No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake in a Jar (Giveaway Closed!)

Hi folks!

I got to thinking I have not done FUN WITH JARS in a while. So I am slipping one in here before summer arrives and I retire FUN WITH JARS and replace it with FARM FRESH FRIDAYS. Okay, so you know me and my theme days. They’ve run amuck. But I like amuck so it’s all good. Amuck is the new organized. Or whatever.ย 

Mini-me scored some strawberries at work so I confiscated them for my own evil plans. It’s what I do. Someone buys a food item and my wheels start turning thinking up fun things I can do with it. Then it promptly disappears and ends up in a cake or cheesecake. It’s a talent. Or a curse. Seriously, whatevs. Who cares. There’s food in the house so that’s all that matters. Who cares if it’s all made into cakes, bars, and ice cream. Willy Wonka would love to live here. So who are you all to judge. Bite me. And my cheesecake too.

Bite Me!

Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This is a simple no bake recipe for strawberry cheesecake.
Recipe type: Dessert, No Bake, Cheesecake
Serves: 6
  • For the crust:
  • 1 cup graham crumbs
  • 1 tablespoon butter, melted
  • For the cheesecake:
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • ¾ cup confectioners sugar
  • 1 package of cream cheese (8 ounce brick)
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract
  • 4 large strawberries, pulsed in a blender or food processor
  • Plus 2 cups strawberries, cut into pieces
  • Whipping cream for top if desired, I used the spray kind in a can (foodies everywhere gasp- the horror!)
  1. For the crust:
  2. Melt your butter in the microwave.
  3. In a bowl combine graham crumbs and butter. Mix by hand until smooth.
  4. Press it evenly into the bottoms of your canning jars. Set them aside.
  5. For your cheesecake:
  6. Soften you cream cheese. You can set it out ahead of time or just pop it in the microwave for about 30 or so seconds. Keep an eye on it. You want it soft, not liquidy.
  7. Pop 4 strawberries in a blender or food processor and pulse until small pieces and some liquid remain. Set aside.
  8. Slice up your 2 cups of strawberries and set aside.
  9. In a stand mixer whisk the whipping cream until fluffy.
  10. Add the cream cheese and confectioners sugar and whisk again. Start slow so your confectioners sugar does not just blow out into the air. Whisk until creamy and slightly thick.
  11. Add almond extract and whisk for about a minute.
  12. Now transfer half this liquid to another bowl. Set aside.
  13. In the remaining half add you 4 strawberries you blended earlier and whisk until well combined.
  14. Now pour the strawberry cream cheese mixture evenly into your canning jars.
  15. Place a layer of strawberries over top.
  16. Now pour the white cream cheese mixture evenly over the strawberries.
  17. Add another layer of strawberries over top.
  18. Top with whipped cream.
  19. Refrigerate for about an hour, or up to 24 hours.
  20. Serve with a big old cheesecakey smile!
  21. *note- yields 6 small canning jars*

I know right. So good! And so flipping easy. Some days easy is the way to go. You could spend all day busting your hump over a complicated cheesecake or you could make this and save your valuable time for more important things. Like stealing food from your family members. Or watching the real housewives of wherever. Keep your priorities in check like a lunatic folks. It’s a good thing.

See now you want cheesecake right! You’re making a list as you are reading this aren’t you? I told you it was good. And easy. But you didn’t believe me. You just had to be all like “oh no she didn’t” and I was all like “oh yes I did”, and you were all like “oh hellz no” and I was all like “hellz yah”. Pfft, you people and your skepticism. Seriously, bite me!

Seriously, Bite Me!

Okay so I did promise a giveaway didn’t I? Damn! I so wanted to run away to Hawaii with all my hordes of money. Oh right, I don’t have hordes of money. What I do have is some seriously loyal and kick ass readers. So I got all sentimental for like half a second the other day and realized how much I adore you all. You’ve listened to me rant, rave, and sometimes flat-out bitch about life this last year. Loyal readers know this past year has sucked in some seriously epic ways. You guys have been so supportive and I love that you are always cheering me on. So when hubs got the new job I knew I wanted to do something nice for you all. Now being a poor gal I can only officially thank one of you with a prize. Or you can all share it and just pass it from house to house to house. I doubt that will appeal to the winner though. So you might have to bribe them with cheesecake and stuff. I still doubt they are going to share. I know I wouldn’t. I mean a chick who steal strawberries from her daughter cannot be trusted to share. Okay peeps so here’s the dealio. To thank you for your awesomeness I am giving away ONE of these to ONE of you. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you plan to put in it. Are you ready for it? It’s a cookie jar like the one my kids got me for Christmas. You’re welcome.

