Arugula Salad with Shaved Asparagus, Shaved Carrots and Slivered Almonds

This salad is made with arugula, shaved asparagus, shaved carrots and slivered almonds. It’s simple, elegant and delicious!

Arugula Salad with Shaved Carrots, Shaved Asparagus and Slivered Almonds | Simple, elegant and delicious!

It’s okay, you are on the right blog. Occasionally I eat salad. Not often. But occasionally. And when I do it’s simple, elegant and delicious. That’s how this gal rolls.

Of course I ate this with steak, potatoes and dessert. That’s also how I roll.

We call this a side dish in our household. I consider salad a starter, side dish or light snack. Rarely would I consider this a meal. Sorry rabbit people, I would be one unhappy gal if this is all I ate at a meal. And a cranky Kim is not something anyone wants. Trust me.

So this recipe calls for shaved asparagus. You are now picturing asparagus as legs and someone is shaving them with shaving cream and a razor, aren’t you? It’s okay, it’s hard not to.

If you are going to shave asparagus, hold the shaving cream and the razor, and use a peeler instead. It’s super easy to get nice long strips when you use a peeler. That way you get the strips super thin. I shaved mine in smaller strips so they played nicely with the carrots and almonds. I didn’t want any of the vegetables getting asparagus envy. Fragile egos and all that jazz.

So make this today, drizzle some great lemon dressing over top, and then eat a steak. This is a public service announcement from a non-rabbity kind of gal. Steak and potatoes rock my world. With a side of salad.

Arugula Salad with Shaved Carrots, Shaved Asparagus and Almonds | Simple, elegant and delicious!

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Arugula Salad with Shaved Asparagus, Shaved Carrots and Slivered Almonds
Prep time
Total time
This salad is made with arugula, shaved asparagus, shaved carrots and slivered almonds. It's simple, elegant and delicious!
  • 1 package of arugula
  • 3 baby carrots, shaved thinly with a peeler
  • 1 bunch of asparagus, shaved thinly with a peeler
  • ¼ cup of slivered almonds, more or less to taste
  1. Rinse and dry the arugula. Place in a large bowl.
  2. Rinse and dry the carrots. Peel the outside of the baby carrots and discard. Then cut the end off at a 45 degree angle. Now you can shave thin round slices with a peeler. Toss the shaved carrots over the arugula in the bowl.
  3. Rinse and dry the asparagus. Now take the peeler and slowly shave pieces off, you should be turning the asparagus as you shave it. That way you shave it all as evenly as possible. Discard any woody ends of the asparagus. Toss the shaved asparagus over the arugula and carrots.
  4. Toss on slivered almonds. You could toast them if you desire. I was in a hurry so I did not bother.
  5. Gently toss the salad.
  6. If you have a favourite dressing you can use that. I like lemon with asparagus so I used [Meyer Lemon Dressing|].
  7. Serve with a big old this did not fill me up smile!

Arugula Salad with Shaved Carrots, Shaved Asparagus and Almonds | Simple, elegant and delicious!

This is a simple salad. Perfect for lunch or dinner, serve with a great pasta or whatever floats your boat. We do Meatless Monday so recipes like this come in handy for those days. We’re carnivores but we do enjoy eating meatless once or twice a week. It’s good for your health and good for the world. You can check out my Meatless Monday Recipes if you like. I also have a Healthy Recipes section in my Recipe Index. We eat a really varied diet. Full of everything from salad to decadent desserts.

I love lemon with asparagus so I decided we needed two dressings on the table for this one. I know right, queen of overkill, can’t just have one dressing on the table. I buy a Meyer Lemon Oil from a local store. You can find similar ones on amazon. You can buy their Meyer Lemon Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Meyer Lemon. Or you can make your own Meyer Lemon Dressing, I use that one on salads and on potatoes. It’s delightful. Just a little FYI for you, if you make any of my Meyer Lemon Recipes you can totally substitute regular lemons. Meyers are just a big sweeter.

