for you. Just cuz I love you.

Also thanks to Anna from Hidden Ponies for reminding me how much I love krispies. Her nutella version inspired me to get in the kitchen and make these bad boys. Thanks Anna!

Toodles and smoochies! xx



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  1. 1

    First of all…congrats and Mazel for the hubby! I had a feeling he would get the job! All good things come to those who wait! On another note..I think you are doing something amazzzing!! You are setting a goal for yourself and your family…to go to Hawaii!! (which I will go with when i do..hahahah). I think (just my opinion) should slowly start to incorporate your healthy/ibs foods on here…all your readers still know you! You personality will still shine through the tofu..which by the way…there is way more out there in the world besides tofu! You’re going to do amazzzingg and I am SOOOO happy and excited for you and the fam!

    • 2

      Thanks Sam. I am so relieved he will be working again. And thanks for the advice and support. I am determined to shrink my butt.

  2. 3

    Well, I can relate a bit. Looks like kiddo has celiac disease and I have trouble with gluten and other things, so we are going to be eating a little differently around here too. I’ll appreciate your IBS recipes wherever you decide to post them. Take care of YOU!

    • 4

      Oh bummer. I have a couple of good gluten free cookbooks I can recommend if you need some tips. I am gluten sensitive. It’s in so much stuff. There’s a website called Celiac Teen that is very good. Take care of YOU too and the munchkin.

      • 5
        Cookie's Mom says:

        Thanks Kim. I’ll take all the help I can get. Though right now it feels like what I need most is more time. Any idea where I can buy time? lol

  3. 7

    oh. my. goodness.
    these are the happiest little trixies i have ever seen. thankfully i’ve been lazy and have done no grocery run yet this weekend; these are going on the list. i love them! so cute, Kim. i love that they look like little rainbow bubbles.

    congrats to your hubs on the job! and i wish you the best with your weight goals/healthy journey. i completely understand how blogging about sweet, indulgent goodies can really hinder decent eating on some level; it’s hard! i’ll be looking forward to seeing where you blog goes in the future.

    • 8

      Thanks Shannon. I just thought these were so cute. Not only delicious but just so pretty.

      Thanks. I am sure I will figure out a way to balance things. I figure if I start running again I can be a little bad once in awhile. Nice motivation right. Lol.

  4. 9
    Debra Kapellakis says:

    MIne are 20, 17 and 12 and they still fight over the cereal, lol. These are fantastic. I know my little ones would love them if we had Trix here. I enjoyed your blog and your yummy photo’s.

    • 10

      Thanks so much Debra. It’s funny how kids can fight over the silliest things. It makes me laugh. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  5. 11

    I like my sites with everything! I like to get a range of recipes…some sweet, some savory, some artery-clogging, some healthy.

    I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you!

    Well, it’ll eventually take you to Hawaii! YAY!!!!

    Also, these may be the cutest dang things I’ve ever seen.

    • 12

      Thanks for the insight. I am always curious how others feel about mixing healthy with not healthy. I lol’d at your comments about the journey. And thanks. I had so much fun making these.

  6. 13

    Those look like everything that is beautiful and wonderful about childhood! Good luck with the commuting logistics :)

    • 14

      Thanks Becca. They are just so adorable. It made me feel like I was 5 again. And thanks, I am sure we’ll figure things out. We may need to invest in another vehicle or downgrade one to cut fuel costs.

  7. 15

    Congrats to your husband and the job! And I cannot believe how fun these look!! I want one of the pictures framed on my wall in the kitchen. They are so bright and colorful! And I am also trying to lose some weight, so I’m looking forward to your posts!

    • 16

      Thank you. They really are cute. I was really impressed with how they turned out. We can lose together. It’s always more fun with friends.

  8. 17

    These are so pretty! I’m obsessed!! I’d take these over regular Rice Krispies any day!

  9. 19

    I think a lot of us follow you because of your fun sense of humor and your writing! The recipes are just a bonus!!! I know I would welcome healthy recipes to go with the sugar-laden ones (this, coming from the blogger who posts 99% desserts)!
    Congrats to the husband and good luck to you!

    • 20

      Aw you are so sweet. Thank you. I am happy to know people are on board with mixing the good with the bad. And thanks. I am so pleased I will be able to not only pay our bills but go shopping again. I miss shopping. Lol.

  10. 21

    Congrats on the new job for your husband!!!

    I would love for you to do a more balanced on this blog, after all we all have different cravings, right now my daughter is craving a salad, so I think staying with this blog and just adding in the new stuff would be awesome.

