Cauliflower Pizza with Peppers #SundaySupper

Cauliflower Pizza Crust topped with Peppers

Notice anything different?

Yes Kim made something healthy which is wicked different. But that’s not it.




Okay the design is new. It’s not quite done yet. Still tweaking a few this and that’s. But I’m totally digging it thus far. Kita is a genius. I love her more than turtles.

But let’s forget about the design for now as there will be more on that another day.

For now let me turn your attention to….Skinny Cauliflower Pizza with Peppers!


Yes they are adorable.

Yes they are healthy.

Yes I actually ate one.

And did not spontaneously combust…

or hurl.

Progress people. That’s progress.

Okay I kid. I’ve made cauliflower pizza before. I made a beautiful Roasted Cauliflower Pizza with Baby Arugula and Roasted Garlic. It was spectacular. I’ve also made Wild Rice Pizza before. It was equally spectacular. I would give you better adjectives but I was up all night with a sick puppy. I’ve had 3 hours sleep and have worked a 16 hour day so far. So my brain is mush. I’d call it spectacularly mushy but at this point I’m not even sure if I should be using adjectives, verbs or nouns without some kind of parental guidance or something. I’m not even sure I know what adjectives, verbs and nouns are right now.

But I know pizza.

And this one is spectacular!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust topped with Peppers

Cauliflower Pizza
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A healthy and delicious cauliflower base pizza topped with goat cheese and peppers.
Serves: 4 mini pizzas
For the base:
  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 4 oz of goat cheese
  • 1 egg
For the top:
  • 8 tablespoons of pizza sauce
  • 4 oz of goat cheese
  • ½ green pepper, chopped
  • ½ red pepper, chopped
For the base:
  1. Cook your cauliflower until it's soft. Mine was gigantic so it took about 10 minutes in the microwave. I added a bit of water to keep it from drying out. 10 minutes seems excessive so my cauliflower was probably not quite ready to plucked yet. Use discretion. You can also roast the cauliflower first, it adds a nice flavour profile.
  2. Once the cauliflower is soft, remove it and mash it up with a fork.
  3. Add the goat cheese and egg and whip it up a bit with a mixer or through a ricer.
  4. On a parchment lined cookie sheet divide the mixture into 4 tiny pizza bases.
  5. It helps to use a couple of spoons to flatten it out then you kind of drag the spoon and shape the edges. Sounds complicated but it's super easy.
For the top:
  1. Use 2 tablespoons of pizza sauce per mini pizza. (you can totally use 1 if you are looking to keep calories down)
  2. Smooth out the sauce.
  3. Add your crumbled goat cheese over top.
  4. Add your chopped peppers on top.
  5. Pop it in a preheated 400 degree F oven for about 10 to 12 minutes.
  6. Remove carefully.
  7. Serve with a big old skinny butt smile!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust topped with Peppers

If your cauliflower is too wet you can use paper towels to wring out the excess moisture. Do not wring out too much or you might end up with the crust falling apart. You should be able to use a spatula to remove and it stays together. Every cauliflower is a bit different in size and crunch so you have to make a judgement call on how dry or wet you want it. I like mine to be sticky but not dripping if that makes sense to you. I used a base recipe from Linda Wagner since I’ve used it before and loved it. The Detoxinista’s recipe is fabulous as well. Both blogs have great pizza base recipes as well as lots of other healthy options for you. You should check them out.

Make sure you stop by the Sunday Supper crew’s blogs to check out all these skinny options. It’s a dream come true for anybody watching their waistline or living a clean lifestyle. I aspire to, and then I fall off the wagon on occasion. Luckily I have friends like these who throw my wide bottom back on the wagon and make me realize eating krispies every day is not the way to keep the waistline trim. I love the Sunday Supper crew. They really are the most amazing, supportive bunch of folks you will ever meet. So show them some love and pop by to say hello!

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Later this week I’ll give you the guided tour of the new design. Still a few things to be implemented before I do that. For now just enjoy a nice healthy pizza.

It’s spectacular!

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. says

    I love the new design and I am very proud of you for your healthy dish. When I make a cauliflower base for my pizzas, I pre-cook the base to make it really crispy but then again, my oven is crazy. Yours probably cooks it from the underneath. Mine doesn’t.

    • Kim Bee says

      Awe Suzanne you are such a sweetheart. Thank you so much. I love roasting mine before making the base. Adds such an amazing taste. Do you steam or boil or roast yours?

      That’s terrible about your oven. My sis has a tricky oven. It’s quite small and hard to cook a whole big dinner. I lucked out when we moved here. We made some moolah off our last place and we put it all towards new stainless appliances. I have a dual fuel oven. The top is gas and the inside is electric, then it has a warming drawer. I wish I had a Viking or Wolff but maybe one day.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks so much. I had so much fun making this. It’s healthy and yummy. The one I did previously with roasted cauliflower and roasted garlic was off the charts.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thank you. I just love it. I know it’s super girlie but so am I. lol

      Thanks. It makes a great alternative to calorie filled pizza.

