Mom’s Cookie Cake

Hi folks. Just a quick post and recipe. Been pretty busy lately so haven't been posting much. Will be making the transition over to barbecue recipes, cold salads, sandwiches and no bake desserts soon. Summer weather has hit Essex in a big bad way. Super muggy and hot right now. So the thought of turning on the oven does not appeal to me. Way too warm to do that. I'll still bake on cool days or late at night occasionally. But expect a huge shift in the type of recipes that I will be posting over … [Read more...]

Cheese and Sausage Pasta

So not sure what's with me lately. Usually I pull something out the night before and have dinner planned way in advance. The usual routine is to pull out whatever meat I need at night before I head to bed. Lately I have not been doing that. I seem to be doing more fly by the seat of my pants meals. Which can be a challenge. I never know if I have all the ingredients I need. That happened tonight in fact. I went to grab the mozzarella  cheese and voila it was gone. So had to replace it with … [Read more...]

Gyros Pita

So we were at the rodeo this afternoon which was a hoot and a half. Had a great time with our friends. But when you're out and about there's no time to cook. I needed a fast idea for dinner that would not heat up the house. It's wicked hot here today so turning on the oven was not an option. I was running through ideas in my head and coming up short. Since we don't eat a lot of processed, pre-packaged foods these days I was stumped what to whip up quickly. Then I started talking about gyros and … [Read more...]

Pita Pizza

Made these last night. So this one is probably not even worth of blogging about but thought I'd pop it on here anyway. I would guess most people know how to do these. But just in case I'll pop up some easy instruction on the quickest meal you could possibly make. Great when busy with the kids, after soccer or hockey or riding. Some days you just want fast. These fit the the fast category and the yummy one as well. Load them up with whatever you like. Mine will look like naked pizzas but they … [Read more...]

Steak Pita

So I decided I wanted to make a nice lunch today. It was just me and B-Dude home so I can be adventurous when he's here. He tends to be pretty easy going with food. He will eat just about anything, and likes almost everything. He does NOT get this from me. I am picky like Mini-me. I do find as I get older I am a little more willing to try new things. B-Dude is always game for new recipes or experiments. So it can be quite fun to cook when he's around. So I took the leftovers from the roast … [Read more...]

Mini-me’s Pot Roast

Hey folks. I have done a pot roast recipe here before. This is just a small variation of it. Thought I would post it though. I had time to take some pics during the early steps so I figure this was a good opportunity to show how things look in stages from beginning to end. Hopefully this helps anyone who is unsure of how things should look. I find it helpful to see things in progress. My fave cookbook is one called step by step baking. I love that it shows all the steps in pictures. I am a … [Read more...]

Mini-me’s Pizza

This is just the simplest, fastest, cheapest pizza on the planet. This is our standby when we eat something mini-me is not a fan of. She does not eat chicken or turkey. Also some pastas. So occasionally I make these if I know she is not on board with our fancy meals. You've probably all made these at some point in your lives. You can make the a zillion different ways. Mini-me likes her loaded with Parmesan, I like mine with mozzarella. They make a quick lunch on weekends. Mini-me's … [Read more...]


So I was trying to figure out what to make the other day. I had fresh ravioli noodles, and mozzarella cheese so I decided to combine lasagna and ravioli. Hence ravagna was born. Okay, okay so it's a little cheesy. Okay and again another pun, of course it's cheesy. I can't help myself. It's too cute for words. It turned out to be pretty good. Very tasty, fairly simple to make. It didn't take hours and hours to make. That's always a good thing. Some days I have time to tinker in the kitchen for … [Read more...]

Peppery Steak Fajitas

This was just a quick dinner idea. I make tacos often. So tonight I just spiced it up a bit. Feel free to add anything you like to these. They can be amped up or dialed down quite easily. You could also do them with chicken or make it a vegan version. Hope you enjoy them. Love Mexican food, we eat it way too much. Although I must admit we do the Americanized version of Mexican food. Ingredients: 1- 1 1/2 pounds of steak (any kind you like) 1 green pepper 1 red pepper 1/2 white … [Read more...]

Strawberry Mousse

I found this recipe but it was a light version. Which is great but I wanted to make a regular version of it. So you can find the original light one on the Kraft Kitchens site. And the fattening, yummy version right here on the lunatic's site. Hope you enjoy it.Strawberry Mousse: Source: Kraft KitchenIngredients: 1 package of cream cheese (250 g), softened 1 tsp vanilla 1/2 cup boiling water 1 package (4 serving size) of strawberry jello 1/2 cup cold water 2 cups cool whip 2 cups … [Read more...]

Lunatic found, no need to send out a search and rescue team!

Well, I realized today I have not posted in about 2 weeks. It had not dawned on me that it had been that long. I hope you all have not been too worried about me. I am in fact alive and well. Or I should say alive and broke. What a whirlwind couple of weeks we've had here. I have cooked a bit but mostly stuff you have already seen posted.  For the most part there has been a bit of eating out and leftover, lots of quick meals. Tends to happen when life spirals out of control.So in the last 2 … [Read more...]