    Which every way you go please let us know so I can find you again. I love how you write your blog, the humor and love and details you give make me feel like I am part of your family and not just reading something.

    Thank you for having such an AWESOME BLOG!!!!


    • 22

      Thank you so much. We are so happy.

      Good advice. I love that your daughter craves salad. I shall always have this blog, it’s just a matter of whether to keep it sugar obsessed or healthy it up.

      I was so touched by your comments. I am happy to know you like the blog and enjoy the tales I tell. It really meant a lot to me to hear that. Validates what I’m doing. You are very sweet.

  11. 23

    You can have you blog as it is and then have an indulgent post here and there. Treat Tuesdays or Off The Wagon Wednesdays or some such lunacy you get the idea. Good luck with your healthy future..

    I am wondering if this would work with Lucky Charms for a kid St Patrick’s Day Party

    • 24

      I think that’s a good idea. I love the off the wagon wednesday, that made me howl with laughter. Thanks. Hopefully I can get back to running. I do miss it.

      Totally would work. It would be adorable for St Patty’s Day.

  12. 25

    Congrats on the new job for hubs! I know where you can find some great low carb recipes for your new diet – ha ha! Personally I think it would be cool to mix it up over here at the asylum! It will keep people guessing and your content will always be fresh. You can always do something more drastic later on if you decide to do both blogs. Either way I’ll still be stalking you faithfully! I know you’ll reach your goals and I’m excited for you. And those trix treats look AWESOME! I hope you are submitting to FG because they look adorable! Great shots! XOXO

    • 26

      Thanks doll. Lol, I will totally be checking you out. I like that advice. And feel free to stalk away. I’ll stalk you right back. Thanks, they were just too much fun for words. I did submit but haven’t heard back yet. *cross fingers* xx

      • 27

        Well I pinned them and they’ve been repinned almost 40 times so hopefully that will generate some traffic for you too! Also check out tasteologie as an option to submit photos, they aren’t as strict in their requirements but they still drive a decent amount of traffic to your site. XO

        • 28

          Lol thanks my dear. I pinned the one shot yesterday and it got repinned like 42 times in about 30 seconds. I had no idea people loved krispies so much. I love it. I submit to tasteolgie too. I haven’t with these yet though. I’ll try tomorrow. You rock girl.

  13. 29

    these are so cool! love the look of them, especially when cut. what a fun party treat!

  14. 31

    I love how colorful these are! It’s funny bc I was just thinking earlier about what different types of cereal I could turn into a krispie treat!

    Congrats to the Hubs and best of luck to you with reaching your goal! I think you should just incorporate the healthy recipes into this blog. I like to provide a mix on my blog too.

    • 32

      Thanks Stephanie. I think the possibilities are endless. It’s just fun to try something different.

      Thanks. I am determined to make this happen. And thanks for the good advice. xx

  15. 33

    Wow! Fabulous news! Congrats to Hubs and congrats to you on the changes (and challenges). I love the colours on thos cereal treats btw! I am not suprised about the 18 and 23 year old and the cereal/comic book thing..tee hee… my 16 year is just like that as well (so is his dad…). All the best with your goals. I look forward to more recipes from you (healthy and not so healthy). Best of luck!

    • 34

      Thank you. I had so much fun with this post. Glad to know my kids aren’t the only ones into those things. They have truckloads of comics. And thank you. I am determined to make this work.

  16. 35

    Such a colorful and tempting treat! Congrats to your hubby for getting a new job too!

  17. 37

    Great idea with this colorful and delicious bake! All the best to your hub for getting a new job too!

  18. 39

    I have never heard of trix but it looks soo cool :D
    Couldn’t resist these bars ever because they are bright, colourful and make you happy!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • 40

      It’s an American cereal. It’s funny I don’t even like cereal but it’s the aisle I get most excited in when I shop over there. This was just too cute not to share. I love how bright they are.

  19. 41
    Jennifer says:

    Haha, Love the recipe you’re posting with your healthy eating news! Congrat’s to your hubby. The krispies looks super cool. Possibly for me though, it would look waaaay better than it would taste to me. I hate those sugary cereals. A lot. Can’t eat them. But they look super cool. We can make super cool looking food just for looking at, can’t we?!
    P.S. Please take me to Hawaii with you…

    • 42

      I do tend to be ironic and a bit weird don’t I? Lol. Thanks Jen. I am so happy to have life be settling down a bit. I am not going to lie, there may be some shopping in my future. These were good. I hate cereal but I love krispie treats. They are just good fun. You sure can. I swear some days I just want to frame the food and not even eat it. I’ll see if I can swing an extra ticket. That way I get to come out your way and see another place on my bucket list.

