Bacon Month Announcement #baconmonth

Bacon Month 2014 | Stop by the blog for lots of tasty bacon recipes for the month of August.

Bacon Month. Pretty much the best month of the year. Seriously! The event is run by Julie of White Lights on Wednesday, and has become a yearly event. I am so excited to be involved! … [Read more...]

Cherry and Pistachio No Bake Cheesecake with Animal Cracker Crust

Cherry and Pistachio No Bake Cheesecake with Animal Cracker Crust | This recipe will impress your friends and family. That is, if you share it with them.

This is a delicious no bake recipe for layered cheesecake. The base is made from animal crackers, then there is a layer of cherry cheesecake, followed by a layer of pistachio cheesecake. Today we celebrate National Cheesecake Day. The event is being hosted by the lovely Roxana of Roxana's Home Baking. Make sure you head over to her site to say hello! I could not decide what kind of cheesecake to make for this event. Then my Pink Lemonade Cheesecakes were featured on Buzzfeed. After I … [Read more...]

Mini Fruit Pizzas | Lunch Box Ideas #HorizonB2S @Horizon_Organic

Mini Fruit Pizzas and Lunch Box Ideas for Horizon Organic | Simple to make, and your kids will love them!

Simple to make fruit pizzas using pizza dough, cream cheese and fresh fruit. Perfect for popping in the kids' lunch boxes this fall! I have to say I was thrilled when I was asked to work on this project. Lunch Box Ideas, how cool is that. Then a bit of terror seeped in. My kids are older, 20 and 25 to be exact, so it's been quite some time since I've packed a lunch box for young kids. I love the new movement of fun lunch boxes for kids, putting a healthy spin on them to encourage kids … [Read more...]

Blackberry Mojito Overnight Refrigerator Oats (No Yogurt) | OATrageous Oatmeals | OXO Giveaway

Blackberry Mojito Overnight Oats | Super tasty and easy to make!

"Sweet juicy blackberries soaked in bright lime and mint flavors with the faintest aroma of rum will perk you up even on the toughest mornings. You can add a teaspoon or two of chia seeds to make this extra thick." description courtesy of Kathy Hester, author of OATrageous Oatmeals I made a breakfast food. I know right. This is HUGE. I rarely post breakfast food. So this is a real treat. For you and my family. Who happen to love breakfast. Truth be told I rarely eat breakfast. Which is … [Read more...]

Bourbon Peaches & Cream Popsicles: Guest Post by My Imperfect Kitchen #BoozyDessertsWeek

Peaches & Cream Popsicles by My Imperfect Kitchen, Guest Post on Cravings of a Lunatic

These Bourbon Peaches & Cream Popsicles are going to make your summer happy hour, much happier! Made with Jim Beam Bourbon, fresh peaches and greek yogurt these take adult popsicles to a delicious new level! Boozy Desserts Week wraps up today with the perfect recipe from my my friend Sara of My Imperfect Kitchen. Sara is an amazing blogger, cook and friend. You will absolutely love her blog and I encourage you to spend tons of time there poking about. But first you should meet her and … [Read more...]

Boozy Caramel Apple Bread and Butter Pudding: Guest Post by My Catholic Kitchen #BoozyDessertsWeek

Boozy Caramel Apple Bread and Butter Pudding by My Catholic Kitchen: Guest Post on Cravings of a Lunatic

Traditional bread and butter pudding gets a fun makeover, with a grown up twist. Booze and dessert, it's a match made in heaven.  Boozy Desserts Week rages on. It's been the most delicious week ever. Today my special guest is Veronica from My Catholic Kitchen. I adore this woman and hope you all fall in love with her too! … [Read more...]

Baileys Ice Cream with Baileys Caramel Sauce: Guest Post by Cookistry #BoozyDessertsWeek

Baileys Ice Cream Sundae | Guest Post by Cookistry on Cravings of a Lunatic

This recipe is simple to make but completely complex in flavour. Perfect for a weekend treat,  Today I have a very special treat for you. My friend Donna of Cookistry is joining us. I adore Donna, she is such a genuine individual. I dig that about her. You're going to dig that about her too. Please welcome Donna to the blog. … [Read more...]

B52 Layer Cake: Guest Post by Gotta Get Baked #BoozyDessertsWeek

B52 Layer Cake | Guest Post by Gotta Get Baked on Cravings of a Lunatic

Kahlua, Baileys 'n chocolate: the trifecta of boozy dessert awesomeness. This layer cake is inspired by the flavours of a B52 coffee. It's a labour of love but worth every bite! Recipe and photos by Gotta Get Baked. No... you are not on the wrong blog. No... I have not learned how to make a beautiful layer cake. I happen to have a very special friend guest posting for me today. Her name is Nancy, and she blogs at gotta get baked. She's freaking hilarious and I adore her to bits. I am … [Read more...]

Marble Bark with Pistachios and Fleur de Sel

Marble Bark with Pistachios and Fleur de Sel | Ridiculously easy to make, seriously addictive to nosh on!

This marble bark is so simple to make. It has chopped pistachios tossed in it, then topped with fleur de sel. Everyone you share it with will think you spent hours on this recipe. It will be our little secret it only takes minutes to make! If you are a regular reader you know how much I adore chocolate. I have a whole category devoted to chocolate recipes. That is how deep my love for chocolate goes. So it seemed like a great idea to me to join the Food Fanatic team as one of their … [Read more...]

Mendiant: Traditional and Non-traditional

Mendiant | These little chocolates are super easy to make, and you can jazz them up any way you like.

These little chocolates are super easy to make, and you can jazz them up any way you like. Make traditional Mendiant, or non-traditional. Just have fun with it! Today we are celebrating Bastille Day. Our little Holiday Food Party Group loves to whoop it up for holidays. I have to admit I wanted to go all out and make Dacquoise, or Rissoles. But it's ten gazillion degrees out and I refuse to turn on my oven. It's just too darn hot. So I made Mendiant.  It's easy to make, you can opt … [Read more...]