If you want to have some fun with vegetables you can buy a spiralizer. Jaden of Steamy Kitchen has a great comparison post about spiralizers. I just ordered the Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer. I also looked at the Brieftons Spiral Slicer: Stainless Steel Vegetable Spiralizer. Knowing me I’ll end up ordering the second one. A girl can never have enough Kitchen Gadgets in my opinion.

So go forth and make salad. Then if you’re still hungry like me you can chase it down with a steak. I have no idea why I eat like a dude. It’s a mystery to all of us. I think growing up with two brothers might be part of it. We were super competitive as kids so I always had to keep up with the boys. Unfortunately my metabolism is not what it used to be.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made through them is appreciated. It helps support my websites and the free content I provide. Thank you for your support and help along the way.

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Hope you enjoy all these great salads. I know I’ll be trying all of my friend’s recipes soon.They look amazing.

Happy Thursday folks. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I’m going out for a much needed girlie day with mini-me. We’re hitting a movie and we’ll probably swing by Walmart and Target to putz around. So excited to get out of the house!

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. says

    I LOVE this salad. Arugula is the best and it’s so great that I wouldn’t have to make any changes or substitutions to make this veggie/vegan!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Ha, I usually am too but we’ve been eating a few more lately.

      Asparagus rules the world.

  2. says

    My only problem with shaving asparagus is when I get towards the end, I get some pieces that are kinda clunky looking. Maybe that’s when I should use the shaving cream? 😉 Great salad — thanks!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      I think I just peed my pants from laughing so hard.

      I use the clunky pieces in stir fry.

  3. says

    Lol. I did wonder if I was at the right place. I’m one of those gals who could easily make a meal out of a salad, but I also can, and do, make meals out of rice. However, If I made this, I might throw in some sliced grilled steak. Sacrilege? Love asparagus – it’s my favorite vegetable!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Ha, I know right. Everyone clicking today is going WTH. Amy you have to visit my kiss my smoke site. Today is a grilled salad recipe, I cracked up when I saw this. I love protein on my salads. I’m a meat girl, no idea why.

      I hated asparagus until a few years ago. Now I can’t get enough of it. It’s so good.

  4. says

    I’m growing arugula in my garden this year and I have no idea why. I’m saving this to try when it’s ready to eat! Salads are a daily thing here. Then again, so is dessert. :) It’s all about balance.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Ha, it’s good stuff. I can actually eat it. I can’t eat some other darker greens. I desperately want to make a garden this year. We used to have a huge one.

  5. says

    You see now i can never shave an asparagus anymore without thinking about razors and cream… Lol… And I actually do love salads, but the more filling ones mostly with lots of stuff which makes the term salad almost wrong… And desserts ofcourse! Looks good…:)

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Ha, happy to help.

      I usually like some form of protein in mine. I grew up in a meat and potatoes family so salad just never quite fills me. Unless I pile steak on it.

  6. says

    My ex-husband always said I owned every kitchen gadget that had a plug and I had to remind him that I thought an electric peeler was just stupid. I’ve relaxed my need to own every gadget but I still stroll the cookware shops like the obsessed woman I am.

    This is a lovely salad and I’d like it for lunch if you deliver.

  7. says

    I needed this recipe in my life last week when I had a bag of arugula (I bought impulsively) and no real idea what to do. Next time… for sure. :)

  8. says

    Being French, we eat our salad at the end of the meal, before dessert, and it’s never considered a full meal either. That being said, I’m more than willing to eat a salad for lunch as long as there’s some kind of meat on it, but generally, yeah, it’s a side dish or palate cleanser. Yours is amazing (barring the shaving cream).

  9. says

    Kim you crack me up! Asparagus as legs, ha! I can get on board with this salad and I think topping it with a little steak would make it a meal at my house. Although I must admit, every time I get out the peeler the pug goes nuts. He thinks it means he’s getting something. Since there are carrots involved that means he would.

  10. says

    I love me a big fat salad full of crunchy veggies, so this one in particular is totally screaming my name… I’ve done shaved asparagus plenty of times, but it never occurred to me to do shaved carrots too. Freakin’ genius. :)

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