  20. 43

    These krispies remind me of Easter :) Congrats to the hubs on the job. I know it’s been a huge issue so at least there’s some relief. And since you’re asking for our 2 cents on the blog, I would prefer to see your new lifestyle choices incorporated here. My philosophy in life is balance in all things. Healthy food mostly but with an occasional dessert…and cocktail :) Exercise always but also sleeping late and being lazy on Sundays. Working hard but always making time for vacations. You’re not one thing on one blog and another thing on another blog. You’re always a whole person with a real life that includes joys and struggles and this blog is your platform to share what you will with us. But I’ll read it either way :)

    • 44

      They are a little “eastery” aren’t they. So cute. Thanks. I am so happy to have some stability for awhile. Knowing we’re okay for 6 months is huge. I love your advice about balance. You really nailed it with that last statement about the whole person. Puts it into perspective for me. Thanks so much Anita. Just what I needed to hear. xx

      • 45

        Healthy living aside for a minute – I’m reading the Alice’s Tea Cup cookbook to get the recipes for their amazing scones and there’s one for a turtle scone. Not my thing but I instantly thought of you and was soooo tempted to make it and send you the photo (insert evil laugh here) :)

  21. 46

    Kim! Congrats to your hubs on his new job! That’s exciting and I know the logistics will work themselves out! And congrats on the decision to lose some weight! I am a former Weight Watcher and I loved that program because I never had to give up anything…it never felt like a diet! So…however you choose to do it….I know you can do it! These krispies are so pretty! I need to make a batch of these for my office. What a way to perk up a Monday! Hope you’ve been having a GREAT weekend! : )

  22. 48

    Good to know that I still have many more years of buying two of everything (my kids are 2 and 3.) And these are so cute! I great way to use up some of that cereal. I’m not a health nut, I don’t really love fruits and veggies, but I try to eat healthy where ever possible. I think for me, I can’t keep a “diet” so rather than try, I just try to make the things I want to eat healthier whenever possible. Like, I love Mexican food but tacos and burritos aren’t figure friendly. So when I want tacos, I’ll make it into a salad. But we also have a rule to try to eat as healthy as we can stand during the week and then eat whatever we want on the weekends. I’ve lost 60lbs of baby weight and kept it off that way (well some moderate exercise too.) Not that that is great advice, but it’s what works for me :)

    • 49

      I swear it’s a lifetime thing. My dad used to always make sure he spent the exact same amount on each of us for all birthdays and Xmas. Always cracked me up. I think I am a lot like you. If I use the word diet it won’t work. It has to just be a natural progression of eating better. It’s great advice. I love the idea of not depriving one’s self. That’s how people succeed. That is awesome weight loss my dear. Good for you.

  23. 50

    You know I’m THRILLED for you, Kim!!! Such good news! And I love your new goal and motivation, too…remember, I’m just a little thing and could probably stow away in one of your suitcases…just sayin’

    As for your two blogs, I have seen a couple others end up merging theirs…less confusion, less work…and the recipes and posts are still your cravings despite whether they are healthy or not. Just my 2 cents :)

    PS…your Trix bars are fabulous!!! The photos are stunning, too…beautifully done!

    • 51

      Thanks Liz. I shall make sure I leave some space for you.

      I think merging them is a good idea. Especially with how busy I’ll be with hubs out of town. Thanks for the great advice.

      Thanks. They were so fun to make.

  24. 52

    I think having some healthy recipes here is a wonderful idea, it’s all about balance in real life, so that’s how I approach my blog too. I love these krispie treats, the colors are awesome, Kim! I look forward to reading about your journey!

    • 53

      Good advice Cassie. I think it’s going to be fun to experiment with different foods. These were so much fun. I had a blast making them.

  25. 54

    No way! I didn’t realize Trix was back to ball form! I thought they changed over to the fruit shapes when I was a kid (which was a true disappointment) and never went back! Well, I am pleasantly surprised to see the ball Trix are back. Your Trix krispies are beautiful and a wonderful idea! I can’t think of a better way to make a krispy treat!

    Congratulations on the lifestyle change (both the new job and wrestling cars and beginning to run again and changing diet)! It’s truly an inspiring endeavor and I support “healthier” recipe posts 100% – I love your voice, your pictures and your creativity and seeing nutritious recipes (despite the fact that I love your indulgent ones…)is definitely something I’d be excited about!

    • 55

      I only see Trix every 15 years or so, I had no idea it was suppose to be a certain way. I just know the cereal from the commercial. These were super fun to make. Almost too pretty to eat. Not quite, but almost.