  2. says

    I love cauliflower and goat cheese so I think I could eat these crusts happily without another thing on them. But they sure look pretty (as does your new design!) with sauce and peppers and more cheese so I will try to show some restraint and work my way through the whole recipe.

    Hope the pup is feeling better. XOXO

    • Kim Bee says

      You would totally dig these Stacy. They are a great way to eat pizza without a horrendous amount of guilt. Plus they are fabulous when folks with gluten allergies visit.

      Pup is all better and back to her normal pain in the rump self. lol

    • Kim Bee says

      They are just amazing when you want to feel a little less guilt. I really like mine with roasted cauliflower. Just takes the taste up a few notches.

    • Kim Bee says

      Absolutely. I’ve used mozzarella on mine before. If you use it in the base just pop the cauliflower and mozzarella in the microwave for about a minute or two to get the mozzarella to get a bit melty. Then take it out and mix in the egg. The cheese in the base helps keep it together. I’ve never tried cheddar but I bet you could do a great southwestern or mexican pizza that way.

    • Kim Bee says

      I hope you love it. The only tip I forgot to add to the notes is if the cauliflower is too damp press out the excess moisture with paper towels. It helps it be a bit more crisp.

  3. says

    Yay for cauliflower crust! I have been meaning to try my hand at one again. The first time I tried making it, I made the crust slightly too thick and it was just too mushy. Spreading it nice and thin must really be the trick. Your little pizzas look great!

    • Kim Bee says

      I need to edit in the info about mushy cauliflower. Use paper towels to squeeze out the excess moisture. Works like a charm. Thin helps too. I think making them smaller even helps. It’s such a great alternative when you want to watch what you’re eating.

  4. says

    I love the new design but I’d like to see what the final product looks like. Funny I wrote a similar story on mine today how healthy dishes aren’t a real focus for me so nit was a great change of pace. Looks good on both fronts today: the website design and the pizza!

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Renee, you should try one out if you love cauliflower. Roasting the cauliflower first is spectacular. I love mini foods, it’s like a sickness.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks so much John. Even my healthy food has to have some kick. I hate boring.

      Puppy slept like a dream so I was able to get some rest. So happy she’s all better.

  5. says

    I have always wanted to make cauliflower crust pizza and this combo of cauliflower, goat cheese and egg sounds yumm ! Love pizza, but hate the crust since am trying to do GF, so this will be a nice option ! looks great Kim !! Thanks for sharing !

    • Kim Bee says

      She is amazing. Really happy with the design.

      Lol, that the down side to these. So good you just end up eating more.

  6. says

    Yum! I love goat cheese, but would never have thought to pair it with cauliflower. New design is great. Thanks for reminding me I need to redo my site! (The deadline I set for myself was Jan. 31st. Ooops.) Go take a Sunday afternoon nap!

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks so much. I love cauliflower. I tend to prefer it roasted though. This one was good but usually I roast the cauliflower first and it makes such a difference.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Brianne. Let me know what you think of it. I think the cheese is what crisps it up and sticks everything together.

  7. says

    I don’t know why I have been putting off making a cauliflower crust. With all of the complaining I do about missing real pizza, I should just shut up and make one. Yours looks divine, dahling. I hope puppy is better and that you are sleeping as I write this!

    • Kim Bee says

      You must try Kristen. It’s a great way to get pizza to be GF. Get in your kitchen and make it woman!!

      Puppy all better. Thankfully.

  8. says

    Oooh….I’ve been waiting for a sneak peak at your new look!!! Gorgeous!!!!

    I would love this pizza…but don’t know if I could convince Bill…LOL…though, he now will actually put cauliflower in his mouth if I roast it! Hope your sweet pup is better today.

    PS…you going to FBF? Sooooo hoping I get in!!! xx

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks. I am having trouble getting ads to show. And the subscribe bar is not playing nice, lol. But home stretch. Kita knocked it out of the park. I really love the colour.

      I love roasted cauliflower and honestly I prefer doing the crust with roasted cauliflower over plain. It’s sweeter which I love.

      Puppy is all better. Yah!

      I am going to try. I actually revised travel plans for Friday so I can be home at 2. I was suppose to be on the road to Toronto so we’ll be leaving after I get registered. Sending you an email once I get a free minute. I am so excited. Are you bringing the kids and hubby? Hubs can’t some but I think the kids and boytoy are.

      • says

        Toying around with Bill and Katie coming…now with Bill’s dad facing chemo, he may not be able to commit. Katie’s always up for a trip :) I’m taking my ipad to my 1:45 appt on Friday so I can register…it will be so, so fun to see you again…hoping I can meet Ann, too!!!!

        • Kim Bee says

          I’m bummed hubs isn’t coming but what can you do. I’ll know as soon as B-Dude arrives whether he’s going to come. If so I’m bringing 3 kiddos, mini-me & boytoy & B so they could use a 4th to ride with if Katie is game. I think her and the kids are similar ages. Mini-me & boytoy are 19 and B is 24.

