Spicy Oven Fries in Memory of Momzie #recipesfromtheheart

Spicy Oven Fries by Cravings of a Lunatic

  Welcome to a very special event we are holding today. Jen of Juanita's Cocina and myself teamed up to invite a wonderful group of bloggers to share personal stories and recipes with you today. The focus in on raising awareness for heart disease. I realize some of you are shaking your heads right now looking at these fries, and thinking I'm crazy. It's okay, I am a little crazy, but there's a story behind these fries that I'd love to share with you.  … [Read more...]

Breakdowns, Birthdays and Finding Balance

Journey Photo

So this post has been a long time coming. I'm known for my sense of fun, so serious posts are hard to write. I mulled it over and rewrote it multiple times. Then I figured screw it, I'm just going to write like I always do. From the hip, and the heart. Buckle up, it might get bumpy. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Mini-Me & No Bake Cake in Jars (Desserts in Jars Giveaway- Closed!)

No Bake Cake in a Jar

Happy 19th Birthday Mini-me! You are awesome... and gorgeous... and I'm grateful for you... and to you... … [Read more...]

Double Coconut Macaroon Cookies: Guest Post for Chelsea’s Culinary Indulgence


Now here is a cookie any one can make. They are simple, fast and completely off the charts when it comes to flavour. I make a different version of these every year for the holidays. This year I wanted to kick things up a notch. I had scored some coconut M & M's on a shopping excursion to the states. So I hid them away knowing I would use them for just this purpose. I knew I would be so happy I saved them so they could add extra coconut goodness to my already fabulous coconut cookies. I was … [Read more...]

September Foodie Penpal

Foodie Penpal September 1

Hi folks. Another month has passed and I cannot believe it is already October. September seemed to fly by. Mostly because I was medicated to the hilt and slept through most of it. So it seemed to disappear. Apparently that's what drug induced sleep does to your life. The upside is I'm well rested. And all caught up on the Real Housewives of New Jersey and New York. The perks of being bed-ridden for a while. I love being part of the foodie penpal group. … [Read more...]

Some “life stuff” and a pesky health update!


Hi folks. Just wanted to give my readers some updates about what's been happening around the asylum lately. So this is a "what's new" post. No recipes or pretty pictures of food today. I'll return to normal posts tomorrow. Today I  just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know how we're doing after the "vacation of doom".  … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links

non alcohol drink

Hi folks. I thought an update on what's been happening around the blog and life in general is in order. I haven't posted a lunatic loves in 3 weeks so lots to tell you. Since you know Lunie loves her lists we'll do it that way. *grins* … [Read more...]


My beautiful picture

Hi folks. Today marks 5 years since my Dad passed away. It feels like a lifetime. Then there are days it feels like it happened yesterday. Loss is like that. Some days you move through life unburdened by it. Other days it cuts you to the core and the memories are strong. I've written about my father before. You can read about … [Read more...]

Road Trip 101 with the Bee Family: Part 1 of 3 from FBF’s Orlando Conference


Okay... So... Have you ever wondered how NOT to travel? Well I have some tips for you! We'll call them life lessons. This is pure fiction. There is no truth to any of it. Seriously... … [Read more...]

Looking back on 2011


Hi folks. I want to start by thanking all my readers for such an amazing year. This little old blog started as a lark. It was an easy way to share recipes with friends who lived in different countries. It started with about 3 people and quickly blossomed to 6. Looking back I remember being so excited having 10 people reading, then 15, then more. Now I have to pinch myself every day. … [Read more...]