      Thanks so much. I am so thankful for the support. It means a lot to me.

  26. 56

    So glad I inspired such a colourful, fun treat :) And SO happy to hear about the job for your hubby, that must be such a relief! I’m looking forward to reading about your healthy journey – I know you can do it, and hopefully it’s not too long before your cravings become for healthy things…I’ve heard it’s possible :)

    • 57

      I forgot how much I love krispie treats till you guested. I had been wanting to make these for eons but just kept putting it aside. So glad you got me on track. We all need a little krispie in our lives.

      Thanks so much. I shall try my best to make smarter choices. Except on weekends. Cuz then it’s splurge time. Lol.

  27. 58

    Just had to take a minute to comment! Very much enjoyed your post. From the upbeat personal update to the stunning Trix treats, just magnificent!

    PS: I don’t even like Trix, LOL

    • 59

      Deb I’ll let you in on a little secret, I hate cereal. I never eat it. But these, omg so good. Lol. Thanks for taking the time to drop a line. xx

  28. 60

    So much news. The Trix bars look like so much fun. I would love to dig into one. Trix were not allowed growing up, something about the funny coloring. Great news on the job. Clearly there will be some adjustments but it sounds like an opportunity that could not be passed up. Best of luck on the road to better health. You can do it and the motivation with Hawaii won’t hurt either. We will all be here for support and a little butt kicking if necessary!

    • 61

      I would guess it takes a lot of colouring to get them that neon. But they sure are fun. We have different cereals here in Canada so there’s so many I don’t see unless I trek to the states.

      Thanks. I figure it is a good time to make some changes. We’re rolling with so many changes now anyway so may as well make them all at once.

  29. 62

    When did Trix stop being fruit-shaped?? Weird! Makes me feel old, haha.

    That’s great about the job, and the new healthy lifestyle! I’m all for people losing weight and making their lives healthier–I lost my Dad when he was 47 and had a heart attack. In the end, he was trying to get better, but it apparently was too late :( You have a lot of people who care about you, so it’s great you’re taking the steps to be around for a long time :)

    • 63

      I have no clue. We don’t have them here in Canada so I hadn’t seen a box of Trix in probably 15 years. So yup, right there with you. Feeling old.

      Thanks. I lost my mom when she was 47 as well, I was 15 so I know all too well about heart disease. Hoping a fresh start is just the ticket I need right now.

  30. 64

    Hey Kim! I have been in Tallahassee for the last few days and just saw your news. I think you should do both right here. Your lunatic antics will keep us howling as you learn to enjoy making, hmmm, a tofu dish. Good for you and you know we will all be cheering for you. Maybe we will start a running club, I can barely make mile right now. Happy Sunday and those Trix Crispy treats are cool.

    • 65

      Oh bite your tongue ma’am, if I see tofu I am running in the other direction. I wish I lived out by you and the other girls. Would love a running buddy. Thanks, I am pretty proud of these colourful treats.

  31. 66

    Congrats to your hubby AND you! I know you’ll do great and running miles in no time! These Trix Krisipies are terrific! …bright, colorful and super yum!

  32. 68

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful…such fun colors! Love this idea for krispies. Congratulations on all that’s going with you and your husband.

  33. 70

    These are so happy and fun! No Trix (or marshmallows) here so I’ll have to live vicariously through the photos, unless you deliver:)

  34. 72

    I’m just commenting all over the place today haha but how can I not after reading this? Congrats on the job! and starting your journey! Personally I love seeing a little bit of everything food-wise. No one eats sweets 24/7 even though they’re a lot fun to look at, it’s only natural to post about other foods too. Looking forward to following along :)

  35. 74

    These look amazing!!! You are indeed a lunatic, Kim. I haven’t had Trix in 20 years and now I am desperately craving some. Nice job.

    Congrats on the great news for your family! I am excited to see some healthy stuff around here.

    • 75

      Thanks so much Dara. These were so much fun to make.

      Thanks. I am so happy to have some normalcy on the horizon.

  36. 76

    This has my nephews’ names all over it!

  37. 78

    So colourful and creative. I love them. Saw them on TK also!!

  38. 80

    I am going to add this to my new post Mouth Watering Mondays next Monday. Stop my again to see your link. Cheers, Tara

  39. 82

    Congrats to the hubby on his new job and to you on your new journey!!

  40. 84

    Wow!! I suddenly feel like a kid again….I really want some trix! These are beautiful and fun and I am sure they are delish! Thanks so much for the great idea!!

  41. 86

    What a fun take on the usual rice crispie treats–and way more colorful!