          That is so sad about Bill’s dad. If you ever want to talk let me know. I went through it with my dad. He had lung cancer in 2007 and I took care of him just shy of a year. It’s hard on them and the people around them. The cancer centres are amazing though. The folks in the waiting room will be the biggest support system you can have. They all get it and it becomes a community. I learned so much from all of the people there going through it or supporting someone going through it. The volunteers are also amazing. Those people are just angels on earth.

          • says

            Bill’s dad got bad news today…only 5-6 months left :( Thanks so much for your support…I’m sure I’ll be pestering you on ways to help. I made them tons of soup for their freezer over the weekend when we visited…not much else I could do besides listen and distract. xx

          • Kim Bee says

            Awe Liz I am SO sorry. Dad could not tolerate chemo so had to stop after 2 rounds. Almost killed him. Once he made the decision to stop they gave him 3 months. They can help with meds to try to keep them as comfortable as possible. We kept Dad at home. Was hard but I know he wanted that. I am here to listen at any moment. I’ll shoot you my home number in an email. I think you have the cell but that would get roaming whereas the house does not. The joys of being Canadian. Just be there and do the best you can to spend time with him. That’s all anyone wants really. Also hospice is vital. I would not have gotten through emotionally without them. And the cancer centres offer counselling, it saved me from literally killing his doctor once. They dragged me down there when I went a little loopy after he verbally bashed my Dad. I was not a happy daughter and by day’s end the doctor was on suspension. And I was under “guidance”. It was not funny at the time but now I look back on it and laugh how nuts I must have seemed.

            Call or email any time. It’s a rough road but if you just give into it it’s something that will change you forever. Lots of ups and downs, not going to lie. But man it’s strips away all the B.S. of life fast.

  9. says

    I love the healthy version of pizza…of course since it’s pizza it has to be good (as it came from your kitchen).

    The only crust variation I have ever tried is chickpea flour crust…very good and very filling.

    I am digging the new design! I hope you had a great weekend Kim!

    • Kim Bee says

      Awe you are so sweet. Thank you so much.

      I have yet to try chickpea. They sort of freak me out. I have no idea why. It’s a weird quirk.

      Thanks. I love it. It’s very me.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Helene. I really love the colours. It’s a lot of what’s in my house. So it’s fun.

      You must try. It’s so good.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Samantha. You can totally steam it, that’s basically all the microwave does. Or roast it. I’ love the roasted version a bit better. A little sweeter. But you could totally steam and mash. I tried using my rice but it was not cooperating at all.

  10. says

    First of all I love the redesign. I am determined that cauliflower pizza will work for me. I have attempted it twice now and it didn’t turn out. I like the idea of doing mini pizzas as the big issues I had with them in the past was not cooking right. I will give this a try

    • Kim Bee says

      It should really help. Make them thin and small so they get crispy and don’t stay overly moist. It’s such a fine balance between making them too wet or too dry. I like to wring out some moisture then the cheese helps keep it together and helps crisp them. The odd time they come out too wet and it stinks. If they do I slide them back in but on the lowest rack for a few minutes. Then just tent foil over the top so the cheese doesn’t burn.

      Thanks, I love the colours. Hopefully I can do a welcome to the new design post later this week. Still tweaking some things.

  11. says

    Squeeeee!!!!!!! I love the new look!!! It’s super cute, just like those pizzas! I get so excited when you make recipes that I can actually eat! I know I owe you an email, it’s coming I promise! Hope you have a great week with B, XOXO

  12. says

    Sorry to hear about your killer long day, Kim! Even running on a lack of sleep and lots of stress, you still wrote a kick ass post. And I’m stunned at how amazing this pizza is – you can actually make a healthy, tasty pizza?! Who knew?! Apparently you did and now I do too. I can’t wait to try this, as well as your wild rice pizza. Yum!

  13. says

    Oh Kim, I love your personality and how it shines through in your blog. You make me laugh with your light sense of humor. Love this idea of a carb-less pizza! I’ll have to try this recipe very soon. What I love about it the most is that the possibilities are endless. Blog looks beautiful too!

  14. says

    Love your new look! Congrats – I recently went through a design change too. It’s fun and a little stressful all at the same time. And love your use of cauliflower as a pizza! Very creative. I use the slabs as ‘steaks’ but had never though to use them as a pizza. Really love it!

  15. Frank @ Kraemer's Culinary Blog says

    Hi Kim,
    Sorry I didn’t have much time lately to visit. I see there is a lot going on here. I love the the new design. The cauliflower pizza looks awesome. I like cauliflower and will definitely try this dish in the near future. Hopefully I will have some time to join the Sunday Supper conversation on Twitter.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Sarah I laughed out loud at your comment. I used to hate cauliflower but I swear now I love it. Best thing you can do is roast it in the oven with oil olive. Tastes like candy, no lie!

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