Popcorn Not Included!

Legal crap:

This is hosted by me. Cuz I loves ya!

This is open to Canada (cuz we rock hard!) and the US!

For extra entries you can do any or all of these, leave a separate comment for each so I can track your a** better:

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Dance a jig!

Okay that last one is a lie! Don’t do it folks. Or if you do, send me a video so I can slap it on youtube and laugh at you! But it won’t get you an extra entry. Just a good giggle!

Contest will close on May 15th at midnight! Good luck all!


Okie dokie folks. I hope you all love cheesecake. And strawberries. And I Love Lucy Cookie Jars.

Toodles and smoochies! xx

All photos are the property of Cravings of a Lunatic. The next loser who claims a photo of my work as their own is going to get a kick in the %#*&! Thanks for understanding.


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  1. says

    I am all for layered desserts and putting in a jar only makes it more convenient for me to walk with it. :) Great looking cheesecake. :) Fabulous giveaway…. I want one… “Wahhhhhhhhh” :)

    • Kim Bee says

      They are so much fun. Love food in jars. I hope you win based on the fact that you did the Lucy cry. Lol! Good luck my dear!

    • Kim Bee says

      *blushes* Isn’t pinterest the bomb. I could just sit in my pj’s 24 hours a day and play on there.

    • Kim Bee says

      Dang that hurt. Good lord I’ve had it for 6 months and still don’t get it. I just like the heck out stuff and submit the occasional thing. Then I forget about it for eons and then one day I go oh heck I am suppose to use stumble. I don’t think I’m helping you much.

    • Kim Bee says

      It’s such a cute jar. My kids surprised me with one for xmas and my readers love when I use it in photos. It’s as adorable as Lucy herself.

  2. says

    ….and I follow you on Google Plus! Pretty much if there’s a way to follow you, I do! Please don’t go off any cliffs….I’m too close behind you to stop!

  3. April says

    I subscribe to email and have to check your blog anyway every day in case I missed something and that would be a bad thing

  4. Bloggy says

    This strawberry and the cheesecake makes me go crazy, especially in the jar. I could see your recipes but could never comment, thank go I can now.

    • Kim Bee says

      I am so happy you can comment. No idea why some blogs do that sometimes. I have issues myself with a few.

  5. Rebecca Walker says

    GASP! Okay–got that out of the way. (One could always use real whipping cream if preferred.) It looks like a great summer dessert, and the mason jar idea is a great one.

  6. says

    “No bake” strawberry cheesecake sounds perfect for a non-baker. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What do I put in the jar.. all sorts of cookies (looks like a big jar!) but mostly white choco macadamia nuts – my fav!

    • Kim Bee says

      These are great for non bakers. So easy peasy. Oh white choco madadmia nuts, holy heck Nami, those sounds incredible.

  7. says

    I will comment, although I don’t really feel like I deserve to win a giveaway. I haven’t really been a loyal year long supportive follower, but I’m willing to start now! I’d put in…… brownies. Somehow. I’d get them in there though!

  8. says

    Ok, I’m going to officially pass on the giveaway since I’m not a chocolate fan and I don’t allow lies in my kitchen. :) But I did love that episode of I Love Lucy.

    Strawberry cheesecake, now that’s right up my alley. I could eat that stuff until I’m absolutely sick. I know. I’ve seen me do it. Jarred up is perfect.

  9. Debra says

    K, I would love this cookie jar cause I love Lucy too… but I would put my stash of chocolate in it! Those strawberry cheesecakes look like they are to die for…

  10. JoAnne says

    Can’t wait to try the cheesecake in a jar!

    I would keep that cookie jar filled with cookies for the grandchildren!

  11. says

    I don’t own a single cookie jar. What is wrong with this picture? Oh wait – yes I do – I have a Christmas cookie jar…in storage.
    I, obviously, NEED a cookie jar. And, since my husband frequently walks in the door with a “Lucy, I’m hommmeeee” comment, well…that should be MY cookie jar. I promise to fill it with chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, the occasional Chex Mix, and macarons if I ever get around to making them! Glad to see you posting more regularly again – must mean the rough patches are smoothing over – or else you are squishing them flat as you forge onward and upwards. Go girl!

    • Kim Bee says

      I didn’t either till my kids got me this one for xmas. I love it so much. It’s so cute. I love your plans for it.