  42. 88

    Man, wish I’d seen this before Little Grand’s rainbow birthday party this month!

  43. 90

    I’m SOOOO happy for you guys Kim! What a relief! And 6 months will be over before you know it. Besides all the more time to get ready to go to Hawaii!

  44. 92
    Crystal @ A Lovin' Forkful says:

    This recipe sounds really tasty and looks super cool too!

  45. 94

    I am so far behind in reading blogs that I had to go searching through your posts to find the big news. I’m so happy for you, for the job, for the goals, for the eventual trip and for the krispy treats. Sounds like you will be more like me, posting family food, posting your food. I think you should do it all here. After all, you can have cravings without eating the food. Ask me about cinnamon rolls!

    • 95

      Lol Kristen, I love the idea of being more like you. Thanks so much, I am so relieved things are mellowing out.

  46. 96
    Lora @cakeduchess says:

    Congrats for your hubby’s new job and I know that trip to Hawaii will happen sooner than later. I’m proud of you for doing it and can’t wait to see what you’ll be cookin’ over here now;) xx

    • 97

      Thanks so much Lora. I hope I can be successful and don’t have issues with my tummy in the process.

  47. 98

    hahah that sounds exactly like my brother and I while we’re home (and yes…we’re 24 and 22 too…)! I literally just had to hide the honey nut cheerios from him because he’ll polish of the whole box in one sitting and it drives me nuts!

    Also, I don’t know how I missed this post of yours, I am OBSESSED with these trix krispies!! These are so fun! I need to make some asap, my friend’s would love these!

    • 99

      For some reason I’m just realizing I never replied to you. Sorry I missed this one. I laughed about you and your brother. Now that my son has moved out I bet they both wish they were still fighting over cereal. So weird with him gone. Can’t get used to it.

  48. 100

    I LOVE this recipe. I just tried it with my 5 year old and we were both chowing down. I have to laugh though, I used a too small bowl in the microwave and all the marshmallows expanded and dripped all over my microwave.. Lesson learned. Bigger bowl. We are using them for a ziti dinner at her school. She is so excited to share them. Thanks.

    • 101

      Not sure how your comment got by me. I laughed about the bowl. I’ve been known to do that myself. Then I scratch my head like why didn’t that occur to me. So glad you made them and loved them. Makes me super happy.

  49. 102

    1)Congrats to the husband on the job–everything else will work itself out, so yay!

    2)Enjoy your trip to Hawaii! 8D

    3)I struggled w/a change to my blog several months ago. It has gone from being mostly all desserts, all the time to something more balanced. Hence the new name, The Balanced Pastry Chef. I think that just as we should strive to embrace all of ourselves, not just the parts that we like the most, all of our bloggy “stuff” should be in the same place. Otherwise, things get to schizophrenic and fractured. I say lump it all in together. You could maybe have some different pages w/different focuses, but I vote you should all be in one place, wherever that is! :)

    • 103
      Kim Bee says:

      Thanks so much Jenni. I am hopeful for our future for the first time in a long time. It feels nice. I’ve often wondered how you coped when you made the switch. It’s such a huge change of lifestyle. I love your advice on how to handle the blog. I’ll be moving the few recipes from my other site over here and closing that one up. I have plans to include some furni projects too. So it’ll be a more me kind of space. You give great advice and it’s much appreciated.

  50. 104

    Hi! I just found you on Pinterest. If you are wanting some online help and inspiration and motivation for getting healthy, try or
    sparkpeople has a lot of different teams, and I think there are some specifically for IBS, if you are interested. they also have a hue recipe database –
    mfp also has a lot of forums and discussion groups.

    hope that helps!

    love the idea of taking the whole family the hawaii! Good luck!

    • 105
      Kim Bee says:

      I am so happy you found me. My friend was just telling me about myfitnesspal at lunch the other day. I think I may have to check it out. It sounds amazing. I’ll check out the other one too. I so appreciate you taking the time to tell me. It’s very sweet of you to do. It helps a lot. I am so stoked to go back to Hawaii. I figure it’ll be a good year or more but it gives us time to pay off some bills and save up. I have considered weight watchers too but it’s so expensive. I love their cookbooks though. Thanks so much for your support. xx

  51. 106

    This recipe is so whimsical. I love Trix and quite frankly when my kids were younger I think I snacked on more of it than they had for breakfast. I will definitely try this.

    As for your diet and blog I’d keep your blog. Although I don’t post as often as I like I read it all the time. So why not turn your cravings into healthier versions of what you want. By modifying recipes you can cut calories substantially. We will all root for you and some of us might join in. Good luck. You can do it!

  52. 108
    Courtney says:

    Sarnia? As in sarnia, Ontario? Canada? I’m from there….that’s awesome if you live there. I don’t think there is too many cities named sarnia!!?

    • 109
      Kim Bee says:

      Yeppers, hubs is working there for 6 months. But we’re not living there. We’re still in Essex. See how the job goes and whether he gets extended. I may be up there to check out the area at some point.

  53. 110

    I just made these and the ratio of marshmallows to cereal seems wrong. Ten cups of cereal and two cups of marshmallows? Doesn’t work! I used a whole bag of marshmallows… and a whole box of Trix, but I think you meant 2 BAGS of marshmallows not 2 CUPS! Right???

    They look fun for my 11yo daughter’s “colorful” birthday party! So glad for the idea!


    • 111
      Kim Bee says:

      Glad you made them and liked them. But no I meant what I wrote. I used 1 bag of marshmallows in mine. I converted to cups simply because our bags are a different size in Canada than they are in the States. I’ll recheck the cups are right but it is in fact 1 bag. I should edit the recipe to say 1 bag instead of cups and just give the bag size so it’s easier for people to understand. Anyhow we like a more adult version of krispies where the cereal is the star and not the marshmallows, but my kids are older. If you have young kids they tend to like them more marshmallow-y. Not sure that’s a word but I’m going with it. I also did a cocoa pebbles version and that one only uses 1 bag as well. But that’s the great thing about recipes. You can always put your own spin on them. They would be cute with a white chocolate glaze on them too. Maybe colourful sprinkles on them. The possibilities are endless. Hope the kids like them.

      • 112
        Anonymous says:

        I’m in Iowa and our bag was 286g. Based on your pictures and what I know of rice krispies I used the whole bag and they turned out just like the picture! Not sure why 286 and 400 would be so different but it didn’t seem to matter!

        • 113
          Kim Bee says:

          No clue what to tell you on that one. I tend to always use one bag when I make them. I think there’s no wrong way to make krispies really. More marshmallows, less marshmallows, it all tastes great. Glad to get feedback. I know usually bag sizes and even can sizes are different here so I never know how my recipes work for my American friends. I need to put a conversion chart on here to make it easier for some of the recipes. I’d love to try these with more of the great cereal choices you guys have. Cereal here in Canada sucks.

  54. 114

    Love this! How do you keep the Trix from ‘crushing’ when you’re pressing them into the pan?

    • 115
      Kim Bee says:

      Thanks so much. They are hard pieces of cereal so they don’t break at all. Use a spoon sprayed with non stick spray and press firmly and you should be a-okay. None of mine crushed when I pressed them in there. You are basically just pouring and smoothing when you press. Hope that helps!

  55. 116
    aikanae says:

    These are gorgeous! I followed a post over a pinterest over here and really enjoyed your story with it. Nice job.

    I have a suggestion; why not do an indugent AND healthy blog. With summer here there’s loads of beautiful fruits and veggies in season (salads with lettuce are so last decade). Look up reciepes for diabetics since that’s just plain healthy eating.

    When all else fails; “Taste is a matter of habit”.

    • 117
      Kim Bee says:

      Thank you so much. Glad you came by and liked the post.

      Thanks for the advice. I think that’s a smart idea. I am doing lots more stir fries. And lots more fruit.

      I like that saying. I’ll have to pop that on my fridge to remind me.

  56. 118
    Lily808 says:

    Do you think substituting oil for butter would have a similar end product.

    • 119
      Kim Bee says:

      You know I’ve never tried that but I don’t see why not. You’re melting the butter anyway so it’s super similar to butter. I would say a canola or veggie though, nothing against olive but it’d taste weird in this. I also wonder if apple sauce would work. Maybe I’ll try with my next batch. If you have a go with the oil please come back and let us know if it worked out okay.

  57. 120

    Those look amazing! Perfect for a kid’s bday party…

  58. 122
    Happy heifer says:

    Have you ever tried equalactin for your IBS? I used to have trouble with it and I tried it and worked wonders. I have had to take any for years now. The pharmacy can order it for you if they don’t carry it in stock…just FYI. Can’t wait to try the treats too!

  59. 124

    These are just so cute.
    Brings the kid out in everyone!

  60. 126

    How cute!! My daughter’s 4th birthday is in a few weeks and she loves trix. These will be so perfect for her bday party! Thanks for the recipe

  61. 128

    These are so fun to look at!

  62. 130

    Been itching to make these since I saw your post.
    Finally bought a box of Trix this morning.

    But, will I be able to share? Hmmmm, THAT is the question!