      Thank you so much. Life is getting better. I am feeling optimistic. Life is good.

  12. says

    I just followed you on pinterest – dang, that is gonna cost me several hours of board viewing coming up in my life! I get lost in Pinterest!

    • Kim Bee says

      Lol, I used to be like that. I still can be. Twitter feels a bit like a high school cafeteria. You walk in and have no clue who to talk to. Lol.

  13. says

    Hahah umm already stalking you on all forms of social media :) LOVE your cheesecake in a jar! NEED your cheesecake in jar… those pics look amazing!

  14. says

    I would keep Chocolate covered Coffee Beans hidden in it if I win!!! I Love Lucy….:0) I followed you on all of the other sites, not that I have really figured out how to use them yet, I just like the things I Like and hope others can see them…LOL

  15. says

    I bet we could throw this into the freezer for a couple of hours, put into a cooler and have at a family picnic!!! It seems like it would work great for that this summer. By the time it is defrosted it would still be really cold and yummie for dessert….I am going to try it!!!>>>>Thanks for sharing…:0)

    • Kim Bee says

      I bet that would work perfectly. I’ve not frozen them but I have frozen cream cheese before so my thought is it would work quite well. Great idea.

  16. says

    This cheesecake is heaven – strawberries galore and an unbeatably rich and creamy flavour ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for sharing and what a generous giveaway!

    Choc Chip Uru

  17. Lorrie Dee says

    I’m gonna put the ugly, stale cookies from the back of the pantry in here….that way the ‘kiddos’ will only touch it ONCE! lol Love sharing in your life….Hellz yah! <3

  18. says

    What a generous giveaway! I would send this cookie jar to my mama. She is a BIG I Love Lucy fan and this scene is one of her faves. I bet she would fill it with peanut butter cookies!

  19. says

    These are perfect. I have a ton of strawberries I need to use and I swear I have made strawberry everything. But not cheesecake! I’m so making these for the family. YUMMY!

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks. I have to get some more. I use them for spices and rice and pancake mix, and, well I could go on all day long. Lol.

  20. Debra Kapellakis says

    Dog gone it, you did it! You made me feel sad that I live on Santorini and cannot have a chance to win the very best COOKIE JAR EVER!!! :p

    • Kim Bee says

      Aw I am so sorry. I can relate cuz us Canucks rarely get to enter contests too. I promise there will be more giveaways that include everyone.

  21. says

    OMG where did you get this cookie jar. I never win anything so I know I won’t win this but want it! Of course if I did it would always be filled with either Herhsey Kisses or Chocolate Chip Cookies.

    However, since I know I won’t win it can you please send me the link to my email where I can buy this? Thank you. I love Lucy and Ethel of course!

    • Kim Bee says

      Lol you have to stay positive doll. You just never know. If you don’t win I’ll send you an email with info where to buy it. I promise.

  22. says

    Oh goodness, I almost forgot to tell you how much I like your Strawberry Cheesecake in a Jar! I got so excited about this cookie jar! Jar desserts are such fun and so easy to seal up and store. Thanks for sharing this recipe and your giveaway!

    • Kim Bee says

      Lol, that made my day. Thank you so much. I adore your energy. I get excited with giveaways too.

    • Kim Bee says

      Lol, that’s funny. I have that happen occasionally too. I think I am following someone and don’t know otherwise cuz I do so much through foodbuzz.

    • Kim Bee says

      Hey dear, try it again. I think there was a glitch. I’ve just updated to make sure it’s working. Let me know if you have any other problems.

  23. says

    Kim I love this! I would fill it with cookies and drive it over to my BFF’s house because A) she’s always been there for me B) she’s going through a rough time and C) she looooove I Love Lucy! So, my gift would keep on giving. :)

    • Kim Bee says

      Aw how sweet are you. That’s so nice of you. I admire that you are there for her. We’ve been through a lot the last couple of years and I have to say it’s surprising how some people stick by you through it and some people don’t want you bringing them down. It’s been an eye opening experience for us. Good Luck! xx

  24. Donna Kirk says

    Thanks for the BEST giveaway!! My sister & I are Lucy fanatics & I would LOVE to fill this jar with my delicious secret recipe chocolate chip cookies & share them with her!!! I follow you on everything listed above & I danced a jig, too!! LOL

  25. Michelle Ladouceur says

    Im following you on Pinterest and Face book of course,love your recipes and ideas!! I hope I win the cookie jar it would look awesome in my kitchen :)


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