  63. 132

    Thanks so much for this recipe. I was momentarily stuck with marshmallow-y hands and no way to extract myself. I made them for my daughter’s bake sale at school. They came out really good, colorful but I am not sure who would eat such psychedelic food? BTW, I had to go to two supermarkets just to find the Trix. I regularly shop at Whole Foods and you know they don’t have Trix.

    • 133

      Awe thanks for making them Mimi. I always love to hear people are enjoying the recipes. Never hesitate to email me if you ever have any problems or need some help. I laughed about the marshmallow hands, it’s happened to me so many times. Just last week in fact. I do find having a spoon sprayed with pam spray works wonders for smoothing them. People seem to love these things. I’ve made them over and over. It must be the crazy colours. You are super dedicated to hit more than one store. I have to buy mine across the border, we don’t have them here. So I feel your pain not being able to get them easily. I would guess Trix don’t fit whole foods point of view, lol. We don’t have whole foods here either. I honestly think I should move. lol

  64. 134

    My daughter and I finished these for her 4th birthday party tomorrow. They look amazing! Thanks for the great idea!

    • 135

      So happy they turned out well for you two. I love hearing back from people who try the recipes so thank you. Happy 4th Birthday to your daughter. Such a fun age. xx

  65. 136

    This is one beautiful and crazy recipe! I will be making it for my 5 year old…she is going to go nuts as are all her classmates!

    Thank you!

    • 137

      Thanks so much Laura. So happy you like them. If it’s for kids and you really LOVE marshmallows you could increase the amount. They don’t look quite as bright and pretty if you use tons though. Just depends on how you like your krispie treats. I tend to like mine more grown up with less marshmallows. Let me know how they turn out. Hopefully they are a hit. I have some pink ones on the site too for girlie parties. Kind of a krispie nut here.

      • 138

        Hi Kim,
        I just wanted to let you know that Kate’s kindergarten class absolutely loved these squares! They were so fun and colourful. My husband was all over them too!
        Your Valentine recipes were way over the top!

        • 139

          Laura I am so happy they liked them. The kids and the hubs. That’s so wonderful to hear. I appreciate you letting me know. Made my day.

          Thanks so much for the Valentine’s comment. I got a little carried away. I am now addicted to ice cream sandwiches so you can expect some fun ones for summer.

          There’s med for ocd right? I have problems. lol

  66. 140

    For the treats in the pictures, did you use one bag of mini marshmallows?

    • 141

      Hi Iani. Yes I did. It should show in the recipe but maybe your having trouble seeing it. There should be a big box with the recipe on it and you can even print from it if you like. But I only used 1 bag as I wanted a more grown up treat, less marshmallows. I’ve had some folks make them with 1 bag and loved them, some folks with kids prefer 2 bags. It’s just personal choice. Hope that helps. They are super good and so cute at parties. Have a great day.

  67. 142

    Just giving my opinion – I made these Monday night for a family gathering and while they looked adorable they didn’t taste that good. The Trix almost tasted stale after making them when they were just fine straight out of the box. Several people there also said they seemed stale, not sure what happened. I have heard of using Fruity Pebbles instead Rice Krispies, which are similar in size and shape so I will try that next time.

    • 143

      Never had mine taste stale before. Were you marshmallows fresh, and good quality? That can affect the taste of krispies. You could totally try them with Fruity Pebbles, they are lovely in krispies. As are Cocoa Pebbles, and pretty much any sugary cereal. If you ever want to jazz things up layering the top with ganache is wonderful too. Adds a nice boost of flavour. If you try another type let me know. Always curious how recipes work for others. Sorry yours weren’t a smashing success. If I lived closer I’d come by and we could whip up a batch, lol. I just picked up two more boxes of Trix to try out something else. Hoping it’s a swing and a hit. We’ll see how the trial runs go.

  68. 144

    My daughter and I just made these for Easter. We took a plastic egg that was divided long ways and molded the treats into half Easter eggs. We love them!

  69. 145
    Jessica C says:

    Thanks for the idea. :) Turned out great. and Oh so YUMMY.

  70. 146

    Serve these soon after making because the cereal gets soggy:(

    • 147

      So sorry you had issue with yours. I’ve made these multiple times, the last batch stayed fresh for 5 days. The only reason I could think of why they would go soggy is if they were stored before cooling. I’ve never had kripies go soggy before so unsure why that would happen. Hope you liked them before they went weird.

  71. 148

    These are great! I didn’t think my hisband would care for them, but the pan is almost gone in 2 days!

    • 149

      Yah! Love hearing that. I think my fave to date is my cocoa pebbles ones for taste, and these trix for the cute factor. Wait till you see what I cooked up next using this cereal. It will go up in May. It’s sort of spectacular if I do say so myself. lol

  72. 150
    Veronica says:

    LOL! I loved reading your entry for this treat. Your kids are exactly my brother and I. Ever since we were kids, I hoard the cereal, because he devours everything in his path and I don’t have a chance to even try any tasty treat. We are 24 and 23 and his hasn’t changed lol. Thanks for this recipe btw..these trix cereal treats look so pretty. Hopefully I can go down to the states this summer and get me some trix so I can make these for my Sunday school kids.

  73. 151

    Just shared this idea for FHE tonight on LDStrong’s Facebook page. Thanks Kim.

    • 152
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      First thanks for being willing to share. That being said I really am not thrilled to see the instructions copied on a photo like that. It’s actually a copyright issue when you do that. I don’t think that was your intention at all but just so you know for future reference that bloggers don’t dig stuff like that. We love our work shared, but instructions are sort of off limits.

  74. 153


    I have a quick question in regards to the butter. Would there be any harm in using more than 1/4 of butter, maybe 1/2 cup?

    just wondering, thank you!

    • 154
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      Hi Manny:

      I play with amounts of butter in my krispies as I’m a huge butter lover. You just might find they get too wet. The general rule of thumb for krispies is about 3 tablespoons of butter for each 10 ounce bag of marshmallows. 1/2 cup might push it but you could give it a whirl. Maybe divide the batch in two and try it both ways. I tend to experiment like that often. I will err on the side of caution and say 1/2 cup for these would be a bit too much though. Let me know if you test it out.

      • 155

        I’ll go ahead and be somewhat cautious with it. I’ll probably use two 10 ounce bags for the batch and use somewhere between 1/4 and a 1/2 cup to see how they come out and just experiment with it.
        Thank you for the reply!

        • 156
          Kim Beaulieu says:

          I think if you’re using 2 bags you can likely get away with 1/2 cup. Let me know how it turns out. xx

  75. 157

    Och my god, it looks amazing!!

  76. 158


    Can the lemon tarts be made the day before and put in the refrigerator and then the next day add the


    • 159
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      My guess is your making the mini ones that were inspired by Domestic Fits? Yes absolutely, you can totally do that. I do that often so the lemon sets up firmly first but the meringue is fresh. Let me know how they turn out. Hope you love them. xx

  77. 160
    OSNAT HAREL says:

    LOOKS AMAZING thanks for the recipe.
    can you please tell me how much is 10 cups Trix cereal in grams? asking since not all cups are alike

    • 161
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve made these so not sure the gram size. I’d have to make them again to sure. I use my glass measuring cups for measuring cereal. It’s just easier than weighing for me. I have a glass measuring one that fits 4 cups, I think those are pretty standard so you shouldn’t have any trouble. If worried start with 8 cups and work up 1/2 cup at a time till you hit your desired consistency. I usually start small and work up when I make them. I figure I can always add more cereal but melting more marshmallows is more time consuming and harder to add in. Hope that helps. If I make them again soon I’ll pull out my scale. I have a box handy so it’s entirely possible they will be turned into krispies soon. lol

  78. 162

    Hi!! These look amazing and I can’t wait to make them for my daughters gluten-free Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party next week. I was wondering, how far ahead do you think I can make them?? I want them to be fresh but would love to make them a few days ahead if possible. Thanks so much!

    • 163
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      I find Krispies can go stale pretty quick. I’ve made these and eaten them for days after. But for a party I’d say the day before just to be sure. Two max for optimum freshness. Hope they turn out.

  79. 165
    LIn Willard says:

    Haven’t made Rice Krispie Treats in DECADES — but these colorful guys are calling to me!! Can’t wait to try them! Thanks for posting!

  80. 166
    Jennifer says:

    Just finished making these and eating as I type! My son loves these and so do I! Yum!!

  81. 168

    I’ve never even seen cereal that. . . lurid! I actually want these, right now. they look amazing.

    • 169
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      Ha, good word, love it. It’s true, it is super colourful and fun. We don’t have Trix here in Canada but we’re lucky enough to live really close to the border. The cereal selection over there is something else.

  82. 170
    Lori Mingo says:

    I love the recipe but you have a state farm ad from Hades! I had to screen shot your recipe because the State Farm ad wouldn’t let me read your page. Maybe next time put the recipe near the top.

  83. 171
    Cat Oka says:

    I agree…and that’s the first thing I thot of when I saw these. My grandson’s 1st is coming up this May. I’m gonna have to make a test batch to try them out…lol


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